Over 5 million jobs have been lost in about a year in the U.S. What's the U.S. doing about it so far? It's bailed out the bankers who caused the problem.

Homosexual So-Called Marriage

The secular government through coercive democracy is passing "laws" claiming that homosexuals may be married. Well, just don't say it's harmless. Cigarette packaging comes with a warning from the Surgeon General. Just because people do it doesn't make it harmless. Just because the secularists say it's "legal" doesn't mean it's okay. It isn't okay.

What is called the homosexual agenda has been to get people to believe that there is nothing wrong with or harmful about homosexuality. That is not true. There are disease states that result from homosexual activity that would not otherwise occur and at very statistically significant rates. ("Homosexuals: What they ignore")

Also, genetic possibilities exist such that people murder and do all manner of other behaviors that are not good. We shouldn't call them good just because people are genetically capable of doing them or genetically arranged so that not doing them is more difficult than for the mean average of humanity. Have compassion, but tell the truth that behaviors are bad and can be overcome. Call harmful behavior what it is, and seek treatment and therapy, which for the Christian is first and foremost spiritual and can ultimately be 100% spiritual.

The homosexuals are trying to snowball and railroad everyone. The facts have not been openly debated. I have read nowhere where any legislature has investigated the issue in-depth from all sides before taking votes.

As a Christian, I am opposed to coercing others. Tell the truth and let them decide. I've written truth on this site about war, greed, and sexual depravity versus total peace, giving and sharing all, and sexual harmlessness at the least. Nowhere have I advocated using violence or other coercive measures. Unfortunately, I've read about homosexuals who want to use the coercive power of the evil state to force people who don't agree with them to accept them into their most private associations.

They will not force their way into the Real Liberal Christian Church or Christian Commons. We will not, however, harm them or seek to deny them the basic necessities we all need for the life of the flesh short of total transformation.

The Commons will feed the children first but it will give and share. The homosexuals will not though live among us.

Mountaintop Removal

According to Mike Roselle of Climate Ground Zero, 2,000 miles of West Virginia creeks have been buried by Mountaintop Removal coal mining, 500 mountaintops or 50% of the mountains in the area have been removed, and at that rate, there will be no mountains left in 10 years.

I have to tell all that this is utterly insane. Coal has to go. They're crazy. They're killing us doing that. They're ruining the mountains. They're ruining the water. They're increasing CO2. They're retarding the move to solar. They're killing local residents. They're making the area toxic. They're destroying other economies. They're destroying jobs (even underground mining jobs). They're stealing ancestral lands. They're using thugs and other intimidation techniques. They're destroying forests. They're destroying wildlife habitat on a huge scale. They're altering local and ultimately global weather patterns. It's appalling. And to think it all started well after the environmental movement had begun. Stupid, stupid, greedy capitalists, that's what they are.

What does the brilliant Obama do? He gives away 42 more permits to the coal companies to kill 42 more mountains.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs got a bailout. They lobby the government. Goldman Sachs made a 1st quarter profit of $1.6 billion. They are going to sell $5 billion in stocks and use the money raised to pay back the government so Goldman Sachs won't have a cap on its executives. They got a bailout. Goldman Sachs shouldn't be lobbying anyone. They should not have made a profit. Goldman Sachs shouldn't exist. They shouldn't be raising any money because Goldman Sachs stole tens of billions of dollars via all of its fast and loose Ponzi scheme activities (capitalism is one huge Ponzi scheme, in case you were unaware of that).

Monsanto Banned

Hallelujah, Germany told Monsanto that its genetically modified corn is illegal in Germany. Monsanto's GMO corn and other GMO abominations are sheer evil. It's a gigantic scam. People getting stuck on Monsanto products are only going to see ever diminishing returns and greater and greater environmental problems.

Executive Pay Caps

Chrysler financial services turned down a bailout because of executive-pay caps. Now that flies in the face of those who claim executive pay is meaningless in the face of the size of the bailouts. I never agreed with them on that. Here's why. Executive do the bidding of the plutocrats for the pay they get. Take away the pay, and there is no reason for them to be the lackeys of those bankers. Executive pay and compensation is everything to those executives. Anyone who preaches otherwise is being dimwitted.

