A Black friend of mine says, "Barack Obama is just a darker shade of Bush." Oh, how right that is.

Obama is being used to dupe millions of Black people right along with all the Whites who grovel at Obama's feet, the choice of the plutocrats for that purpose.


Oh, aren't you already tired of Obama's garbage?

We must persevere though. We must continue speaking truth no matter his lies.

He's just getting started with the continuation of sheer evil. He won't release the photos of more abuse at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere because it would engender more hatred for America in the Muslim world. Well, why the Hell did, and is, the United States doing things like torturing people to death and wild predator-drone missile attacks on mere babies (and little, innocent children and pregnant women and senior citizens and other people who have done absolutely nothing against America) to cause people to hate the U.S. with just cause for that hatred? What is wrong with America that it chose Barack Obama and had John McCain as the alternative? It's insanity.

Obama is trotting out the worn out lie of "a few bad apples." He's saying that "a small number of individuals" conducted torture. He's a liar and cover-up artist! It was no small number. There were plenty of them working directly for the U.S. federal government, which should have its house cleaned — top to bottom and corner to corner.

Also, these monsters, including, among many, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, are floating the idea that the U.S. can keep people locked up for life without any public trial. They're insane. Lindsey Graham is insane. Secret courts are inherently unjust. To Hell with lame excuses, such as "National Security" and "State Secrets." It's a load of dung. If there is proof, if there is evidence, present it to the world or let them go free. That's supposed to be the American way. Anything else is fascism or some other iteration of dictatorship.

I tell you that if this course continues, The United States of America will be The Untied States of America. It will be free to fall, and it will. Nothing will catch it either.

God, I hate bad shepherds! That's not swearing or taking the name of the LORD in vain. It's calling out to God, not that God can't hear my quiet inner thoughts. God can though feel the emotion better than I feel it myself.

I want them to turn or go. I say it openly here. I'll repeat it anywhere. I'm not hiding it. Turn or go, Obama.

I want him to succeed, and success is turning to righteousness. I want the wickedness to go forever. There's nothing wrong with that. I want every trace of wickedness gone from within and everywhere.

Dick Cheney

Let me also emphasize once again that the torture was not being done to collect "actionable intelligence," as they like to call it. It was a terrorist activity designed to throw fear into the hearts and minds of the world concerning the insanity of the Empire. It was sadism. The people from the top down were engaged in sadistic behavior "taking it out on others." All, all of this torture was about was, and remains, demons being demonic creating more of their kind. The abused often end up being abusers. It's a disease. Those who engage in it are sick. They are mentally ill. Dick Cheney is demented. He's clinically insane — certifiable. He's possessed by the disease, which we may also rightly term "unclean spirits."

The FBI interrogator, Ali Soufan, was directly involved. He has testified that all valuable intelligence was obtained before the torture took place. (See: "A Turning Point in the Torture Debate," by Scott Horton. The Daily Beast. May 14, 2009.) Torture was not for intelligence. Torture was for terrorizing and punishing.

Do I want done to Cheney what he did to others? No, I don't. It won't stop if that pattern continues. Do I want him on my level of Heaven with me unrepentant? No, I don't want him there unrepentant. There are many mansions in Heaven and Hell. Let him be in a different one where he can't ruin it for others who don't want his evil.

Don't forget that it was Dick Cheney who insisted and insisted and insisted that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. Cheney based that upon so-called intelligence gleaned via torture. There was no link. The torture victim simply told the Cheney cohorts what Cheney wanted so Cheney could use it as a pretext to invade Iraq to steal Iraq from the Iraqi people (put Iraq under the thumb of the Empire). Cheney had called Middle East oil "the prize." He went after it for the sake of his oil-industry supporters and military-industrial corporations. Cheney is an Empire builder. He's not interested in morality. He's interested in his DNA having money, power, and control so his spirit will live on in history and in the legends in his own family now and to come. It won't work though. He's going down in infamy.

Let's not forget that the torture started before the so-called legal memos were written. Cheney is defending the memo authors who were simply told to draft memos claiming torture is legal. It's the same as when George W. Bush had Bush's minions tell Richard Clarke, "Wrong answer. ... Do it again." when Clarke was not submitting fabricated intelligence to aid in the pretext for invading Iraq. It's the same thing as concerns the Downing Street Memos where the Blair government makes clear that with the Bush administration, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Cheney's Lower Brain

Cheney thinks and feels with the selfish regions of his brain matter. He is damaged, broken, and doesn't use his frontal or temporal lobes (the higher, more evolved centers) do to his thinking and feeling. Dwell on it.

This is one of those areas I raise over and over that doesn't catch on because so many are hypnotized to gloss over. Stop and reflect on it. Burn it into your mind. Selfishness is disease. It's the consequence of itself. It's the result of selfish, abused souls turning around and spreading the disease.

Look, if the United States doesn't formally find all these people who are guilty, guilty, then there is no law. Of course, in consistency, we all need to find ourselves guilty of everything we've done that has been wrong. It's required for universal repentance, which is required for salvation of the whole. Aim high. What they do with them after they find them guilty is another question. As a Christian, I'm not for punishment but rehabilitation (humane, rehabilitation; love heals). First though, the U.S. must make clear to the world that the George W. Bush administration was hugely criminal. Just speak the truth as a nation on that and then act accordingly, which means not continuing any of the illegalities. It's a tall order but doable for sure.

Pelosi Hogwash

The Democrats are rallying around the dung heap that Nancy Pelosi didn't know the CIA was waterboarding. She's tap dancing around claiming that she was only told that the CIA believes it has the right to torture people and that she was sworn to secrecy about it.

Hogwash, hogwash, hogwash!

