U.N. Unfair for Reporting the Truth

Israel has officially denounced every bit of the recent U.N. report that found Israel not guilty of war crimes (they steered around facing that fact) but of being "negligent or reckless" in attacking some eight UN sites in Gaza, killing civilians and destroying the U.N.'s ability to provide safe haven for refugees and ruin needed humanitarian supplies. Of course, we had read the testimonies of Israeli soldiers themselves expressing how they knew they were expected to kill indiscriminately: To terrorize.

The Israeli President, Shimon Peres, said, "We don't accept one word" of the report. How monstrous. The man has no heart. He has a mind possessed by demons.

What's Obama said about the despicable t-shirts that the Jewish military troops have printed up? They picture pregnant Muslims and brag about killing the mother and baby with one shoot. There are many, many other such shirts that are equally as bad or worse. Now, getting rid of such shirts doesn't get rid of war, which we must do or be cut off. It doesn't though turn toward the right direction — far from all the way but some movement nevertheless. Is it coercion to ban those shirts from the IDF? Well, the IDF is coercive in every respect.

These soldiers made an 11-year-old Palestinian boy act as a human shield for them. The boy was forced to walk in front of them as they were being fired on. They force this child to enter doors before them so he could be shot instead of the Jews. Think about that. Are these God's chosen? I tell you they are not, not in the sense the concept is usually meant.

They're worshipping Satan whether they know it or not.

The year 2008 saw a sharp rise in racist incidents against Arabs in Israel, the Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel reported Saturday, estimating the increase at tenfold those recorded in 2007. (Source: "Racist attacks against Arabs increase tenfold - report: Study by Mossawa Center warns of massive rise in assaults by Jews against Arabs in 2008; operation in Gaza fingered as chief agitator," by Sharon Roffe-Ofir. Ynetnews. March 21, 2009.) [Note: Someone set the table width for this article at 750px. The normal width is about 300]

As for Israel, why did Obama choose Charles Freeman for chair of the National Intelligence Council only to let him be shot down? The people who nominated Freeman knew full well that AIPAC would attack Freeman and demand he not be in the administration. Well, Obama looks weak and he is, but his action makes people think Obama tried to do the right thing but was stopped by AIPAC and its network. It was a gamble the system was willing to take for the sake of giving Obama more credibility with the gullible masses center-and-left on the false, mundane spectrum. It's false because nowhere on it will you find anything real.

What's being said by the Obama administration and more importantly what steps are they taking considering the fact that Jews (only certain Jews) in the U.S. are sending lots of money to illegal settlers (imperial colonizers) in the West Bank? Some of these particular imperialist/racist/ethnically-bigoted Jews (who give Jews a bad name with those who don't know how to take people one at a time) are openly advocating the assassination of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority. One such so-called settler is Nadia Matar, who was more than welcome at the New York Safra Synagogue of rabbi Elie Abadie, who denounced Nadia's speech. (See: "In NY synagogue, Israeli settler leader calls for assassination of Abbas— and tax-deductible contributions," by Philip Weiss. Mondoweiss. March 19, 2009)

Phil writes as follows:

She imitates Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French fascist, issuing fascist decrees, and seems to approve his prerogative to move Jews out of Paris—because France belongs to the French and we're not French. It's that old intimacy of Zionism and antisemitism, the dependence. ()

She said, "Judea and Samaria are an integral part of the land of Israel and belong to the Jewish people only." ("Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover's Speaking Tour." Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green). March 22, 2009.)

Her position is that the Jews should do whatever it takes to take over all the land, including wiping out all the Arabs on that land. She says it's Biblical. Well, it is Biblical. So too is the New Testament Nadia needs to read. She doesn't know anything about God.

The rabbi may have denounced her, but the crowd did not. They encouraged her with rousing applause. The group Americans For a Safe Israel sponsored the event at the synagogue.

These settler groups get big donations through tax-deductible organizations such as the Central Fund of Israel and from big names in the U.S. such as the following, writes Weiss:

James Tisch, the ceo of Loews, Michael Milken the banker/philanthropist, Alan C. (Ace) Greenberg, the former ceo of Bear Stearns, and actor Kirk Douglas.

