Quick, let's pass a loyalty oath to maintain citizenship. Anyone who doesn't swear allegiance to America will be stripped of citizenship. Let's pass a law that every American must recognize the U.S. as a White or Christian state, maybe a White Christian state. Anyone who refuses will be thrown in prison. Let's also pass a law that says that no one may commemorate any atrocity done on the indigenous peoples of the U.S.

Sounds fascistic doesn't it. That's because it is fascistic. It's all very Nazi-like.

Well, that's all exactly what the Israeli Knesset (national parliament) passed. They passed requiring loyalty oaths from Arab Israelis to maintain Israeli citizenship. Everyone must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. No one may commemorate the Nakba (the Catastrophe) as the Palestinians refer to some 800,000 Palestinians being turned into refugees in 1948, their lands and homes stolen, etc.

Meanwhile, Israel is thumbing its nose at Obama's call to stop expanding illegal settlements. Let's see if Obama withholds money from them or weapons or anything. Do you think he will? I say he won't be able to even if he wants to, which he doesn't. He's been assured that Israel is going to fight on the U.S. side when all Hell breaks loose.

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