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There are many people, White, Black, Brown, etc., calling themselves Democrats, and other things, who will take great umbrage at much of the content of this post. I remind them of the well-known protest chant when Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) was President of the United States during the Vietnam War: "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"

Many people will think that it is inappropriate for someone forming and establishing a Church to engage on this level. Let me remind you that the prophets all spoke directly to the unholy powers of their day.

If you say from the outset that Obama cannot possibly be being a terror to good works, I tell you he has not sent anyone to Afghanistan and Pakistan and everywhere else as an official emissary to speak on behalf of the United States to make peace? I ask you to put it to him whether he would give anyone complete discretion to negotiate a full-and-final peace agreement, provided the outcome is good, moral, just, and right? He claims to be Christian. How could he refuse? He would though and not for any righteous reason. He would block anyone attempting to bring about such an agreement.

Truth: Satan Gets the Unrepentant Baby Killers

On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, the United States of America, under orders from Barack Obama, murdered dozens in Afghanistan, many of whom were innocent children and women. Americans like to think of themselves as big, brave, and tough. America is bombing tribesmen and their families in their homes who are practically fighting with sticks, when they are fighting at all, and against a foreign invader, occupier, and oppressor who used lies about them for a pretext to invade for Empire sake.

Does the fact that Afghanistan has some laws with which not all Americans agree justify the Empire taking the lives of innocent children? It does not. Americans don't agree in unanimity about their own laws. Are those children expendable for the sake of the American Empire? They are not. Reverse the situation. For the sake of Afghanistan coming to rule the world, may they bomb innocent American babies? Is it justified to refer to murdered babies as collateral damage? No, it is not. It's a euphemism designed to cover evil in sheep's clothing. Those babies were not collateral damage. Those babies were known to be there and the murders commenced regardless and, in fact, for effect. No matter what Barack Obama may say to the contrary, the bombings are used as a deliberate sign, a signal, a message to the whole world just how diabolical the Empire is and can be — to throw fear into them.

Barack Obama knows that the babies are there before the missiles are fired. He knows for certain. He is given the reports over and over that show that the missile firings he authorize result over and over in murdered babies. He knows the targets are being watched in real time (they see the babies go in and not come out), caught off guard, and defenseless against the missiles regardless. Therefore, it is murder in the first degree. It is premeditated murder. It's a felony repeated over and over and of the highest order. It is mass murder, and Barack Obama isn't losing any sleep over it, yet.

No matter how you cut it, people who murder babies are baby killers. People who order the murder of babies are baby killers. People who authorize or justify the murder of babies are baby killers. That's the truth.

No amount of whining about people labeling baby killers as what they are, baby killers, will alter the truth of it. No amount of Barack Obama getting on TV saying thought-terminating, misdirecting, obfuscating, rationalizing things will alter the fact that he is a blatant baby killer, a criminal, anti-Christ, and anti-God.

No one forced him to run for that office. He chose it. He made his bed. Now let him sleep in it.

If you are asking me whether the U.S. should just not murder babies and be attacked, I say yes. It is better to die for righteousness than live a little season as an evil murderer, whether a murderer as an individual or as a nation. More importantly though is the truth that in order to protect America from attack, it is not, nor has it ever been, necessary to murder even a single baby.

I disavow Barack Obama's actions. He doesn't work, speak, or act for me. He has no part in me nor I in him. I renounce war, killing, and violence as means to revolve conflicts. It is time humanity evolves into enlightenment. All humans who have not already done so must change from what Barack Obama is. Human beings must permanently rise above evil.

Handpicked by the Bilderberg Group

Obama was handpicked by the Bilderberg Group — the global plutocrats, the Anglo-American elite who along with certain, not all, Jews (no lumping all Jews together; no discrimination against a class without a choice!; so don't be stupid trotting out failed labels to hypnotized people who are snapping out of the wicked trances they have been placed in against me), control all the currencies in the world, including China's, whether the Chinese leadership thinks so or not. Those global plutocrats have no intention of allowing China or India to come to rule the world. It's too late for that. America was the last of the line of nation-state empires according to the plutocrats (bankers).

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton met with the Bilderberg Group in secret right in the middle of the campaign. The mainstream media was lied to by both campaigns. The alternative news was at the Bilderberg Group meeting location filming (and protesting), etc. The mainstream was AWOL.

What happened to beginning "to remove our troops from Iraq immediately"? It turned into 6 months, then 16 months, then 23 months, and even then it remained at maybe. Obama lied and lied and lied to get the votes, plain and simple. That's what politicians do, and many, many people believe that it's part of the game that they find acceptable. They "hope" that once in, the candidate might at least lean in the right direction. Leaning is a smokescreen, regardless with these people.

He's putting 17 thousand+ additional troops into Afghanistan, and that's just for starters. He hasn't done anything about the warrantless telecom wiretapping.

We need the truth. We need thorough investigations in to everything (every allegation of wrongdoing of every administration back to the beginning) to clear the air completely.

The law-and-order Republicans should want to throw Bush and Cheney in prison and throw away the key or execute them. However, those law-and-order Republicans mean law and order against non-Republicans. Anyway, I'm against imprisoning people and executing them. We need to free people's souls and heal them, not lock them up or kill them.

We need a national/global spirit of rehabilitation. The corporations that make money imprisoning people won't like that though. You know the type, the ones who bride judges to put innocent children in detention facilities so those evil capitalists can make money from taxes to keep the innocent locked up.

Obama hasn't even begun to hold George W. Bush to account for all of George's lies.


What has Obama done about torture? His administration claims it has closed all CIA black sites and stopped all interrogation techniques not authorized in the Army Field Manual. Also, no private contractors are to be used in interrogations. However, if he doesn't prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes, the precedent will be well established that the law is whatever the President at the time feels like doing.

