American media rarely attempts to give Americans a view of what things look like from within North Korea looking out. There's no doubt that North Korea's leader is modeled greatly upon the old uppercase Communist Party Cult of Personality Dictators, such as Mao and Stalin. However, there is also no doubt that Americans are lead away from considering all the reasons why the various other peoples of the world view and act toward America as they do.

I'm not going to attempt to give a world history/politics lesson here. I will say though that there are reasons people view predatory capitalism as evil regardless of whether or not the system those people have in mind to replace that predatory, crony capitalism (hybrid) is itself good.

America has been about militarily forcing open markets ostensibly for trading but in reality for negatively exploiting.

Now, North Korea in the most simplistic of terms, hears and sees American going into country after country directly and by proxy (puppets) dictating to those other nation-states what they will or won't do and taking the natural resources of those states regardless of the needs and wants of the local inhabitants many of whom are indigenous. North Korea is out of America's sphere of control, and that's something the predatory, violent, mammon worshippers are determined to change.

In order to make it all palatable for Americans, the mass media conceals Americas insatiable greed behind banalities such as "democracy," "freedom," "open markets," "human rights," "equal rights," and many others. Lately, of course, the U.S. has looked much more hypocritical than it used to when using terms such as "human rights." The evils of American torture has been on display for the whole world to see. America has been thusly and rightly shamed. Lately also, the expression "the rule of law" has been tossed about in America. It's a joke in most of the world. They know that the U.S. says one thing and does another. They know that the U.S. insists upon those laws that benefit imperial ambitions while totally ignoring those that don't. Consequently, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and their whole torture-regime group have thus far received a pass from the "rule of law."

Now, mostly, the North Koreans see the U.S. has a huge threat in all aspects. North Korea has been insular for, among other reasons, huge fears of American imperialism. In addition, the U.S. economic and military Empire has forced restrictions upon North Korea rendering it insulated whether it wants that or not.

So, North Korea was added to the list of the Axis of Evil nations and the other nations on that list have either been attacked, have capitulated, or been further marginalized and threatened. Aside from being named, North Korea has seen what has happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, and the threats against Iran and others. They saw the U.S. probing Russia via Georgia so the U.S. could study Russia's response to weigh Russia's military strength. They see the U.S. doing the same to the Chinese in naval confrontations. They hear the U.S. encouraging Japan to rearm (Heaven forbid). They hear the U.S. calling for NATO to beef up versus an EU army. They also see what's been going on vis-a-vis India that the U.S. is trying to turn into a full-blown military ally. They see the CIA's hand in attacks all over the globe, many of which are labeled "terrorist attacks."

They also see the economic signs of banking and currency consolidation ultimately remaining under U.S. domination in name only and for the sake of the centralization of the plutocracy. Democracy is a farce. The elections are rigged. The candidates are chosen by the plutocrats and sold to the people via the plutocrat owned and control mass mainstream media.

From the inside out, the U.S. is a huge, dangerous, cunning beast of prey and the only states it seems to steer more clear of when it comes to direct attacks are those that are nuclear armed and make it clear they will use such weapons against the U.S. if the U.S. attacks them. To North Korea then, nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them are forms of insurance against a U.S. attack.

Look, you can be a predator or prey. That's the attitude of the so-called realists. Otherwise, you can show all that we don't need to be either.

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