If you can't change, then why was Obama elected on "change"? Do all those who "voted" for Obama believe that the "change" doesn't apply to homosexuality because homosexuality, unlike other behaviors, is unchangeable?

By the way, I didn't vote for John McCain. In fact, I didn't vote and don't vote for secular office holders; so if you're ready to jump to all sorts of conclusions, you better hold your judgments to avoid the sin of bearing false witness.

If You Can't Change Your Sexual Behavior

If you can't change your sexual behavior and desires, you can't quit smoking or quit getting drunk or viewing pornography or stealing or lying or making war and on and on. All of those traits are allowed by the flesh. Pedophilia is obviously allowed of the flesh. Is someone who "experiments" with pedophilia then locked into that behavior for life, for eternity? What about incest, does this hold for those who ever "experimented" with incest or even merely contemplated the behavior on any level whatsoever even simply in an attempt to "understand" it? What about sexual abuse, can it be stopped? Of course it can.

Habits of the Flesh

All the acts that can and often do become habits are all allowed by DNA. Every one of them can be, and are by some, overcome.

God can change water into wine. You better believe it. God is the reason DNA even exists. Without God's underpinning of existence itself, you wouldn't even be.

Once a Liar

Once a liar, not always a liar. Once anything, not always that thing. We can change. We can be transformed. We can be regenerated. We can undergo metamorphosis.

Homosexuality is Always Harmful

As for there being nothing wrong with homosexuality, it's harmful, always. Lying about that won't alter it. ("Homosexuals: What they ignore")

Foolish, Gullible, Naive, Youthful, Need Protection from Liars

Many of the youth of the world, especially in America and led by Europeans, are pressing the falsehood that it is deceitful or phony to go against acting as a homosexual the very first time one "acts" that way. How foolish this is. How gullible and naive it is (hence youthful). They need protection from these lies. The lies must be exposed. The lies of the mind twisters must be exposed.

Many of the youth lack the experience to discern what to them isn't even cunning or subtle (they detect no danger in the serpent's words) but to us is blatant and stands in stark contrast. Their eyes are untrained by experience and decades of effort to come to see truth versus lies (always harmful).

By the way, silence on an issue is not to be presumed as guilt on the part of the silent. Jesus stood silently before his accusers. He was not silent though about the accusers. He spoke even volumes about them in just short sentences, for those who can read the fuller context. People need to reserve judgment where they are unsure how to respond — unsure of the truth in the case. It's calling holding one's peace or tongue. However, once truth is known, one is obligated to speak out. One is also obligated to engage in open, honest, and direct discussion for the sake of the many.

Homosexuals Penchant for Drama: Unreal

We constantly hear how the Roman Catholic high church, with all its pomp, circumstance, "drama," and frilly vestments (costumes; men in dresses, etc.) is "gay" (a misuse of the otherwise perfectly good term "gay"). I'm sometimes gay (cheerful, merry, lively) but never homosexual or bisexual, etc. I'm always communist but never Marxist. Terms must be understood and set right again. The more "drama" there is, the more that many assume homosexuals are behind its creation. This is put forth by homosexuals.

It is interesting that drama is putting on an act. It's performing. It's unreal in the full Christian sense. Jesus was not, and is not, play-acting in this sense. He was and is real. He was not artificial. He was being his true self. He was not plastic in the old Hippie sense of the term.

Changed Brain Matter Can Change Back

Contrive comes from the Greek, trope with its root at "turn." It is to turn something into something else. We all came out from God who is real and righteous. Now there are many who are fake and iniquitous who have made of themselves (been twisted into) the unreal to God's real. They proselytize for their adopted cause or root. Their adopted spirit transforms their flesh — changes it. Now they have changed brain matter claiming they cannot change back. It's a lie, but they are sticking themselves to it and will go the way of it, which is the proverbial downward direction into greater pain and suffering on account of willfulness and a kind of ignorance. This applies to violence and greed (all selfishness).

Fake Tendencies

Here we have homosexuals, who are the paramount contrivers, sending out the mixed and deceptive signal that it is fake (contrived) to go against homosexual (acting, unreal in the Christian sense-meaning) "tendencies." What are these things though called "tendencies"?

A one-off "experiment" turns into a "tendency" turns into a "gene" turns into "impossible to change" or prevent. What a load of garbage these queens, queers, or whatever else they call themselves, and their misled disciples are spewing. It's total rubbish.

Peer Pressure

Contrivance is mundanely (and negatively spiritually) learned or acquired. Peer pressure is conditioning. It is often hostile, aggressive, and violent to anything that runs contrary to the "accepted" mindset of the generation no matter how unfounded — based upon shallow operant conditioning and hypnotic suggestions. Conditioning makes learned (contrived) behavior stubborn to root out.

People Change

People who have a drink do not have to become alcoholics. People who have gotten drunk often in life can, and do, stop. They change a habit many consider often tough to break. People come out of prison after having been "hardened" criminals never to commit another such crime again. Homosexuality can be a tough habit to break for some, but that doesn't mean homosexuality is okay or harmless. Tell the truth!

Truth is Compassionate

Am I without compassion? No! Real compassion demands truth. Absolutely no one need remain a homosexual. There are hundreds of millions of people who have "considered" engaging in homosexual behavior who have rejected it. The mere thought of homosexuality is a consequence of the very existence of homosexuality that is becoming all too pervasive. The mere thought does not make a homosexual.

Anyone can change from anything to anything, per Jesus. I agree completely. All things are possible with God. That's a fact. It is incomprehensible to many, but that doesn't alter the fact. Expand your mind to grasp God. Don't use your unexpanded mind to dismiss the reality of God.


Tom Usher

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