She could never be sworn to secrecy regarding illegal activity — never. That's the law. She was legally required to blow the whistle. She didn't do it. Her silence bought George W. Bush and Dick Cheney time to conduct their torture sessions. She was accused long ago of knowing and avoided the subject back then. She never wanted any of this to come out. She was never about investigating or holding anyone to account for anything. That's all documented history that cannot now be overwritten. She was opposed to impeachment even after she knew that the whole world knew that Bush and Cheney had tortured people. She has no excuses. Her apologists are obfuscating, and that includes Scott Horton. (See: "What Did Pelosi Know?" by Scott Horton. The Daily Beast. May 11, 2009.)

Pelosi and U.S. Representative Jane Harman (D-CA) complained internally, they now say. They both claim that they didn't know about torture until 2003. Well so what? They knew about torture in 2003 and kept their complaints internal where they would do no good except perhaps as CYA (not good) later if the info about torture were to leak out, which it has. They were against impeachment in the face of what they both knew about torture going on. What is there to defend? Pelosi should not be Speaker. Harman should chair nothing. These people are not fit to lead.


Obama is also against Single-Payer Health Insurance, even though he thinks it's better, even though he says that if we were starting from scratch, it would be better. Well, when did the other industrialized nations start? They started some time.

There's nothing preventing the U.S. from starting right now other than the greed and selfishness of some superrich people. The only thing wrong with Single-Payer Health Insurance or Medicare for All is that it will still be under the coercive democracy (demonocracy, as befits the ideology). Capitalism under coercive democracy is worse. The private health-insurance industry is worse. Most Americans want everyone to receive necessary health care and treatment. The way to do that at the lowest cost under the dreaded, greedy system that is the capitalist (mammon) system is via Medicare for All. Why lie about it?

Obama is also allowing talk about Social Security and Medicare heading to insolvency. The bailout money Obama allowed going to the rip-off artists on Wall Street, who funded his campaign in record numbers, could have funded both and more.

Frank Luntz

Wake up, America. Wake up, World. You're hypnotized. You're in a trance, an evil spell, cast on you by wordsmiths, such the two-second sound-bite sorcerer, Frank Luntz. Luntz is now telling Republicans that they need to suggest that socialized medicine means delays in treatment. (See: "Luntz Shapes GOP Messages on Health Care," by Drew Armstrong. CQ TODAY PRINT EDITION. May 6, 2009.)

He doesn't mean delays when one compares the delays under the current system. People are waiting lifetimes for treatment under the current system. The health-insurance industry has made the paperwork into a nightmare for insureds. They have caused regular people to attempt to become experts in due diligence just to avoid being completely ripped off, and hyper due diligence is still no guarantee.

A central difference, among others, between socialism and Marxism on one hand and Christianity on the other is that Christianity is voluntary. There is no forcing of souls into the kingdom of Heaven. Force precludes Heaven, in fact.

Frank Luntz repented for his distortions concerning Global Warming; however, here he is back after backsliding on his having publicly repented. This time, he's twisting words and obfuscating on the issue of healthcare for all. He's wrong, and his methods have been exposed and aren't going to work. The opposition isn't going to rollover and play dead for Frank Luntz. In very truth, Frank Luntz's methods prove the opposition's point.

Luntz is an elitist working for elitists for the unrighteous mammon. Where is the discussion about the tens of millions who have been waiting forever, at best, in emergency rooms?

If the superrich have to wait a bit for treatment rather than cutting in line as the cheats they're system makes them, than let them wait while the poor receive the treatment they have been denied by the sorcerers for mammon.

Luntz says, "The idea that a doctor or a hospital would deny care that they need is what frightens them the most about a Washington takeover." Who is the "them"? The "them" here happens to be a blob of so-called middle class voters who don't take the time to figure out that if they lift the bottom everyone will go up. In other words, forget about everyone else. Just focus on self apart from everyone else. Perhaps think about your immediate family. Don't dare to consider compassion. Don't have compassion. To Luntz, compassion is weakness — until he needs it shown to him. Why did we have compassion on him for lying about Global Warming, as he sort of admitted to doing? Why should we have compassion on his ignorant soul now that he's back at it again in his wholly selfish pursuit of the dollar?

Do you know what an ignoramus is? Do you see the root word ignorant there? Do you know what it means to be ignorant of righteousness? Do you think that those who are told about righteousness in no uncertain terms but who go ahead with iniquity anyway escape the negative consequences they bring upon themselves?

Everyone who looks to get treatment for self and to cut in line without just cause will end up in the shoes of those who wait forever. They will receive their own standard.

Of course, Frank Luntz wants his message to stay a secret. He wants to be able to tell the politicians how to dupe the masses without anyone learning the particulars. What a scam artist. What an antichrist!

Are those who call themselves conservative, Republican Christians going to continue this charade? They will fall and fall and fall.

Hypocritical Talk

Quick, who said, "The government should stop the indiscriminate shelling that has taken hundreds of innocent lives"? Barack Obama said it .................... about Sri Lanka. Well, I say it about the U.S. in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq and Somalia and everywhere else the U.S. conducts missile attacks and bombing raids.

Taliban Gas Attack? Prove It

Also, concerning "Girls targeted in 'Taliban gas attack': Militants blamed after 90 pupils poisoned in third attack on girls' school in three weeks" (by Jerome Starkey in Kabul. The Independent. Wednesday, 13 May 2009), take care not to rule out covert ops on the part of the Empire. After all, if they hate educating girls, then shouldn't we (America) destroy them? This is how the Empire operates. The Taliban has denied responsibility. The Taliban has never been shy to take responsibility for things many "Westerners" think are reprehensible, such as destroying girl's schools. This doesn't mean that people calling themselves Taliban are incapable of going off the deep end if pushed. The Empire knows that and counts on it. The Empire thrives on stirring up violent conflict. It's a major profit center.

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