Barack Obama has done a terrible job of leading the people. He's done exactly what the plutocrats have ordered. They don't want the people thinking about righteousness. They want them selfish and afraid; and they'll do what it takes to keep them that way through mass-media hysteria and false-flag operations.

Obama took the heat off on all the abuses of the George W. Bush administration. That has allowed the self-styled conservatives, such as Fox News, to drumbeat about national security, the war on terror, state secrets, and ticking time-bombs, etc. Had Obama done his job according to the Constitution, he would have prosecuted 9-11 (as the inside-job that it was), all the war crimes, and all the other abuses. That would have kept the people thinking about and even dwelling upon just how bad the George W. Bush administration was. Punishment could have been another matter; but first, find out what really happened.

Of course he didn't do it. Had he started down that path in earnest, he would have been impeached at best and assassinated if he were to have been moving too fast.

Now, about half of polled Americans fear the people being held in the Guantanamo prison camp and closing that camp because Fox and others have been hammering away at their minds to be selfish, selfish, selfish, rather than looking for the root causes of the conflict and honestly working to solve the issues and be blessed peacemakers.

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