MAJOR UPDATE: June 04, 2009:

For those who won't know what's going on here, I had submitted a comment on Church Crunch that showed up to the world and then disappeared. I submitted another, and the same thing happened. Its blog owner, John Saddington, responded by saying that both went to spam because I submitted a duplicate. I submitted the second only after the first had disappeared. I've been being heavily censored and banned around the Internet, so I took it as just another case of censorship and called it such. You may read about the whole thing on this site. However, the blog owner, John Saddington had asked for proof. So, here's proof now that the second comment went through just fine and then "disappeared." Both Google and BlogCatalog picked up the comment submission that Intense Debate had placed on John's blog post before the comment "disappeared." I called it "deletion" and have been catching Hell over on John's blog for it. I say most everyone over there is being unreasonable.

John Saddington wanted proof? Here's proof the comment was there back on May 20, 2009. Notice the little Intense Debate logo. This is BlogCatalog having picked it up before it was deleted, just the way I said Google had also indexed it. Google re-indexed though before John Saddington asked for proof — (thinking it wouldn't be available anywhere?)

CHECK THIS IMAGE: Comment on Church Crunch on May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009, was the same date John posted the article. John didn't put it back up until June 1, 2009, after Mikes of had brought it to his attention again. Now, that vindicates me in terms of any doubts about it. I was the only one to whom the disappearance happened. How does John Saddington explain it? John said it was because of a duplicate submission and spam. It was not. The first comment had shown up too but it wasn't up long enough to be caught by BlogCatalog. Intense Debate let both go through. Both were deleted after being allowed. They were not treated as spam. What really happened?

Put yourself in my shoes. If you don't think this looks like censorship, what am I supposed to say? There may be another explanation, but under the circumstances of being censored and banned around the Internet, I don't believe I'm being outrageous and should be treated as a pariah. Besides, anyone passing judgment or attempting to discern needs to read the rest of this post and all the other material relating to it. What's below though should give anyone pause concerning John's ethics. I say that with Gospel cause required verbatim by Jesus Christ.


This is a new post as a follow-up to my earlier post: "CHURCH CRUNCH "CHRISTIANS" CENSORING? THIS CHRISTIAN WITHOUT CAUSE"

I feel it's important because dishonor is afoot. I don't want to leave it unaddressed because I don't want anyone thinking that this should reflect poorly upon my work to feed the lambs and sheep of God – something John Saddington has thus far ignored and something many hate and have not only sought to censor and ban but have, in fact, censored and banned. I believe that, that hatred (and it is hatred not just of me but of God and Jesus) has many supporters, many more than who do support the call of Jesus.

The owner, John Saddington, of Church Crunch, wrote to me that he was dropping the issue and requesting that I not reveal the content of the emails between us. He told me to continue as I'm moved so to do. He did so in a cordial tone, contrary to his post cited above. I took him at his word and pressed on even with new developments.

John, though, did not honor his email to me.

He rather moved to inflame the situation after asking me to assume he was done (and without any explanation about what had originally happened to my comment that disappeared — the only one that did).

I am not revealing the full content of the emails between us, but I reserve the right to do so if it becomes warranted. I'm not worried about their content. I didn't ask John not to post them. I just make it a habit not to post emails with names for the sake of open communications with others. I don't want my visitors worrying that I will carelessly divulge sensitive or private information without their advance approval. Below, I quote John just enough so readers may know the basics and follow to discern truth from the spirit of falsehood revealed via words and deeds.

John posted the following (after telling me he was dropping the whole thing and without notice to me or further comment or explanation): "Digital Bullets are Just as Harmful as Real Ones"

Here is the comment I left there that did show up. This time I took images and copies because before, John insisted on proof (rather difficult to anticipate that a comment would disappear).

Okay, John,

John, you wrote a comment saying that my comment disappeared because I submitted a duplicate. I wrote a thorough response showing that that was incorrect. You chose to ignore it. You rather said that I should have contacted you (something I have done with others many times). In my reply, I said quite openly that I would apologize and post a prominent retraction if you can explain how the comment showed up, was indexed by Google, and then disappeared.

You were told early on about the problem, but did nothing – claiming later you didn't have time.

