The Investor's Business Daily:

... here in the US men and women survived cancer at an average of just a bit better than 65%. In England only 46% survive. In the US, 93% of those diagnosed with diabetes receive treatment within six months; in Canada only 43% do, and in the UK only 15% do! For those seniors needing a hip replacement and getting one within six months, 15% get it done in the UK; 43% get it done in Canada ... and in the US 90% do! For those waiting to see a medical specialist, 23% of those in the US get in within four weeks, while 57% in Canada have not yet done so, and in the UK 60% are still waiting after four weeks.

When it comes to proper medical equipment, in the US there are 71 MRI or CT scanners available per million people. In Canada there are but 18, and in the UK there are only 14! Ah, but the best figure of all is this: 11.7% of those 'seniors' in the US with 'low incomes' say they are in excellent health, which in and of itself sounds rather low ... rather disconcerting ... and an indictment of the system itself, doesn't it? But in Canada only 5.8% do!

Yessiree bob, ya' jus' gotta' luv that collectivized, socialized medical care! Let's all go break a collective arm and enjoy the benefits of socialized medicine in the Commonwealth! (Canada) ... but heaven help you if you've got something really, really wrong. If that's the case, you'll be running south to the border faster than you can reach a specialist anywhere in Canada; of that we are certain.


First a comment. The stats could be wrong.

Are these stats gleaned for effect, meaning would the full stats reveal a different picture?

There are many different kinds of cancer and many are clustered geographically. Are Americans being cured of easier to cure cancers at all? Also, how many poor people without insurance in the U.S. die of cancer who are not reflected in those stats?

The rate of diabetes is higher in the U.S. isn't it? Are Americans in general eating more fast foods promoting diabetes? Don't the pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. benefit? Aren't the drugs pushed here more than in other countries? How severe is the diabetes in the other countries. There are borderline cases. Are they comparing raging diabetes against borderline cases at all?

The over use of MRI and CT scans has been reported. There are negative health consequences with their use. It is not a case of the more the better here. Why assume the more the better as the propaganda piece above does?

Seniors stating their own impression concerning their health is totally anecdotal and subjective: excellent health compared with what?

If the superrich have to wait as long as the poorest of the poor, I'm all for it. If cutting off the poor and then using the remaining stats to compare against other places were the poor are still included is fair to you, then you're pretty damned selfish.

Lastly, why was the U.S. compared against only England and Canada? What about France? What about all the other industrialized, first-world countries that also have socialized medicine. Which is the best, and is it better than the U.S.? Shouldn't we be doing what's best and not just better in some areas (maybe) than England and Canada? The U.N. rated Frances healthcare system as higher than the U.S. system.

How do we figure a way of having universal healthcare but fast for everyone? That's the right question. The status quo of money gets treatment stinks.


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    • Alan Hamer

      And God Say

      I have given you every
      Fruit bearing seed
      and every herb let this be your Meat.

      If we picked fruit of the tree's and eat it
      and we fully understood
      the healing power of Herbs most of our cancers would be gon.

      Yes sadly our envirement is polluted
      If it is effecting your health Move to a safer

      Learn what herbs cure cancer

      Drink pure water
      Distil all water before drinking it.

      Keep away from water in plastic bottles.

      Do some home work on
      MMS / Clorine Dioxide

      Fast at least one day a week one at least once a year 14 day or more.

      Follow to above for 12 months and watch your health inprove and you doctors bill decrease.

      Alan H

      • Hi Alan,

        If it is effecting your health Move to a safer
        Distil all water before drinking it.

        Not everyone can move. The powers that be prevent it. Also, nowhere on Earth is beyond the toxics anymore. The Capitalists primarily and other also self-centered souls have created evil toxics that are spread throughout the biosphere and are invading the whole food chain. Worse creations are on the way too if they continue being allowed to get their way with the whole of humanity and the home planet.

        Greedy, selfish, violent, depraved, cowardly humanity gets what it sows: Toxicity and disease.

        In addition, distilled water lacks the natural minerals in the best waters. Keep that in mind on the mundane level.

        Anyway, thank you.


    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      Yes I agree to a point it is difficult to move out of the system but not impossible
      Mosses lead God people out to what would of seemed inpossible.

      And God provided

      It has come at a cost but I am moving out of
      our city it can be don

      Your Hamish communities
      have don it , So did David from WACO for a period of time

      Regarding Water I have spent some time playing around with water it
      I have made a water powered car ,Water can
      heal and clean our body
      Ozonated water is helpful.

      Water is only H20

      To drink pure distilled
      water is wise , one can ad minerals and natural
      celitic salts or what ever one may wish to ad.

      Yes we do reap what we sow

      Cheers thanks for your comments

      • Hello Alan,

        We know about Moses. We know about moving out of cities. The Christian Commons is farming and more? We know about the Amish. I've already commented to you about them.

        If by "David from WACO" you mean David Koresh of the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, U.S.A. and you hold him up as an example, you are severely misled. David Koresh was not a Christian. He wasn't even close to being a Christian. Mentioning him in this context is not good.

        We know that water is H2O. Yes, Alan, one can add back minerals to distilled water.

        The RLCC site is for the advancement of the RLCC. It is not a sounding board for those who don't hold with it. That's fair, isn't it? There are plenty of places to post all your thoughts that are not focused upon the issue of the Christian Commons. This site is open to those who wish to discuss the matters raised here, but in the end, it always comes down to are you with the Commons or not. If not, why be here?