He's released some of the torture memos that say what we already knew they said. At the same time, Obama has again said that the CIA and the others have nothing to worry about. Torture is being overlooked. The president is following orders to turn a blind eye.

Obama is playing word games. He says it's not a time for retribution. He says it's a time for reflection. He claims it is his position to use time and energy looking forward and not backward in a sense of anger or retribution. Well, let him be consistent. What is bombing people? If it's okay to bomb babies then why is it okay to look the other way on torture?

Then, let him answer to this: There is a way of outing the truth without anger and without seeking retribution. Let him do that, or let him fall from power and authority. I wish him no ill, but I want the people free. Obama further enslaves their minds to evil machinations. He is not a straight talker or walker. May he be forgiven? Will he turn, repent, and work to atone?

He is violating the very law he swore to uphold. He's playing fast and loose with his power to pardon, which he should not have in the way he has it.

None of the people who authorized, condoned, or committed torture should be as high as rabid-dog catchers, an honorable job if properly done.

I told you Obama is weak. I told you he is a fake. All he's doing is what they always do and that's swing the pendulum a little to placate while they continue the takeover. Everyone who is for the unrepentant Obama is a dupe. That's how it is.

Obama is a maniac by definition. He is wildly irresponsible. He is reckless. He is dangerous. He's insane. George W. Bush was also a maniac and insane. That's how it is. It is insane to do immoral acts without conscience. Both of these people have done and Obama is now doing immoral acts without his conscience bothering him. He's a sociopath. His ego is so big that he thinks he's doing no wrong even while he order the deaths of innocent children and babies by drones.

Drone Killers of Innocents On Purpose

Obama has done nothing but stimulate the use of hunter-killer drones that have fired on and murdered many people who can't all have been guilty of the things claimed by the Obama administration. That means that Obama has been responsible for allowing the deaths of innocent people for the sake of Empire. He has also asked for increased funding for more of those infernal devices.

Many of the people were murdered in Pakistan. Is the U.S. at war with Pakistan? It has not declared war on Pakistan. It has no legal reason to declare war on Pakistan. It is attacking and committing murder inside another sovereign nation and with impunity. If this were any nation doing this that does not suck up to the Anglo-American Israeli dominated Empire, the Obama administration would be roundly condemning the murders for what they are.

Ah, but the leadership of Pakistan is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Obama you say. That leadership is not in charge. Obama is. The leader of Pakistan has been told the score in private. He goes along or else, in so many words.

Those drones are being used to stir up conflict. They are being used to make tribesman fighting mad. The U.S. wants the Taliban to react. The U.S., Obama, is there to antagonize them. It's as clear as can be. The U.S. military knows whom it's murdering. It can see the women and children and babies. The military personnel involved are just hired killers no better than the lowest hitmen. Obama is doing the bidding of the global, imperialist bankers who are consolidating power unto themselves by all manner of evil means decade after decade, century after century. This is definitely a crusade of mammon against all the rest. Islam as Mohammed designed it is most definitely a direct target because it is not compatible with the system of mammon as the global bankers envision.

The U.S. imperialists really do not want to talk to the Tribesmen. They don't want to negotiate. They want to dominate. They don't want to find a peaceful solution before attacking. They want the Tribesmen on their knees begging.

So, all the things that one might say are heading in or turning toward the right direction are more than offset and destroyed by those things that are sheer wickedness.

How convenient it is for Obama to call for "reflection not retribution" concerning the CIA while he bombs the hell out of Pakistanis who had zero to do with 9-11 or any attack on the U.S. ever and aren't planning and never have planned any attacks on the U.S. or any other nation. What utter hypocrisy. What a monster.

What other reasons does Obama have for turning a blind eye beside the plutocrats ordering it? Well, the Democrats went along with all the torturing by the evil Bush administration. They knew all about it. They knew because Bush and his ilk made sure they knew and made sure they were complicit so Bush and Cheney would get what they're getting, which is a free pass from Obama the baby killer. Yes, the baby killer. You heard me. I don't care if you don't like it. He's a baby killer. So are many, many Americans. In fact, everyone who knowingly votes for baby killers is a baby killer by proxy.

Ask me whether I care if it's a popular position I'm forwarding. It's the truth I'm putting out there. If it's not popular, that's because most people are devils. Rough talk? Tell it to the dead babies. Go complain to God that Tom's being too honest. See where that will get you.

International Law

Let me tell you something, Obama doesn't have the authority to cancel international law. I don't care if he's the emperor-of-the-day of the American Empire or not. He doesn't have the authority. He can't pardon his own illegal actions, and he's already broken the law over and over and over every time he's authorized drone bombings. Those bombings have all been illegal. He's a high criminal fit for impeachment already. The Americans are shameful that a baby killer is their president.

Iraq and 9-11

Do you know that some 85% of all the people killed in Iraq by U.S. air attacks have been women and children? Those children were innocent. Those women were innocent. The invasion of Iraq was a lie. It is a war crime that the U.S. is still occupying Iraq. Obama is an accomplice-after-the-fact for not going after the truth about the entire lead-up to the invasion and in fact 9-11 itself, which was an inside job — a false-flag operation, just like so many before it. Wake up! Stand up! Speak up, and don't stop. Stand with the truth.

Pardoning Unrepentant Nazi/CIA Americans

The amnesty being granted by Obama is saying that the Nazi prison guards and torturers and executioners were all just following orders. The CIA agents knew that they'd have no real legal cover if there was anything from on high saying go ahead and break the law that you know is the law. CIA agents were well trained in the law preventing them from torturing people. It's all one big pack of lies. The top knew it was illegal. Bush knew and so did the grunts bashing prisoners. They all know that you are supposed to disobey illegal orders. The CIA was torturing all along all over the world long before the memos. They were just hiding it from the dupes but not from me. They simply went ahead with the open torture because Bush guaranteed them that the next president would be the plutocrats' yes man and would be on orders not to touch the plutocrat's CIA or else.