Old intimacy of Zionism and anti-Semitism: The dependence

Now that's something that it takes Jews really to expose to the world. Anyway, that's happening more and more as, more and more, wiser Jews are waking up to the fact that there are other Jews who do things in the name of Jewishness that are so loathsome that Nazis will come out of the woodwork to denounce those Jews.

Look at what Phil is saying. Self-styled settlers are justifying themselves and their fascism against Arabs by pointing to other fascist nationalists and justifying them. Mutual loathing is fine. The most brutish take what they want and claim it for their kind alone. They are justified by virtue of simply doing it. It's strictly Satanic. It brings Hell.

What Israeli Left?

There is an Israeli left, but it's nationalistic. The Labor Party in Israel has actually agreed to join the Likud in forming a government coalition.

We don't advocate for the right or left on the false spectrum that denies the only real alternative that is the path of Jesus. There are aspects on both ends of that false spectrum that are truth. The problem is with the lack of consistency that is inherent on each end. Each is riddled with half-truths — consequently half-lies. How much of the dark side does it take before it is completely devoid of the light? Any bit of the dark side makes it false. Perfection is pure light.

American Jews Divided

Ha'aretz is reporting that when Jewish Americans are asked in a February/March poll by J Street "whether the US should militarily attack Iran if it is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons," 41% said yes, 40% no, and 16% abstained. 39% favored dialogue. 37% favored sanctions.


Now Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel: A fascist.

Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein is a Jewish professor of political science in the U.S. He was denied tenure at DePaul University in 2007 over his controversial truth telling about the certain fraudulent aspects of political Zionism and about the holocaust industry. He debunked the idea that Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land: European, Ashkenazi Jews for the most part. He also exposed that certain Zionists milk sympathy over the holocaust for profit and for a cover for human-rights and other abuses, including land grabbing.

Well, Norman wasn't allowed to speak at Clark University in Massachusetts because Norman "would invite controversy and not dialogue or understanding," said University President John Bassett. What an intellectual coward is John Bassett. The Jewish Lobby, aka the Israel Lobby, also AIPAC (Likudniks all), were behind the speaking cancellation of course.

Two-State, One-State

Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, said the following:

In the next four years, there is going to be a permanent status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples, and it doesn't matter to us at all who is prime minister.

That talk is because the one-state solution is becoming more and more likely in which Israel would not be a "Jewish" state but rather a melting pot of Jews and Arabs in a democracy where neither religion nor ethnicity would give sway but be irrelevant, as the government would be secular as it is in the U.S.

AIPAC: American Israeli Public Affairs Committee

The AIPAC people are torture promoters. They are Israeli, worldly, violent Empire builders. They have many, many billionaires behind them (world bankers and others). They have purchased the government directly and indirectly. They have many allies of greed in many ethnic groups. History is full of examples where they have undertaken horrific acts. They have been fought against, but their control of large swaths of the economy affords them a voice in the public square that they also deny to others. They hire mouthpieces to throw about ridiculous labels such as anti-Semites against Semites and others who clearly are not racists or ethnic bigots and who do not promote violence or coercion against any religious or political groups.

AIPAC purchased high-ranking American politicians who most recently authorized the torture of mainly Muslims and Arabs. Torture by American operatives is an old profession. The Reaganites used it very often in Latin America with impunity on the mundane level, but I assure you Ronald Reagan is not next to Jesus in Heaven.

Now we know that AIPAC purchased not only many Republicans but also Democrats. Jane Harman, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein are but a few examples. Money and power shuts mouths and changes stories.

We know how Democrats were bought off while Bush was in power. They signed off on Bush's torture regime. It's as plain as plain can be. Obama is part of that crowd of cowards.

No matter what they say, they didn't stand up. They hid behind illegal, immoral oaths to secrecy concerning the unrepentant and defiling. Any of them could have stepped forward with the truth. Of course, were they built that way, they'd not be in top power positions in the evil Empire.

Israeli Spy? What Israeli Spy?

