Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Abortion

Embryonic stem cell research destroys embryos. Obama ended the ban on using frozen embryos.

People who have had difficulty conceiving via typical sexual intercourse and who have exhausted other methods have fertility clinics create embryos for implantation. The clinics create more than one embryo because, among other reasons, it is my understanding, not all embryos are equally capable of remaining implanted. The others are reserves or back-ups in case the first spontaneously aborts. The extra embryos are cryogenically frozen. Their tissue is still serviceable if maintained and thawed correctly. After a couple has had enough children, the extra embryos are often destroyed. Barack Obama has changed from the Bush administration's position so that federal funding can be used for scientific experimentation on frozen embryos provided the "parents" agree and which frozen embryos would otherwise be completely destroyed. I'm being very general here. There are specifics I'm not covering. What Obama hasn't done is release funds for taking an adult's tissue for example and creating an clone embryo. That tissue would be as an identical twin's. It would be much less likely to be rejected by the adult. How far researchers want to go in farming body parts is something I won't go into here much here other than to say that some do dream of complete replacement organs.

Why are abortion and embryonic stem cell research problems for some people?

Well, if I have had spiritual experiences, experiences forever unexplainable by the science of testing and doubt, which I have (and which must remain untold or they will cease), and if those experiences validate Jesus, which they do, and if Jesus was an embryo, which he was, then aborting or destroying an embryo could be destroying Jesus and in a sense, is destroying Jesus. Furthermore, abortion, especially the type taken lightly, as many are, reduces the value of human beings in general. Death, and more importantly killing, becomes easier, not for all, but for some.

Lastly, there is the issue of the slippery slope. Where does it end? Yesterday's moral boundaries are today's butts for jokes. Evil is a gradual devolution masquerading as evolution. Evil is simply becoming more complex before its destruction as the type of cancer it is.

Science doubts God and Jesus, hence the testing to bring forth what it does. That testing precludes God. It renders the doubter(s) unworthy. It puts a general barrier between the people and God whose rule is faith, which is a form of honest credit, which we all actually deserve when merited — hence the rule — full circle.

It's easy for the atheist to say it's all a lie, especially in the face of prosperity preachers who rape the congregation of mammon for self apart from God; but an honest atheist will admit to not knowing and really be an agnostic at most.

Now, if you are an atheist, who may not believe what I just wrote; but at least you now have the reason why real Christians don't hold with abortions and embryonic stem cell research but would rather the movement of the Holy Spirit were to work in all souls thereby healing all and removing the "reasons" for abortions and desired cures from stem cell research.

Don't forget, I've had the experiences. I've seen the spiritual power. It does transcend. There are rules. If you are not a real Christian, you aren't allowed to know or see, etc., because you haven't taken the honest steps. Your emotional state is self-centered no matter how unselfish you may believe yourself to be. You can't see it because you have no other frame of reference.

As I wrote in a comment on another blog:

It's all terrible – all the killing: The abortions, the wars, the executions. I hate it all.
Jesus is opposed to it all. He never approves killing.

With enough faith to do right, humanity wouldn't be faced with the excuses people make for abortions. I know there are women whose lives are at risk. I know there are families in utter poverty where the mother in her early teens has been incestuously raped and impregnated. Those things are trying. They are symptoms though of a fallen spirit across-the-board.

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