As with the Downing Street memos, Bush and his team (including all the complicit Democrats, including House Speaker Pelosi) fixed the policy around a pack of lies handed off as facts. As with all the false-flag operations before it and Watergate and Iran-Contra and 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq, the culprits get off. The Empire isn't about to punish its own.

You want the Empire to stop, stop the Empire. You want to stop the Empire, stop the lies. Tell the truth and live it.

The torture started before the memos were issued. There is no cover. The cover is blown, as they say. The memos are farcical on their faces, but they don't even do what they intended. They offer nothing — zero protection from justice, from truth.

Justice Department Floating Blind-Eye Trial Balloons to Gauge Public Opinion and to Be Forced Into Doing the Right Thing

Obama's Justice Department is floating the idea that John Yoo, Jay Bybee, and Steven Bradbury shouldn't face criminal prosecution for writing official U.S. Executive Department "legal" memos stating that torture is legal.

Well, I'll say it again, if the U.S. doesn't officially step up and clearly demonstrate that torture is a crime, there is no such law. There is no rule of law. There is no conscience. There is no accountability or responsibility. The so-called government has no right whatsoever to try anyone for anything at anytime.

Either you hold the leaders to the same standards or higher than you apply to every other citizen, or there is no law. It's all fake, which of course, it is by reason of all the times that the stinking leadership has done exactly what this stinking administration is doing now, again.

The demons are out in force whispering in ears at the Empire's Capitol. Tune them out, and do what's right. Call what they did criminal. Call it sheer evil. Say that those who did it aren't fit to lead or teach or judge anyone, anywhere, anytime until they turn and repent and atone in earnest.

Impeach Obama

If Obama persists, he should be impeached as an accessory: For aiding and abetting torture. He is aiding the criminals after the commission of huge crimes. He is aiding in escaping responsibility and accountability regardless of punishment.

The Bush administration just brought torture out into the open to throw the fear into the world that the Empire is insane: Brinkmanship — don't mess with us because were insane and unpredictable. We're worse than you are. We're more dangerous. We're capable of dropping nuclear weapons, and don't you forget it. We'll incinerate you if you push back. That's the Satanic message, loud and clear. You are dirt, and we are your superiors. You do what we tell you, or we'll eliminate you.

What's different now? Obama is murdering babies just as Bush murdered babies.

The CIA used an alternative set of procedures. These procedures were designed to be safe — to comply with our laws, our Constitution, and our treaty obligations. The Department of Justice reviewed the authorized methods extensively and determined them to be lawful. I cannot describe the specific methods used. I think you understand why. If I did, it would help the terrorists learn how to resist questioning and to keep information from us that we need to prevent new attacks on our country; but I can say the procedures were tough and they were safe and lawful and necessary. I want to be absolutely clear with our people and the world: the United States does not torture. It's against our laws, and it's against our values. I have not authorized it, and I will not authorize it. — George W. Bush

Huge liar! Huge criminal! I don't call for his punishment. I do call for truth to come out in the highest places. It has to be the whole truth and without any statement excusing anyone who tortured anyone, anywhere, for any reason at any time with or without worthless memos in hand.

So far, we haven't had it. We've had maybe, maybe not. We've had "no prosecution of torturers with worthless memos that didn't mislead the torturers for an instant. Every one of the CIA tortures knew when he was doing it that it was illegal and that no memo would alter that. It's asinine of Barack Obama even to attempt to hold otherwise. It won't fly. History will judge Obama for what he's showing himself to be.

This was the U.S. being exactly sadistic and making examples of people to put the fear into the world. It was terrorism, by definition.

Bush's whole top team was directly involved in deciding to use unequivocal torture techniques. It is documented. They have admitted that they held the very meetings. Yet, nothing, absolutely nothing of consequence, has been done other than people speaking out and standing up. Also, they destroyed evidence after knowing that it would be used against them. On a Presidential level (considering how Nixon was treated when it became obvious that he had White House tapes erased), destroying torture tapes was illegal. It was the destruction of evidence of the illegal activity of torture.

Destroying Evidence

All of them are criminals. All of the lawyers who gave the so-called legal rationale for these acts are also criminals of the highest order. The Nazis were executed by the U.S. for such acts.

Secret Extraordinary Renditions

Obama hasn't done anything about the secret extraordinary renditions. He hasn't been able to put anyone into any positions over the veto of the neocons and Zionists. He has kept in place the same economic team that caused the global collapse. He has kept George H. W. Bush's pick for Defense Secretary. He has chosen dozens of people picked for positions by the bankers (Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations).

Patriot Act

Obama is so transparent it's amazing that the people can be so easily mesmerized and duped. He was against the Patriot Act but voted to re-authorize it. He was against Telecom immunity but then voted for it.


He said he was against NAFTA but it was just a campaign lie-tactic.


He promised not to have lobbyists in his administration but then turned around and did it anyway.

Worse Than They are Disclosing: Much. Much Worse

Obama had his Justice Department defend "national security" over the human rights of U.S. political prisoners.

When the British threatened to disclose Bush documents authorizing torture and other illegal activities, Obama threatened them back with cutting off all intelligence sharing. Now he's disclosed some of them himself. Why did he threaten the British? Is it because the British know much, much more that is much, much worse?

Well, the British certainly don't have clean hands in the torture department, etc. How could it not be worse?

The Bankers' Administration

If you think the Bush-43 administration was the Oil Administration, which it was in large measure; the Obama administration is the Wall Street/Banker Administration. He took more campaign money from Wall Street than any other candidate apparently in history. He has also chosen more people from Wall Street than any other president before him.

There is still zero transparency concerning the bailout funds. All past and future collected federal income taxes used to bailout the banks is stolen labor and savings of the common people — stolen by secret-society gangsters owning private banks privately controlling all the currency &mdash so-called legal tender.

