"Public support for gay marriage appears to have stalled in the last two years, even as the gay marriage movement has scored a number of legal and legislative victories at the state level in the past year." — Gallup Poll, May 27, 2009


"Americans seemed to be trending in a more conservative direction on several divisive social issues, including abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research." — Robert Marus, managing editor and Washington bureau chief, Associated Baptist Press ("liberal" in the mundane sense — pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage).


You see here that my position is starting to take hold. It's happening because I'm going straight at the root. Beating around the bush is a disservice to everyone. People want the truth, even if they don't always realize it. The Scientific Creationists' (Fundamentalists') approach to things is wrong. The focus of atheist scientists (not all "scientists" are atheists by the way) upon those Fundamentalists is likewise wrong. The reason the RLCC positions are spreading is because I'm not letting others define the issues. The issues have been define in a way that deliberately censors getting at the root cause of problems and the root solution. They have deliberately suppressed radical analysis that is requisite for correcting the course to the right course — not just changing the course to yet another wrong heading. This process of attempting to ignore, censor, and suppress will continue right along with its opposite (the Real Liberal Christian Church approach). The RLCC approach will prevail, eternally. It already has.

This truth seeking and truth telling is Holy-Spirit driven. It's not esoteric in the mundanely used sense. It's very accessible.

The youth have been pounded by homosexuals in the entertainment industry (in the final analysis, contrivance experts). What the youth haven't been hearing are the ignored, censored, suppressed, marginalized voices of those who are not convenient straw men.

A straw man is an opponent whose arguments are seemingly easily dismantled and made the butt of jokes, laughter, and ridicule. The homosexual adults luring the youth have wanted to avoid debate with non-straw men. Once the youth are shown this, the credibility of those homosexual adults will rightly fall in the eyes of youth. The youth really do not appreciate being misled. They have scorned the televangelist types for their money grubbing hypocrisy. They will likewise question the homosexuals who have steered clear of addressing real Christians who are not greedy, violent, or sexually harmful.

The homosexual act is always harmful. It is inherently harmful. It is not the only factor at work in the harm homosexuals and others experience as a result of that activity though.

Knocking down some causes (statistical associations) does not eliminate all statistically significant associations however. Some homosexuals may experience more depression as a result of some societal scorning, but not all depression in homosexuals is a result of such societal circumstances and neither may all depression be divorced from the homosexual behavior itself, even in the absence of all mundane societal actions.

Depression is but one symptom associated with homosexuality. Depression is, of course, associated with many states or conditions besides homosexuality.

The fact is that all disease is the result of the interplay of flesh and emotional states. As a Christian, I know that those emotional states are directly related to spirit that can and does attack even the innocent. There are selfish spirits — evil spirits.

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