UPDATE: Tuesday, June 09, 2009:
The following is quoted from Democracy Now:

NY Times Criticized over Report "1 in 7 Detainees Rejoined Jihad"

The New York Times is coming under intense scrutiny over its recent coverage of what former Guantanamo prisoners have done after their release. On May 21, the Times ran a front-page story titled "1 in 7 Detainees Rejoined Jihad, Pentagon Finds." Since publication, the Times has had to backtrack from the article's most serious claims. On Sunday, the paper's public editor wrote that the article was "seriously flawed and greatly overplayed." The public editor said the article failed to distinguish between former prisoners suspected of new acts of terrorism—more than half the cases—and those supposedly confirmed to have rejoined jihad against the West. Had only confirmed cases been considered, one in seven would have changed to one in twenty.

Original post:

The Pentagon is claiming that 1 out of 7 released detainees is returning to the battle field or some such claim. Well, first of all, I don't buy the numbers. Just because they claim those numbers doesn't prove a thing. The Pentagon has a long history of lying. Regardless though, the use of the statistics, flawed or not, as reason to keep innocent people behind bars is barbaric. No civilized people can keep 6 out of 7 people behind bars indefinitely just because the 7th might take up arms against the regime that tortured him or held him without evidence or benefit of open, legitimate trial.

Cheney said that ruling out the use of torture, he euphemistically terms "enhanced interrogation techniques," is "recklessness cloaked in righteousness." This is coming from the one who literally called upon the nation to turn to the "dark side." What the Hell does he know about righteousness?

Dick Cheney is an advocate for the evils of the antichrist. Jesus was tortured to death afterall. Cheney claims Christ but won't follow the Golden Rule as Cheney, who himself is what he accuses others of being ("reckless" and "malevolent"), wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of 83 waterboardings, 82 (or was it 183 waterboardings, as Ray McGovern reports, "Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism," by Ray McGovern. Information Clearing House. May 23, 2009?) of which would come after having spilled his guts or serving up any statement his waterboarding torturers demand as a pretext illegally to invade, occupy, and control other nations for oil reserves and the sake of unrighteous, greedy, and selfish empire. That's what his CIA did to someone. It did worse to others. The things they did were so depraved that they had to destroy the tapes

This person is refusing to repent. He is rejecting God and Christ.

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