Abolish the Federal Reserve System and Everything Like It

The Federal Reserve System is the power structure of Satan on Earth. It is the tool of oppression. It is the forward citadel of the mammon worshipers with all their faith in money and none in God. The Federal Reserve Act was Satanic legislation right along with the equally iniquitous federal Income Tax. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 with only three members of Congress on the House floor. Imagine that. The whole act was drafted up in secret. It is not federal. It has no reserves. It is an independent, wholly privatized, closely held, oligarchical, currency monopoly. It has never been audited. It is in the process of stealing hundreds of trillions of dollars out into the future representing the past and future work (labor) and savings of the American people and the people of the whole planet, frankly.

Am I saying not to pay the taxes? Jesus paid the taxes. Do it for the same reasons he did. Just tell the truth that the system is an evil lie and help the Christian Commons Project.

They print as much money as they want and then charge the people interest on that calling it the people's debt. Technically, the people owe them nothing. The politicians who sneaked those laws into place were every bit as corrupt as those in the George W. Bush administration. They did not uphold their oaths. That's a fact. It's prima facie. Those laws are about as legal as the torture memos.

No to Plutocracy

There needs to be a complete airing of the whole pack of laws that gave the ultimate power to the plutocrat banking families.

Money Monopoly: Bust the Trust

They are about monopoly. They are extending their monopolistic control over the world. As I've stated repeatedly on this site, the bankers have funded all the wars on both sides ever since banking arose. This is nothing new. Caesar came to power by being a part of a triumvirate of military power, brains, and the ultimate power worldly power, money.

Before the Federal Reserve System and the private central bank, the people could issue their own money and set its value through their elected representatives in the U.S. Congress. That system was income-tax free. That system was interest free. It was debt free. The Federal Reserve System is slavery. It was created by the greediest most ruthless and sociopathic people on the planet.

They are people who hate Jesus more than they hate anyone else who ever lived.

They do not bring forth abundance but rather artificially controlled scarcity timed ahead so they, the bankers, may be positioned for maximum, leaching benefit to themselves at the direct, negative expense of everyone and everything else, including the very planet.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones has done a job of documenting much of this. He's dramatic, but that doesn't make any of it less real or important. We don't hold with his solutions. We hold with Jesus's message that is the one and only solution. Alex is a capitalist. He is about making money for himself and his family; however, he is moved by a loathing of the deep selfishness on the part of the plutocrats. He doesn't understand Jesus's communism.

Alex explains in his documentary video, "The Obama Deception," that the Bretton Woods system of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund that loans are made to poor nations.

Leaders are bribed not to pay back the onerous loans (belt-tightening) loans. The loans have strings attached allowing the plutocratically control corporations to swoop in to rape the lands of the indigenous peoples. This is why they hate Evo Morales for instance, who takes back the people's land and resources from the predators and does so democratically.

Understand that Alex Jones is far from the only person exposing these things. Alex is just very vocal and interested in and capable of using technology to communicate and does so.

The TARP was From the Old Cookie Cutter

We remember the TARP bill. It was a blank check with no accountability. It was the direct result of the set-up. The whole thing was a set-up. The bankers have done this over and over and over. They create the booms and then time the busts taking full advantage. They stay on top and further consolidate their control toward world domination by the very few at the very top of the banking oligarchical families.

They remain secretive. They demand a blank check. They claim the economy cannot function without them. It's all a charade, a fake, a farce.

The TARP was shot down at first, but then earmarks were handed out. Backroom deals were made. The people hated the plan. The Congress went ahead and passed it anyway because that's the only reason they held out in the first place, to get something for themselves and their closet friends.

Corporate/Plutocratic Mass Media

Most of the federal politicians rise solely because they are allowed to by the plutocrats who give them their marching orders. A few exceptions are allowed solely for show, to trick the people into thinking that there is a system where the people actually have a say. The people are told what to think and what to do by the media that is owned by the plutocrats.

Replay the Great Depression

We are looking at the deliberate, planned, replay of the Great Depression and the lead up to WWII.

The stated plan was to get the economy moving again, to get bank lending to business on Main Street. It didn't happen and on purpose. They knew they were not going to do anything with the bailout money other than buy up little fish.

Then as with the TARP, the Obama stimulus package was passed without allowing any member of Congress time to read it before the vote. After the Congress was rushed to vote for it by Obama, Obama didn't sign it for four more days. What was the rush then? That's obvious. The rush was to rip off the people by a pack of liars.

Listen, Barack Obama is a snake oil salesman just as were George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush and even slightly more naive Jimmy Carter and the rest going back to John Kennedy, who as flawed as he was in his personal life, was standing up to the powers that be and was murdered in an assassination coup d tat.

Libertarian Exxon Dupes

Libertarians fall for all the Exxon deceptive tactics modeled on the tobacco industries deceptions of decades ago. They claim that human carbon burning is relatively inconsequential: No matter, no concern. They ignores that the power/monied interests such as Exxon want people to disbelieve that such carbon burning is having any negative effect on the temperature of the global atmosphere. The libertarians point to Sunspot activity, which is a factor no doubt. However, they have ignored El Nina, which we have been experiencing and which cools things but only temporarily.

Global Cooling?

I had been writing about Glenn Beck and his "there's no global warming" or "human caused climate change" nonsense. I was sidetracked for a while by other issues no less important. In the interim, as many of you know, a huge ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula cracked away. Glenn wants people to believe it's all due to Sunspots. Well, as I've said, Sunspot certainly impacts the globe, but anyone who thinks that industrialization and pumping huge quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere doesn't have any impact is a dolt.

