Baby killers come in all shapes and sizes, all professed religions, all races and nearly all ethnicities. Only some of the smallest nations (ethnic groups; families) escape baby killers within.

The Sri Lankan government has murdered dozens and dozens of women and children in its bid to dominate the Tamil Tigers group. The Tamil Tigers also have no business making war. Both sides are wrong.

War is Hell. Those who bring it are devils, not heroes, ever. It doesn't matter whether or not they are for a U.S. National Day of Prayer, it's Hell brought by devils.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • Tom,
      I am so surprised that you were deleted from Entrecard. I am so sorry for that. You were kicked off unjustly.

      I hope you believe me when I say this...I pray for you every day.

      Matt obviously was never a Christian. He says he was, but the BIBLE is clear. Once you are HIS,nothing can take you out of FATHER's hand. NOTHING! So, for him to claim it, does not mean he was truly converted.

      The Churches are filled with tares among the wheat. He was a tare. He looked like them, talked like them, but was fake the whole time.

      That being said, Matt needs JESUS, Brother, please pray for him. Satan is playing with his life, and he has no idea what is going on, he is blind, and on his way to the lake of fire. I worry about that! I pray for him too.

      Remember what JESUS said while hanging on the CROSS...FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY DO NO KNOW WHAT THEY DO. Steven too, he prayed to GOD asking HIM not to hold his killer's sin again them.

      Matt is lost, and we want him in the kingdom with us, right?

      I hope satan does not put a strong hold on your heart against Matt. Though I am upset at his actions against you, JESUS had compassion on the lost sheep, which is what Matt is...JESUS loves Matt too!

      Brother, I miss ya at Entecard, but I know if you are faithful to GOD in all you do, HE will be faithful back to you, and you do not need Entrecard.

      I hope you will keep coming back to see me as well.

      I had no idea what happened, and I noticed your card was no longer there, and I wondered what happened...so I came looking for you, and I read what happened, Please know, I hold you in my prayers.

      Your sister in CHRIST,

      • Hello My Sister,

        You have real bravery, Donna. More of the brothers could take a cue.

        Thank you for your prayers. You know how I feel about your whole family. You're doing a great job raising the children. You are a good example for your daughter (and son too, of course).

        I feel for Matt. It's amazing that he can say the things he does to make himself appear "good" but then turn around and pull the wholly transparent stunts he does.

        It is true that Matt was never a Christian. You speak truth. He'd say we can't know his heart. He'd say he was truly sure he was Christian; however, no one can know the spirit and then turn around and deny that spirit exists. It's impossible. Once you know that spirit exists, you don't unlearn it. How could I deny the conversation I've had — the signs I've been given that are given to me from consciousness? Things that have happened cannot be explained away as mere coincidences. They coincide, but they have meaning. People could be abused and terrorized into speaking against what they know, but why save the flesh and lose the soul? What's worth dying for to live?

        The thing is Donna, not everyone needing Jesus and might believe in another life is going to turn in this age (in this world/life). Matt's digging a huge grave. I cry for those who will fall into the bottomless pit or be cast out into outer darkness or be cast into the Lake of Fire. However, we as Christians must resign ourselves to the fact that Heaven cannot and does not contain the kinds of people who present endless temptation to each other to fall and fall and fall. Matt is called by you, but he's ignoring you and preaching against your call. He is blind in that and is following the blind into the proverbial spiritual ditch he denies even exists.

        You are absolutely right that there is a place where no matter how evil, it remains ignorance. That leaves room for forgiving that which seems unforgivable. However, if Satan turns and repents and atones, he wasn't Satan. If Matt turns, repents, atones, and finally really knows spirit, he was truly always one of the fold who was simply lost for a time.

        Unfortunately, the tares are permanent. They are those who refuse to be pruned of their dead parts. They make of themselves and are made by each other, the very essence of radical evil.

        I do remember what Jesus said. His words are with me every single day.

        "Matt is lost, and we want him in the kingdom with us, right?" Yes, provided he is real. We don't want the wolf in sheep's clothing in Heaven. He is being cast down by the very act of our speaking openly about it. We are saying that souls are changeable. Jesus said it. His genius confuses those who give him sound-bite attention only. Jesus is the master of semantics. Unfortunately, people want black and white and miss what is truly darkness versus the light. God is perfect, and we are to join in that. It is doable. God is our example of how to join God.

        Jesus does love Matt, but he does so the same way he loved the Pharisees whom he called "serpents" and knew would be crushed by the Romans. There is love. Then, there is love. They are not the same until perfected.

        Those Pharisees were not of Jesus's fold. They rejected. Matt is rejecting. He is not of the fold. He has read and heard and rejected. He blasphemes the Holy Spirit and will not have forgiveness in this life or the age to come. After that, God decides. Matt has made himself the son of evil, and he is trying to place evil at God's doorstep as if God is its author. Matt wants plenty of company in this too. He is misleading, but the false-hearted will follow him no matter what you say.

        God is not the author of evil, by definition. Satan is the god of this world. God is the God of the spiritual Heaven that will come here and prevail.

        You are also right that I don't need Entrecard. I never did. Entrecard is based upon falsehood. The system upon which it is founded is error. It will not stand.

        I won't forget you, Donna. You have a huge and valuable skill for bridging gaps for righteousness' sake. When push comes to shove, you will answer rightly, won't you?

        Peace, Love, and Truth, to You, Donna Bragg,

        Tom Usher

        P.S. I wanted to move your comment to the Entrecard series; but you were moved to put it here on this Tamil Tiger's post for a reason, and it's not cowardice.

    • I have received an information about this in an email with pictures.I pray that this be stopped the soonest possible time. I don't know how God will do it but I pray that the people behind this be convicted in the name of God the giver of life.

    • Kevin Phillips

      Let's hope the death of the rebel leader today http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/18/s... will help to put things at ease in the region.

      • Hello Kevin,

        Your comment says nothing of the inherent evil that is war making. Killing and war brings a false calm at best before the larger storm.

        Do you think the "government" was, or is, right? What are you putting forth, the lesser of evils? Is it even the lesser of evils? That government is not for the people. It is elitist.

        I don't prejudge you here. You may agree. What is your position?