So, we have a former Pentagon analyst, Lawrence Franklin, serving a 12 year sentence for turning over classified information to AIPAC agents who turned it over to Israel; and AIPAC agents/Israeli spies are let go by Obama.

Well then, Obama, let Lawrence Franklin go now and don't ever prosecute anyone for spying.

The hypocrisy is surreal, isn't it? Well, it used to be for me. Now it's routine. I'm not surprised by anything. I wouldn't trust Barack Obama any farther than I could throw him on my own without God.

It was Jane Harman, for instance, who was one of the key Democrats who was informed by the Bush administration of the torture tactics being used by the CIA and others who was caught on an NSA tape telling an Israeli agent in 2005 that she would lobby the Justice Department on behalf of Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, the two AIPAC/Mossad spies.

United Nations World Conference on Racism

Obama refused to allow the U.S. to be represented at the 2009, United Nations World Conference on Racism. He cited the conference's "antagonism towards Israel" as the reason. This is so utterly weak and indefensible. It is intellectual cowardice.

By taking this approach, the U.S., along with the nations that joined it in the boycott (Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Canada), turn their backs on the fact that certain Jews in high places in the political- Zionist state of Israel have outlined and followed a clear and unmistakable path of illegal land grabbing, ethnic bigotry, and mass murder. Shame on all of them.

Obama is a lackey of the plutocrats, many of whom are political Zionists and ethnically bigoted. Obama was chosen as a facade (a "token black," in fact). Does that shock you? I hate racism. I hate ethnic bigotry. Obama is the willing tool of both for the sake of his family's power and wealth. I don't take orders from the politically correct crowd of cowards. I stand up for Black people. The racists just use a distortion of the term Negro as a pejorative. That's all. Negro is "black" in Spanish. That's all.

Now, really, the plutocrats are about economic class or more so the spirit of mammon. If you have that, you are closer to them regardless of your skin color than an immediate, mundane family member who is a socialist or communist whether the fake type, such as Marxist or the real type that is Christian.

The plutocrats are co-opting anti-racism and twisting it to the advantage of the elitists and superrich who starve masses of Black people and dupe their toxic waste on them, steal their resources, lie to them, cheat them, bribe them, and all other manner of evils.

This is all a trick to distract from the worldly power grab and consolidation undertaking by the global banking oligarchs. Wake up to it. Snap out of you spell.

Now, here's what's really going on. The United Nations World Conference on Racism has never issued any anti-Israeli declaration speaking for the Conference. The Durban Declaration of 2001 is not a racist or ethnically bigoted document. Obama's a minion of Israel and the plutocrats for suggesting that it is.

The problem Israel has is any global focus on racism and ethnic bigotry. The more people thinking about those things and discussing them, the more people will come to view the Apartheid, fascist Israeli regime as just that, an international war criminal right along with the U.S. and an enemy of human and civil rights. Are Israel and the U.S. the only culprits? Of course they aren't. The whole world is culpable to one degree or another. There are many nation-states that clearly have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, as those are defined in generally accepted international law. On the divine level, everyone is sinning. It needs to stop.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of Iran said the following at the conference:

After World War II, under the pretext of Jewish suffering and by taking advantage of the holocaust, they used aggression and military force to turn an entire nation into refugees. And they transplanted people from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world into their land, establishing a thoroughly racist government in occupied Palestine.

That's actually a defensible statement. Did he qualify the statement by saying that not all Israelis hold with the racist policies, including in government?

Elie Wiesel was at the conference and said the following of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

His presence is a scandal. A man who is the number one Holocaust denier in the world, a man who publicly, repeatedly said that he was going to destroy the people of Israel, his place is not at the place where we discuss human rights. He violates human rights. He preaches hatred, and therefore he should be in jail, actually, in The Hague for incitement of genocide.

Now, did Wiesel qualify his statement by saying that while he thinks Ahmadinejad may not be the right messenger, Israel has nevertheless engaged in the acts cited by Ahmadinejad?