Jefferson no Paragon

It is that kind of all-or-nothing thinking that causes so many problems. The solution is not in the U.S. Constitution or in Jeffersonian democracy. The solution is in the message of Jesus Christ in whom Jefferson did not believe. Jefferson was a racist and slave owner who kept his own mixed-race children in slavery and refused to acknowledge them perhaps even on his own estate: No one to emulate, follow, or trust.


I've written that the carbon cap-and-trade idea is bad. It's just a capitalistic trading-market scheme that makes no sense. It's actually just a way to allow rich polluters to continue. You could have a skeleton/shell clean company sell its credits to a polluter. It's just a license to pollute and for the rich to keep the money in their circle.

Killing Posse Comitatus

As for troops being used on U.S. domestic soil, it's true. They have been training more in U.S. cities and have been rolled out here and there to gage public reaction and to condition the people into accepting it. FEMA has also built many camps around the country, but those are designed first to round up so-called illegal aliens. I do not for a moment believe that they would not also be used as detention and concentration camps for political prisoners who protest the thieving-banker dictatorship. Many of the camps are being built or have been built on military bases under the guise of natural-disaster preparedness.

No-Fly List

Has Obama rescinded the "No-Fly List"? It is a means for political harassment. That list is now more than a million people.

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel has pushed that no one on that list be allowed to buy or have a gun. I'm not for guns, but I've written about this Rahm person in terms of his Wall Street and Zionist connections. He's a very dangerous person who should not be in a position of power. He's for discriminating against people on a list that is junk and shouldn't exist. Not one U.S. citizen should be on any list without due process. That's the mundane law. Why the list hasn't been overturned by the Supreme Court after all this time is a double shame.

Single Payer

The libertarians have a problem with all things government. They are afraid of sharing the cost of healthcare across the whole society. While I don't subscribe to coerced socialism (Godless Marxism), I certainly am opposed to the current system where tens of millions are without care other than resorting to charity clinics and emergency rooms. The system in other more socialized nations is every bit as good and in many aspects better than the care in the U.S.

The French spend half the amount of money per person as does the U.S. on healthcare while the World Health Organization says the French have the best healthcare in the world — better then the U.S. system. The French system is socialist. It means that the government pays. The people pay their taxes to the government, and the government spreads the costs and benefits of healthcare across all taxpayers. Companies don't have to pay more to private health-insurance companies, so the French companies have an advantage in competing with American industries. This drains the U.S., and will eventually bankrupt, in a sense (reduce the base), even those private insurance companies, at least their U.S. subsidiaries.

Now, the RLCC is not for taxes, but where people aren't smart enough to get rid of them, single-payer healthcare is certainly vastly more intelligent than the current U.S. system. What is this if not advocating secular legislation? It's a statement about caring unselfishly for others, that's what it is. That's Christianity. As I said, I'm not for coercion. Humanity must evolve to where people care enough to give and share all for everyone's sake without mammon and as one family.


It is also true that there is a movement by evil corporations against organic farming. Monsanto is particularly wicked in this regard. Their genetically engineered seeds and their pesticides are not good at all. They will only result in more and more problems mounding up.

New World Order (NWO)

Now, the libertarians are against the New World Order (NWO). Well, let me tell you that there is a fake and there is a real NWO. The fake is the one Obama is helping to build. It will rise even while it is falling. The real is what Jesus Christ is building that has no part in the one Obama is building. I am totally for one-world government of the Golden Rule as defined by Jesus and his New Commandment being written in the heart of every individual. Barack Obama is not bringing forth what Jesus preached and exemplified, far, far from it.

Wall Street Bonus Contracts

Obama says he's taking the responsibility for the crisis. He says that the bonus contracts at the various bailed out firms weren't drafted by his team, but he'll take responsibility. That's just a twisted way of getting the people to stop thinking about who was responsible. Obama was hired to do as he's told or else.

The Magic Bullet

If Obama doesn't do what he's ordered to do, he'll go the way of John F. Kennedy. They'll have him assassinated, just as they ordered the assassination and coup d'état against Kennedy. Yes, the magic-bullet theory [update] is unbelievably in-your-face. The powers that be, the plutocrats, just dared anyone in any power position to step forward saying, "What a lie!" All the little people who knew anything were murdered or made to fear stepping forward.

Wake up, Democrats. The man who came up with that utterly stupid and transparent lie called the "magic bullet," U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, just left the Republican Party for the Democratic Party. He was a cover-up artist (not very capable but who has to be when the people are afraid to stand up) for those who murder one of your own Democrats.

There are some recent statements by Barack Obama that I'd like to address briefly.

In Cold Blood

First, he said that we shouldn't govern from anger. That's true. The wrath is from Satan unleashed. What we also should not do is conflate wrath with properly getting at the truth. To say that we should just move on or go forward without examining cause and effect and establishing the same, is unwise. George Orwell warned against what Obama is doing. "He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future." By making less of torture, Obama makes less of everything that matters. He facilitates torture and all the other evils. What else would one expect of a baby killer though? What does he care just so long as his children get theirs? Of course, if push were to come to shove, would he even sacrifice for them in the ultimate sense?

Don't You Just Detest the Just Move-On Suggestion?

The Obama administration is becoming a broken record of forward looking. Let me say unequivocally that there is no going forward without establishing history to the very best of one's ability. You cannot rightly expect torture to be denounced in the future if torturers and their authorizers and aiders and abettors just convince everyone to just move on before the facts have been firmly established and the acts denounced in the strongest terms for what they are: Sheer evil out from the loathsome dark side Dick Cheney so embraced and promoted in his role as second high public devil for a little season.

The reason Obama is pushing just-move-on is because if the people look back to see the trail of death and destruction in the wake of the plutocrats, they won't follow those monsters, those evil maniacal, megalomaniacs, anymore.

Too Hell with Machiavellianism. Do you hear me? To Hell with neoconservatism.

