Listen, Bob Gates, prove it, liar. Prove that Iran is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan. These liars did this same garbage over Iraq. They kept saying how they had evidence. It all turned out to be, as I said at the time, garbage. They never produced a thing that stood up to careful scrutiny. Gates is just drum beating for the Likudniks who hate Gate's pedigree (Arab business deals by the Bush family) who appointed Gates. Michael Gordon of the propaganda rag, the New York Times, was pumping out the garbage. Then factories in Iraq were found pumping out the explosives that were blamed on imports from Iran. The stories die the death, just as this one will too. Big Lie tactics work on idiots. Let's not be idiots.

"Bob Gates Says Iran Arming Taliban ... He Can't Be Trusted," by Joshua Holland. AlterNet. May 28, 2009.

At the same time, an Iranian Shia Mosque is bombed. That's exactly what the U.S. did in Iraq to promote sectarian violence. They blew up the Golden Domed Mosque.

The CIA and Mossad are in Iran with a blank check filling people's heads with garbage, getting them to bicker amongst themselves to lead to betrayal and violence. They are spreading lies within, causing malicious gossip and other such effects.

Now, why are the plutocrats letting Obama say that Iran might have a right to peaceful nuclear energy plants of their own — the whole nuclear cycle (or has he hedged in his mind meaning they still shouldn't control the full cycle?). Anyway, the Likudniks are being allowed to say the exact opposite. The distancing is to accomplish what? It's perception management to what end? They will sell their own grandmothers, so watch out!

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