Just as predicted, he could hardly wait to get his chance to kill people — murder people — even innocent little girls and boys who only want to grow up safe and secure.

Do you remember when Mike Gravel asked Barack whom Barack wants to bomb? Obama said he didn't want to bomb anybody. Here he is though, without a pause, bombing innocents. He's a liar and a baby killer, and don't be so thick as to ask me to get the splinter out of my eye while I pull the beam from Obama's supporters'.

So, Barack Obama is keeping his pledge to the plutocrats to take it to the Muslim tribesmen and their families. He's appointed Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal to head up the Pentagon in Afghanistan. This McChrystal is a professional hit man for the plutocrats. He has headed up the secret (not so secret) special operations teams in Iraq that conduct part of the Worldwide Attack Matrix invented by those who own the private CIA and pushed by George Tenet. This is all illegal. The people are targeted, hunted down, and executed even though they might have been framed. They are eliminated or terminated just because they might be a threat to the global, military, corporate, banker's Empire. They and even their young families are murdered for the sake of global domination by plutocrats (Satan's minions and dupes in so-called high places). Why lie about it?

The Pentagon is Satan's. The CIA is Satan's. Why lie about it? Neither of those institutions belongs to Christ. Why lie about it? If you love Jesus, you hate the Pentagon and the CIA. Why lie about it?

Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal would assassinate Jesus Christ if Barack Obama gave the word. Why lie about it? They'd feign ignorance, but it won't stand up. In fact, Obama is trying to kill Jesus. He's working day and night to destroy the message of Jesus Christ. Keeping the message means standing against Barack Obama and George W. Bush before him and on and on back to the serpent.

Either you are with Jesus or you're with Satan. If you're with the Pentagon, you aren't with Jesus. If you're with George W. Bush or Barack Obama, you aren't with Jesus. Why lie about it?

Why do they lie about it all? They lie because the truth will set us free.

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