Furthermore, wrath is evil including when it comes from predator drones flying over Afghanistan and Pakistan and elsewhere. Murdering innocents in cold blood by predator drone or any other means is evil. This administration murders innocent people, and according to The Sunday Times of London, has already displaced over a million people in Pakistan by predator drone — fleeing the drones.

Meanwhile, Obama doesn't go after bankers and Wall Street speculators for the money they connived from widows.

Clawing Back Bonuses is Not Punishment

In addition, Barack Obama recently said that the tax code should not be used to punish people. In saying that, he is conflating clawing back hard-earned taxpayers money from predators on Wall Street who will not be punished by returning the money unless no longer living in the lap of undeserved and unearned luxury and splendor surrounded by servants is truly punishing. Many of the poorest taxpayers no better.

These kinds of statements from Mr. Obama are "not helpful," to use Condi Rice's and Hillary Clinton's expression. Actually, they are down right twisted. He's spreading hype. It's propaganda. It's transparent. He isn't going to fool the wise.

Investigate Israeli War Crimes

Also, what is Barack saying about the U.N. call to investigate Israel's false-Zionist, neocon, Likudniks over their obscene attack on the Gaza civilian population? He's not saying anything worthy. That's for sure.

Kissinger is the Foreign Policy Boss

Here's something else about which to be very concerned:

Speaker: James L. Jones

U.S. National Security Adviser Jones gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.

"Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today." ("Remarks by National Security Adviser Jones at 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy." Council on Foreign Relations. Published February 8, 2009.)

This is terrible news. Of course, who's surprised? Henry Kissinger has a long, long, dark history; and he has never repented.

Drug Trade Banker Funded and Controlled

The Obama administration isn't ending the lie, the fairytale, that the "illegal" drug trade is funding terrorists. The drug trade is controlled by the multinational Empire, largely American, British, and Israeli. The Empire is controlled by the heads of the Banking families. Let's be truthful.

Tim Geithner's New Same Old Plan

What is this new financial plan other than more of the same? We will see double-digit unemployment, interest rates, and inflation. The only things Obama is doing is what he was hired to do and that's to continue the transfer of the wealth created by the labor of the masses up to those who have cheated and stolen their way to the top. The whole economic system is a house of cards. It's a scam, a fake, a phony.

All that's going on is that the rich will share in the profits while the poor will work off the gambling losses of the superrich. It was planned. It's on purpose.

Look, the more the Wall Streeters and Bankers like what the President does, the worse it is. That's a rule. They like it that Obama is paying off. They gave him huge sums in campaign contributions. They have filled his administration with their kind (or rather Obama has done that on orders from the banking heads). He's now massaging answers. The media is playing along, as they must, since they are big-business corporations beholden to the bankers for the flow of funds.
(See: "Rescue Plan, With Some Fine Print, Dazzles Wall Street," by Jackie Calmes. The New York Times. March 23, 2009.)

This plan stinks. They aren't going to pick apart the tranches of mortgage-backed securities or the Credit Default Swaps that backed them without any reserves. The people's future taxes have been redirected to Goldman Sachs through AIG to cover the bad bets people made where AIG was to have paid off but can't without the taxpayers working it all off for them rather than putting their children and grandchildren through college and graduate school.

Foreclosures and Unemployment

They are going to use taxpayer dollars to pay for junk as if it's valuable. It's junk unless they keep the people in their homes with good jobs. If they allow the foreclosures to continue and for unemployment to skyrocket, what will back up the securities? Nothing is the answer. The President of the United States is engaging in ripping off the American workers, again and again and again, one President after the next.

The last President who tried at all to keep a lid on it was Jimmy Carter, but they wouldn't let him. The last President who really started to see the light in office was John F. Kennedy. They murdered him. Barack knows it. He will walk the tightrope doing whatever the bankers tell him to do. If he does, they'll make him a very, very rich man.

Furthermore, Geithner said on March 26, 2009, that the U.S. is "quite open" to a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). What's new? Geithner works for the people who have been leading the world to that. It's what the Plutocrats want because they control the IMF. This is just more of the same forced consolidation in the public and private sector. It's a movement to monopoly of both under one group: The bankers.

He's calling for registration by hedge funds but no public disclosure of much information about them at all.

It's all a smokescreen. It's just a shallow move to placate.

AmeriCorps Mandatory?

Obama is floating mandatory service by teens and probably others. Let me say that mandatory civic service will run counter to religious conviction for those who believe as I do.

Apparently, the U.S. Senate has removed the mandatory aspect, but watch out.

Some Things More Right Than Others: Ending Mountaintop Removal?

At least the EPA under Obama is looking at ending or restricting Mountaintop-Removal Mining practices including indiscriminant dumping of tailings into streams. This doesn't go nearly far enough societally, but it is relatively better than what George W. Bush had started to allow.

El Salvador

Obama has agreed to work with the new El Salvadoran President, Mauricio Funes of the FMLN party, which had resisted Ronald Reagan's dirty war against the El Salvadoran people when Reagan backed the brutal, murderous oligarchy and its fascist military dictatorship and death squads.

I don't agree with fighting back, taking lives, maiming, destroying, but if the U.S. can deal with the bloody fascists, then why can't it deal with now non-violently elected leadership?

The reason the Reaganites would give, of course, is obfuscating. They would not openly admit that they simply want to take everything they can get their hands on from the El Salvadorans. They won't openly admit that they are just a bunch of murderous, capitalist exploiters.

UN Human Rights Council

Obama has decided that the U.S. belongs on the U.N. Human Rights Council. Why the Bush administration was against human rights is obvious. Anyone who would torture people certainly isn't going to give a damn about human rights in any sincere way. Unfortunately, Obama is straddling the fence on a number of issues. He has no choice though since he isn't really the one calling the shots. He always has higher-ups, those with the control over the world's currencies (the bankers) looking over his shoulder. One false (truly righteous) move and Obama would be crushed in the media.