Oakland Privatizing Police Force

This is very bad news and a terrible idea: Greed as a motivation to police; Policing as a capitalistic profit center — what a moronic turn of events. Crime is necessary for the profits to flow. Framing people will be more profitable. Internal oversight will be another step removed from the government and the people. Right when capitalism has been shown to be a nightmare and huge Ponzi scheme, the City of Oakland goes straight into the mouth of the beast: No a bright idea. When will the people of Oakland wake up to fascism in full swing?

Evo Morales Says No to any Strings Attached to IMF Loans

Evo Morales is the indigenous President of Bolivia. When the International Monetary Fund came to him to get him to have Bolivia borrow money from the fund, Evo said yes but without any privatization or other strings attached. That's the way IMF loans have been offered over the years. Evo is smart to refuse. The IMF always offers a carrot (loan) with a much bigger stick (strings attached). They have historically insisted that leaders allow goods and services to be taken over by foreign predatory capitalists. It's called a "structural-adjustment program." What it does is wipe out local businesses by bringing in foreign companies that are given tax breaks by the host government. The multinationals dump cheap, inferior, chemically laced products into the local market. The traditional local businesses can't compete on price. Everything gets worse. The foreigners get richer and bribe the greedy government officials who sellout their countries or historically are assassinated by the foreign capitalist gangsters if they refuse to sellout. That's the Empire and the plutocrats who own it. Bolivia has a long history of being raped by foreign and domestic predatory capitalists.

Hey, Glenn Beck, How do you Explain this Away?

Global Climate Coalition is a think tank that the oil, coal, and auto industries paid millions to refute climate change caused by human activity even though the Global Climate Coalition scientist wrote internally that human caused climate change is irrefutable. What they went about doing is thought-termination techniques. They made up doubt and did the Big Lie by marketing it. The money involved all through the corporatocracy saw to it that the Big Lie received plenty of undeserved airtime to dupe the masses of right-wingers who are always well primed for such hypnotic suggestions, just as the left is primed for leftwing suggestions.

Whom did the tobacco industry hire? They hired scientists. What did those scientists say in internal documents? They said the link between cancer and tobacco is irrefutable. What did those bought-and-paid for scientist say in public? They said that the link is not certain. What's new? Nothing. The same old liars are at work killing people for their private, special privilege and advantage that is mammon.

Are you dumb enough to fall for it: Libertarian? Show yourselves smoking some more in your photos. We aren't blind. We know what you're saying. Let me tell you. Being hooked isn't being free. It's being stupid. It's being a slave. If you think you had a choice, think again. They hooked you before you were informed. Either that, or you're masochistic, in which case you're still not free.

Militarism and Suicide

During the first months of this year, more U.S. military committed suicide than were killed in action/combat. What does that tell you? It tells you that militarism drives people to kill themselves. It's that bad for people.

Torture Judge: Jay Bybee

What kind of law is it where someone who wrote that it's legal to torture people is a sitting U.S. Federal Judge? What the Hell is Jay Bybee doing being a federal judge? He's bringing Hell on Earth is what. He has to go. He doesn't need to be waterboarded or to have his head slammed against walls by his fellow human beings. We don't need to do to him what he allowed be done to others under his flat out lying legal analysis that is no better than the oil scientists and the tobacco scientists who knew they were lying when they said oil burning doesn't cause climate change and there is no proof that there is a link between smoking and chewing and cancer, etc.

Anti-Torture Judge: Baltasar Garzon

Baltasar Garzon is a Spanish judge who has decided to investigate the George W. Bush administration for torture.

How he deals with issues internal to Spain (such as the Basque Separatist Movement) is another matter.

Five Spaniards were reportedly tortured at Guantanamo. Garzon is the judge who went after Augusto Pinochet, the now dead military fascist dictator of Chile who was Henry Kissinger's puppet. Pinochet led a U.S. coup against Salvador Allende, the populist/socialist elected president of Chile. Pinochet was a brutal dictator responsible for assassinations in other nations as well, including in the U.S.

He was aided in his radical capitalist exploitation of the nation by Milton Friedman. They used draconian measures to gain back nearly complete control of the economy for the greediest corporations. The rich got richer. The poor stayed poor. They called it the Chilean Miracle.

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