Ahmadinejad's words though fly directly in the face of Wiesel's statement. Ahmadinejad's words admit to holocaust. His words there do not deny holocaust, regardless of any previous statements, misunderstood or not. Wiesel accused Ahmadinejad of threatening and inciting genocide against the Jews. I've never seen or heard words from Ahmadinejad that do that. I've seen mistranslations that have been used for the Big-Lie tactic that is to repeat a lie over and over so often that it becomes taken for granted by the un-informed. Wiesel knows that the translation he's citing is false. He knows it. He's spreading toxic manure.

Ahmadinejad went on to say:

We will be able to experience peace and brotherhood when we all develop a more tolerant vision and improve our capacity to listen to each other. Please pay attention to this last point. They threaten us with war. The Zionist regime threatens to take military actions against us, again and again; but we do not believe in war. We think the solution to global problems should be based on humanitarian solutions, democratic solutions, based on the free votes of all nations.

He is certainly correct that Israel has threatened over and over to conduct first strikes (illegal strikes) against Iran. Israel has zero evidence against Iran. Israel just wants more power and control in the region, as a U.S. mutual proxy. It's all one Empire afterall. It's the empire of greed over human beings.

Even at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington with Obama there, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Sallai Merridor, used the occasion to more than insinuate that Ahmadinejad and Iran want to kill all Jews. However, Iran has the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside Israel to my understanding, and those Jews in Iran are not being killed and don't want to leave Iran. Now why is that? Did the Jews in Germany under Hitler have it that way? No, they did not.

Ahmadinejad doesn't speak as Hitler did. He never has. He has never called for the extermination of the Jews that anyone can show us else they would have already. All they have are willfully mistranslated statements that they, as Hitler did, just repeat and repeat and repeat as if we are all that stupid to fall for it.

Well, listen up false-hearted Zionists! It isn't working, and it isn't going to. All it's doing is making you look dumber and dumber for trying it. Give up. You aren't going to win. You are land grabbing. You are thieves. You have stolen the land. You misrepresent God. God never gave you the land — not you. God gave the land to children of God, whom Jesus defined. You aren't the ones. You are anti-God. You are being demonic by definition, by the definition even in your own Old Testament scriptures. That's a fact.

Tail Wags Dog

The fascist Foreign Minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman, says, "Believe me, America accepts all our decisions." Sieg Heil to the little Eichmann, Lieberman, say the Palestinians. So now, Israel says to the U.S., if you want something, you'll have to give more. Israel wants Iran attacked. Israel wants Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine completely powerless against them. To do that, they think, they must reduce Iran to a powerless state just as they reduced Iraq via U.S. military power. The are also of course planning way out ahead concerning Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Turkey. Sudan and Somalia are right in the mix too. Any nations that cozy up to any of these is a target: Venezuela and all its friends in Latin America. China is on the radar screen. India is being sucked in via false-flag operations. Russia must compromise for the sake of the flow of mammon from Europe and elsewhere.

The U.S. has raped the world via dollar hegemony. It hasn't stopped yet and won't until the U.S. Empire falls all the way giving way to the New World Order Empire that will finally fall and likewise give way to the Christian Commons as the Real New World Order that will then never fall.

Illegal Occupation and Settlement

It's illegal for Israelis to be living on Palestinian land occupied by Israel during and after the 1967 conflict that was started by Israel. Under Olmert, Israel built around 9,000 more illegal residences for Israelis.

Where's the action from Obama on this? Rather than put a stop to it, he boycotts the United Nations World Conference on Racism. How hypocritical is that? How does Obama square this? He doesn't. He ignores it with the exception of the slightest lip service just so he can say he said something. It's business as usual: No change — Yes we can stay the same while we pretend that we are populists.

Hamas is Saying What?

I hear Khaled Meshal saying that Palestine accepts a two-state solution based on 1967 borders and the right of return. I also hear him saying "long-term truce." What does that mean? Why the qualifier "long-term" rather than permanent peace? I don't like it. It a hedge for starting a fight later and having an excuse claiming you never said peace would be permanent. It's slippery, something the Palestinians always accuse the Israelis of being.

Just because we don't side with fascist Israelis doesn't mean were going to not notice the dung in Hamas's statements.

The only people we side with are total pacifists and truth-tellers and doers. If everyone were to do that, there would be no war. That's the point. That's what God said through Jesus.

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