Barack Obama is negotiating with the Russians to reduce nuclear weapons. Of course, this is not total nuclear disarmament. Furthermore, who knows what the U.S. is doing in secret concerning the next generation of weapons. Anyone who thinks Obama would not continue U.S. secret research and development even while speaking of total nuclear disarmament doesn't have a clue. Presidents lie.


Obama has fallen to the stupid use of the label "extremism." He uses it as a blanket statement, no qualifications. Well, I'm an extremist. With extreme prejudice, I detest people bombing innocent others. I don't care if the entire Empire is disintegrated for refusing to take even one innocent life. Super patriots yak about sacrificing their lives for their country. Well, sacrifice your life for the principle of never taking an innocent person's life.

As for Barack Obama, grow up and start using the language correctly. Being extremely righteous is better than being moderately righteous. Extremism is the best thing so long as it is extremism for righteousness.

It is idiotic to use the label extremism as Obama and the Bush's before him and others use it.

No, he's not that smart. Don't be a dupe.

Habeas Corpus

Obama doesn't want habeas corpus granted to prisoners who were held in Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. These were people render to Afghanistan from other countries — no trial, not even a hearing, just swooped up and taken to Afghanistan by the Bush administration. Well, a U.S. judge said they deserve habeas corpus protection, meaning they get a hearing in Federal court. What about the 600 plus others held in that prison? Do they get hearings or trials to determine their guilt or innocence?

Obama's administration has appealed the courts decision.

Video of U.S. Military Coffins

Obama has lifted the ban on video of coffins returned to the U.S. with remains of dead U.S. military personnel. Previous administrations had for eighteen years banned such videos in an attempt to sanitize war — reduce the impact (cost of war for the plutocrats) in the minds of the general public. Obama is leaving it up to the families involved.

Travel to Cuba

Obama has eased some restrictions on travel to Cuba by Cuban family members. The ban on travel has only been counter-productive. It has served to maintain heightened tensions desired by extreme rightwing exiles who have long sought to return to Cuba to reinstitute the mafia's control over the island and to reestablish the elitist families' oligarchical domination of Cuba. I'm no coercive communists, but I'm no fascist either.

They want to open up Cuba to flood it with propaganda to rev up the greedy temptations to fracture it and to takeover again. They are calling it a movement to democracy, but the American people don't even choose their own president. The plutocrats do. The bankers do.


Barack Obama has said that the U.S. is not and never will be at war with Islam. That's hogwash. That's propaganda to lull Muslims and the rest of the world to sleep. The U.S. Empire and its Imperial Allies, such as Israel, are continuing the centuries-old process of dividing Islam to make it easy to conquer. That's all. The so-called intelligence agencies of the U.S. and allies conjure up and create "extremists" and then appeal to "moderates" to help against those "extremists." Plenty of false-flag operations go into this all over the world.

What the plutocrats are doing is attempting to create a new religion that is syncretistic. They want "moderate" Muslims who won't actually follow Mohammed's law. That's not the right approach. Convincing people that Mohammed's law is inconsistent is the right approach. With Mohammed, there was only one supposed Archangel and one messenger. If there is any inconsistency, and there is, it's over.


Obama has said that the U.S. may talk with Iran about the so-called Nuclear Weapons issue. Bush had refused to talk directly to Iran so his neocons could keep Iran marginalized to the American public.

Luis Posada Carriles

Luis Posada Carriles is an anti-Castro Cuban terrorist. He was responsible for downing a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing seventy-three. He was also involved in other terrorist acts including bombing tourist areas in Cuba in 1997. George W. Bush let Carriles walk the streets of Florida a freeman without facing trial. Obama's administration has indicted Carriles for lying about the bombings. We don't want punishment, but the truth of his terrorist acts must come out. He needs to repent, as does everyone.

Killing Somali Pirates Lauded

Okay, so the self-styled conservatives liked it when Obama had the Navy Seals shoot 3 Somali pirates. Those pirates were certainly guilty. Piracy is a capital crime apparently at if you're in the middle of the act and aren't willing to surrender and let go of captives. Not many people lost any sleep over the three deaths. Mercy. However, why the piracy in the first place? There wasn't always piracy.

The Islamic Courts Union (Bush had his proxy the dictator of Ethiopia put down until just before the transition to the Obama administration) didn't allow piracy. That's not the whole answer though.

Raping Somalia

The piracy started when the fishing was threatened by Western ships dumping huge quantities of toxics into Somali coastal waters because Somalia is weak militarily and couldn't stop them. Also, giant fishing companies send their fleets to take all the fish for the same reason of weakness. Outsiders have been overfishing the area for a long time now. Why? They are black, and they are Muslim.

Is toxic dumping a capital offense? Is stealing other people's fish a capital offense? Are the pirates just retaliating? Were they driven to piracy under economic duress? Who has asked the right questions in the right places to get the real answers and to come up with the complete and just solution? I haven't seen anything from Obama about it.

Michelle Obama's Organic Garden Makes Chemical Companies Shutter

Pro-Pesticide Group Criticizes First Lady's Organic Garden

And First Lady Michelle Obama is coming under criticism from a pro-pesticide industry group for deciding to plant an organic garden at the White House. The Mid America CropLife Association recently wrote to the First Lady to urge her to consider using pesticides, or what they call "crop protection products." One official with the pro-pesticide group said, "While a garden is a great idea, the thought of it being organic made [us] shudder." Mid America CropLife represents agribusinesses like Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and DuPont.

Those corporatists are totally insane. If you can't see that, you're insane too.

I'm not a fan of Barack Obama, but the idea of an organic garden at the White House is something I've been for, ever since I first heard of organic farming, decades ago. I've written that the whole place should be organic farm. The one they have is way too small. It's a huge open space and could feed thousands of people.

