Dear Tom Usher,

We are so glad to give you a update of our vocational trip, we left our home on 27th of May and just this morning we return to home safely, (05-05-2009) first of all we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your valuable prayers and the heart, we had a wonderful time together, all of our babies really enjoyed, we traveled at train, up and down we did not get any lower-birth, we got favor with the people those traveled in the train with us and they sacrificed their lower-birth to our babies, even through this little thing, we could see the spirit of the Lord is being with us and He finding the good things for our babies, all babies slept nicely and enjoyed even in the train too.

For this one week, all babies didn't get any sick, that is really great and we thank God for his faithfulness. This time we visit some of the place of Tamil Nadu and Kerala states, we visit the important places of zoos, beaches, waterfalls, parks, boating and main cities, some of our relatives and friends are staying all the places where we went to visit, so, just I call and tell them to come with us, in each areas, many friends came with us an helped us to see all places without any difficulty, Grace, Angele and Erika really enjoyed in this trip.

4th day we went to Kerala state and visit a zoo in the morning, Grace saw some lions in little close-up, she asked to get one for her, we explain that the lion is very dangerous animal, even we can't go near it, but she didn't agree and started to cry, after 30 minutes she stopped by eating a ice-cream, that was really funny and everyone laughed for her innocent thoughts.

The final day afternoon we hired a car to come to the railway station, on the way suddenly the car's brake rod broke, immediately driver stop the car on the side of the road, God protect all of us, we praise and thank God how much he is concerning and protecting us.

When we returning in the train, Grace, Angele and Erika covered their head with the cloth as Indian Christian culture and sing a song in Tamil and English (God is so good...) often say Halleluiah and Praise the Lord, people were watching their worship, some people asked who are these babies? We said all of them our own babies, but they said, no way, please tell the truth, finally I said who are they, they surprised and show more love to them, one Hindu man said; I could see how much you love and care these babies, I am sure one day they will be a great Christian and will be a example in this world, we thank God for his word.

By the way, we enjoyed in this trip with the babies and returned back to home safely, we learn and experienced many things by this trip, all the glory and honor to God alone, one again we thank you for your prayers and blessing. We urge you to continuously keep us and our babies in your prayer and thoughts.

N.P: Please visit our blogs to see the pictures from our trip.


With much love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Kids.

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