In closing, we must dispose of one last mantra that has been too broadly and uncritically accepted: the nonsense that, if we win by fighting as fiercely as our enemies, we will "become just like them." To convince Imperial Japan of its defeat, we not only had to fire-bomb Japanese cities, but drop two atomic bombs. Did we then become like the Japanese of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere? Did we subsequently invade other lands with the goal of permanent conquest, enslaving their populations? Did our destruction of German cities—also necessary for victory—turn us into Nazis? Of course, you can find a few campus leftists who think so, but they have yet to reveal the location of our death camps.

The article from which that quote was taken is one of the most unenlightened and twisted propaganda pieces I've read in awhile. Only ignoramuses who don't want to lift a finger to research to get at the truth will fall for it for a millisecond.

Where's the history that led up to the war with Japan in the first place? Who sailed into whose harbor with a huge gun ship and said open up your market or else? That was not a good start for a new relationship.

Also, who needs death camps (not that there aren't any mass graves) when the killing fields of Vietnam and the secret carpet bombing of Cambodia will more than suffice? How many millions of peasants does the U.S. have to murder in cold blood and hot-blooded insanity before it amounts to death-camp evil in magnitude? Just how many people did Operation Phoenix throw out of the helicopters and airplanes alive just to throw the terror into them? Ralph Peters though says that that isn't becoming like "them." No, it's actually worse. How many people did the U.S. have to let imported Nazis (Operation Paperclip) so-called scientist experiment upon before the U.S. had become like them: The Nazis? It used to not take nearly as much screening through Google results to find mind-control experimentation information as it now does after nearly a decade of George W. Bush administration scrubbing efforts. () Where are those dead bodies by the way? The list of U.S. atrocities is extremely long, and that's just the stuff that's public. Don't forget that atrocities-by-proxy is still sheer evil. The Ronald Reagan funded Death Squads in Central America have blood on their hands, but the Reaganites hands are dripping too right along with them. The same applies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

According to Ralph Peters' brain, one only becomes "them" by being them in the first place. Turn Ralph. Find God. Repent. If one is somehow born American, one can never really be evil in warfare or everyday imperial conquest stealing other people's lands and resources. That's Ralph's position. Frankly, the only thing Peters is saying is that "might makes right." He says the ultimate evil is not prevailing in the very kind of fleshly and greed-driven warfare Jesus Christ preached against with every bit of his being.

Ralph, Americans dumb enough to fall for your propaganda deserve you and the evil you will bring upon this nation if it follows your terrible, Satanic advice.

You write about Christianity but don't know the first thing about it. You say that people who are ignorant and misled cannot be reached. Well, then you can't be reached. You're headed for Hell forever, and no one can say anything ever to you that will even give you pause. Overcome your brainwashing, Ralph. I say you can do it. The question though is, will you do it.

(Source: "Wishful Thinking and Indecisive Wars," by Ralph Peters. The Journal of International Security Affairs. Spring 2009 - Number 16.)

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