U.S. Senate Doesn't Care

So, the bankers get bailed out but when it comes time to let judges renegotiate home mortgages, the U.S. Senate rejects it. Rats! Actually, I need to get out of the habit of calling them rats. It's unfair to rats. Snakes! There, that's more appropriate. Snakes don't have a nurturing bone in their bodies.

Federal Reserve Private Money Monopoly

Why was the currency of the people privatized? It hasn't done any good. Shouldn't it be nationalized? Shouldn't the people own and control the people's legal tender? Why are the people paying taxes to pay interest to a privatized, secretive entity? It makes no sense. It never did. It's evil.

As a stepping-stone to a mammonless society, the people of America need United States Bank Notes (aka United States Notes). They need to dissolve the Federal Reserve.

So, It Begins: Obama Starts Cutting Programs

Just as predicted, Obama is beginning the movement toward cutting entitlements. What he's done so far is just the lead-up. It's just getting the people used to cuts. The superrich have raped the nation and planet. They've been bailed out with future taxes from the sweat of others, many of whom have not yet even been born. The deficits have been sent through the roof and taxes have not been likewise raised on the richest of the rich, not at the same rate as the spending increases. Inflation will become a concern.

The lackeys of the superrich will point the finger at welfare and Social Security and Medicare saying that those programs will have to be cut to rein in inflation and to balance the budget. The scam continues unfolding.

Saying something about it now is required. Not saying anything lets them do whatever they want without even having to consider.

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