Now, other people here are possibly attempting to see into why I'm might have concluded that I was censored. Nowhere have you taken a second to sympathize with the fact that all over the place wholly appropriate comments of mine have been blocked and I've even been banned by atheists and others for standing up for Jesus or that I have made contact about comments not showing up plenty of times but that I felt that in this case, it wasn't warranted. Was it a hasty conclusion? That was your stated position, but now what have you done?

You never answered my questions about how the comment showed and then disappeared. My Intense Debate comments had not been having problems before your site. Now they are.

You then wrote an email to me saying that you don't want me to put the content of the email online but that you were going to "drop it" (the issue). Now I've been notified by others that not only did you not honor that statement but you've posted the above post without any notice to me from you that you were reneging on your unsolicited email to me. Interesting method. If you weren't dishonest before, you certainly are now. If people can rebuke me here but don't rebuke you for what you've plainly done that's slimy, that's their problem.

You may have plenty of visitors supporting your position here; but considering that your explanation about duplicate comments and spam was without merit and that you've now clearly done exactly what you said you would not and after I've been attempting to find out more about what might have happened where I was possibly in error, well, John, you may be disappointed, but now I'm even more disappointed.

Why should I believe you now about the original disappearance of the comment after you said you were dropping it and also wrote to me, "Whatever you feel led to do you may do"? Now clearly exposed as dishonorable, are you to be trusted?

I had more issues come up regarding Intense Debate and pursued the issues with it in mind to return here sincerely to apologize (to repent of any error) if it turns out that Intense Debate screwed up and not you. I put the new information online for all to see.

You didn't answer my comments or questions because, as you wrote, you "have much more important issues to deal with than this," but you found the time to write this post and answer these comments without letting me know or commenting on my site, etc.

Yeah, it sucks is right.

I'll leave it to others to decide who's being completely honest here. I know.

Tom Usher

P.S. The choice of image for this post is extremely misleading.

Now, you decide.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • Tom,

      Regarding the comment you left on my blog: did BC catch it as well?

      • Hi Mikes,

        Good question. I thought about that afterwards. I haven't checked for that specifically but will right now so as to not delay. I see you are thinking about what could have gone wrong. I too have been thinking mightily about that. I don't want hard feelings or bitterness with John Saddington or his visitors, but I am not off base here.

        I do know that you care about John Saddington. I care too! He may not think so, but he'd be wrong to conclude it. I've seen your writings, and they are very forgiving and rightly so.

        You can check it too, I think. Isn't my feed open to the public there? I was under the impression that it is.

        By the way, I didn't go looking for the BlogCatalog feed to see if the comment was there. I happened to be looking at the feed and noticed Intense Debate showing up. It was only then that I thought to page back to see. When I saw it, I knew God had led me to it. You can figure out why.

        God bless you and John Saddington. I'm ready to forgive the repentant on one level and the unrepentant on another but still forgive. I don't call down the wrath! I do ask people to turn or face the consequences of their own making. If I can't forgive and show mercy, I don't deserve either.

        Peace, love, and truth to all,


        • Hey Mikes,

          No, I don't see the comment I submitted on your blog there on the BlogCatalog feed. Of course, that doesn't mean it wasn't ever there on your blog. It was. I saw it. The BlogCatalog feed isn't updated in real-time. BlogCatalog fetches on some revolving basis. They have many blogs to cover and can't be doing them all, all at once. It's a matter of server size and bandwidth limitations. As it is, they do an amazing job. Even Google can't index everything in real-time.

          Good thought on your part though to wonder about it.

          Are you looking into it further on your end? I haven't gotten through all my email today yet, so if there is a message from you about this Intense Debate thing, please forgive and ignore that question here.

          Peace to all,


      • Hey Mikes,

        It amazes me how many people rushed to John's aid but have failed to comment here, especially with any sense of sympathy for a Christian being censored and banned about the Internet for standing up for real Christianity. I know Jesus doesn't hold with it.

        I did appreciate your earlier comments in support of what I'm doing regardless of the negative, even hostile (sometimes stealthily so) opinions of others that are not supported by scripture.

        This one Intense Debate, John Saddington, Church Crunch issue is a convenient distraction for them from the core issues of war versus peace, capitalism versus giving and sharing all, homosexuality versus being as harmless as doves, and contrivance versus the real.