The U.S. has bases all over the world and secret operations all over too. The U.S. has a clear policy of pushing others into war. The Sri Lankan war was pushed on them. The Pakistani war is being pushed on them. Somalia was pushed onto the Ethiopians. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if certain powers in the U.S. government pushed Israel on Lebanon and Gaza (not that they needed any pushing). The U.S. and Israel certainly encouraged Georgia to attack South Ossetia. It was a way of antagonizing Putin and testing him as well. It was a way of seeing their strengths and weaknesses. Iran has been extremely careful not to tip its hand in terms of capabilities. It's not easy when the U.S. is constantly poking and probing and trying to get a rise.

What is all this pushing people into war about? Well, the powers that be, the plutocrats, want to see the whole world under them such that they can walk down any street anywhere with nothing to fear because everyone else fears to do anything but more so doesn't even know he or she is completely enslaved but rather imagines he or she is free.

Anyway, the whole exercise is just "pacifying" the locals while making money, building empire, and being served by "inferiors."

The U.S. is creating millions and millions of dead and war refugees, maimed, orphaned, widowed.

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