Sovereign Immunity: Evil

Sovereign Immunity is something Obama has put forth that states that the federal government can tap everything and so long as it doesn't make it public, no one may sue the government. What he's saying is that no one has anything private from the federal government. What he's saying is that Big Brother knows all. This is Total Information Awareness. Do you remember that? This is how the government becomes a dictatorship in the extreme. You hear Obama talking about extremism. Well, this is extreme invasion of privacy that the United States government was created to stop. The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution protects against unwarranted and unreasonable and secret invasion of privacy. Obama doesn't care about that though. His job is to continue the consolidation of power into the hands of the banker plutocrats.

The government and bankers are one and the same and are heavily engaged in computerizing everything so that everything may be known and recorded and analyzed via, again, computers. These are huge banks of super computers stored in secret locations that tap everything. The process is continuing a pace and even accelerating. It's geometric progression.

How do I know? How can I not?

This is about the telecoms and their illegal tapping with the NSA that I had said was a total dragnet long before that came out. How did I know? Red sky in the morning

It's just more immunity from prosecution, as with the CIA and torturing people, which "immunity" is euphemistic language for impunity for evil. Actually, it means there is no law on the mundane level.

The U.S. Constitution and International Law to which the U.S. has obligated itself is all supposedly the highest mundane law. However, with just a statute called the Patriot Act, which statutes are never supposed to rise to the level of an amendment to the Constitution, Obama is claiming greater dictatorial powers than did George W. Bush. As a result, many people are talking about violent revolution.

I've been warning about that and against it for many, many months. The Bush administration complained about the far left.

The Obama administration complains about the far right, and both administrations are from the same plutocracy. It's all a huge farce. Obama is just as big a liar as George W. Bush.

Why the younger generation fell for Obama would be a mystery were it not for our knowledge of the history and environment in which they have been raised.

Assault Rifles for Mexican Drug Dealers

Now why would Obama not be against banning assault rifles that end up in Mexican drug gangs' hands? That's simple. He's under orders to facilitate the fracturing so the plutocrats can continue their takeover.

The plutocrats run the drug trade, the arms trade, and fund it all, launder it all, and leech off all the taxes to pay for it all. That's all that's going on. It's a global banker's racket. They are gangsters. It's been known for decades and decades.

The switch back and forth from right to left is just destabilizing. It's all to keep the people off balance, dizzy, unthinking, incapable, selfish, afraid, and on and on.

Venezuela and Hugo Chavez

Obama said Hugo Chavez exports terrorism. He has no evidence of that. He should restrict himself to evidence or make clear that he is simply speculating. Hugo Chavez is not a totalitarian dictator by any stretch. He is a social democrat or a democratic socialist — probably the latter. This means he's probably more socialistic than he is for a centrist mixed-economy. He is for democratic market socialism. Hugo called Obama an ignoramus for Obama's remarks (ignorant of history). That's being charitable. Obama knows exactly what he's saying: Unsubstantiated allegations as if they are proven facts: Typical neoconservativism.

Barack Obama shook hands with Hugo Chavez. Fox News hated it. Hugo gave Obama Eduardo Galeano's book, The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent. I've heard Eduardo Galeano speak on the issues he raised in his book. His view of the history is extremely important if humanity is to ever rise from the Hell of its own making. The inherent greed of ravenous Capitalists has raped Latin America. It has never been necessary or wise. It has always been only a crime against God, humanity, and God's gift that is this planet Earth.

Hugo Chavez is nothing as he has been painted by the neocon capitalists. He is not perfect, but he is capable of working to solve real problems for the people of the whole world.

He is no shrinking violet. That, above all else, is why the capitalists hate him. They don't want him to be heard, because he can and does handle their points in their view. They refuse to go head-to-head with him point-by-point because they would lose and they know it.

I don't hold with Hugo's militarism, but it is true that people wouldn't be driven to such measures were it not for others swooping in as bird's of prey rather than loving family members.

United Nations World Conference on Racism

Obama refused to allow the U.S. to be represented at the 2009, United Nations World Conference on Racism. He cited the conference's "antagonism towards Israel" as the reason. This is so utterly weak and indefensible. It is intellectual cowardice.

I'm going to write more on this in a post concerning Israel.

Credit Card Changes/Charges: Mammon Must Go

Obama met with credit card companies and made statements about reining in charges. Well, he had the plutocrats' blessings because a compromise now is better than the truth coming out that we don't need the bankers or their banks or their credit cards or their loans or their usury, and that's any interest at all, or any of the other things, including their money. We never needed any of it any more than a family needs to transact business (use a medium of exchange, mammon) within the immediate family. Do parents charge their children to eat? All that needs to happen and that will happen is that the whole human race be treated as immediate family. It will take everyone being of that spirit in the truest sense of the term, meaning as Jesus means in his New Commandment.


We don't need capitalism. We never did. It's a drain, on balance. It is not additive. It only robs Peter to pay Paul. It takes more than it turns over too. That's why it's a negative. It's a liability that must go.

Obama though is speaking lies when he says we "want to preserve the credit card market." We don't want to preserve it. We want it gone forever, just the way we want the Federal Reserve and World Bank and the rest gone forever. It's all evil and must go.

Bob Gates: Anti-American

How can anyone contemplate keeping people locked up indefinitely without benefit of trial and still call himself an American? How can the Americans have such a person in a cabinet position? Why can't they be tried? What's preventing trials? Robert Gates, who is the Secretary of Defense (actually the War Department), is a liar. Of course those people now being held in Guantanamo could be tried. The problem Gates has is that the Pentagon doesn't have the evidence against them to show that they are guilty or legally held. If he had the evidence, he could present it in court against them. He doesn't have it. He can claim National Security and State Secrets, but what that means is that the case against them is dung. It's criminal to keep people locked up like that. It's evil. It's part of why things are as bad as they are.

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