The future in the eyes of the secular government is biometrics everywhere and no nation-states as we know them but rather a supranational government owned and operated by a new nobility (plutocrats).

The future is being rolled out all the time, of course. The FBI is going global. The US is getting ready for computer wars (cyberwars).

Tom Usher

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  1. Alan Hamer says:

    Hi Tom

    Yes the frame work for the NWO has been in place now for some years

    The CIA have been for a long time destabulising
    Goverments and countries for there own gain.

    Weather modificatioin
    thanks to H.A.A.R.P.
    has also been active.

    But the day is coming
    Jesus is coming back
    and he will not have a smile on his face.

    How foolish we are.

    Alan H

  2. Alan Hamer says:

    Hi Tom

    Yes the the form of Holy Spirit is that what you are saying ?

    I do believe in the second coming of Christ

    Do you ?

    Regards Alan

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:


      I said I'm going to take a break from replying to all your comments. That was, and remains, contingent partly upon your responses. Your last two comments have necessitated yet another go-around with you before I take that contingent break. I did that (said I'm going to take a break) for several reasons.

      I do have to spend more time on fruitful things. So far, this has not been fruitful in the direct sense. It does show people things they do not ordinarily consider but should — so, not a total loss.

      Also though and importantly, your reaction to my request that you re-read the very beginning of the Bible to check when (on which "day") the Sun was created (the Sun by which humans came up with the 24-hour day) was not conducive to walking together as spiritual brothers. Frankly, you blew me off. You snubbed me. I don't take such things as simply being personal (apart from God and the whole of the body of Christ) injury or slight. I view them in terms of the big picture. If my standards are too high for you, so be it. They stand.

      When you posted your first comments, you asked what is proper here (site policies). I explained. You accepted. I pointed you to the comment rules. It was up to you to read them. I have made clear and plain on this site that I am open to debate but will stop when the other party(s) refuses to follow the train of thought. You refused.

      Now you are here asking me questions while not having answered directly concerning my point to you about literalism and figurativeness, asked not to cause confusion or division but to enlighten, which it would if you would allow it.

      Alan, you have dyslexia, but you are not a little child; and I don't have to, nor should I, make any concessions concerning your adult mind. You are not mentally retarded such that you can't follow the logic of my points. That is clear by your replies. I know much more about your abilities than you seem to think.

      You have lodged many things here, but you have ducked behind a lack of education and dyslexia a number of times. If you are going to engage in moving the boundaries of human spiritual understanding and seek to instruct others, you are going to have to be prepared to handle what comes back before you ask more questions of this other party.

      Do I believe in the second coming will be answered when you back up and thoroughly answer and commit (even to not knowing and why) as to whether or not there were literal (American, Southern Baptist type, Literalist, Fundamentalist; not figurative) 24-hour days from day one in God's frame of all creation. Then I'll build with you from there. If this doesn't remind you of my brother, Jesus, re-read him because it ought to.

      I am not interested in probing the depths of truth with those who want to cherry pick for convenience.

      Before you begin though, be sure you've looked around this site enough to make sure you're posting on the right blog. If you post things that I'll allow but with which I don't agree, I will be very frank. I don't believe in masking the truth behind false politeness. Politeness is great so long as the truth is engrained within it. A "polite" devil is still from, and returning, to Hell. — Comment

      In addition, you'll have to define "second coming" before I will answer in any case.

      Lastly, the grey matter is the thin layer. The more of it, the more self-centered the brain. Use your pinkish-tan matter at the forefront. Don't tell me you can't. I don't buy old dogs not being able to learn. Savvy? God is infinitely patient, but souls go to Hell. Step up or back.

      Bless you with the truth — the whole truth,


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