The Chinese government is being dumber than a doornail year after year (20 years now) trying to cover-up the massacre of pro-democracy, popular, protesters at Tiananmen Square. They wouldn't let anyone talk about it or go there or view anything online about it, etc., again just a couple of days ago (June 4: The Twentieth Anniversary of the Massacre).

This is so, so shortsighted. Everyone knows it happened. The Chinese people all know it happened. They know why access to certain areas of the Internet are restricted around this time of year each year. They know why people aren't allowed to gather at the square. They talk among each other in private. The government isn't fooling anyone. The government is simply making itself look all the more foolish, fascistic, and dictatorial — out of touch with the people.

The one-party dictatorship of China must end and will.

I not for American-style democracy though. China and the world need something vastly better than what we have here in the U.S. with our stolen and rigged elections and plutocrat (bankster) chosen candidates.

Face the truth Chinese leadership. Stop trying to cover over the dirt and blood that didn't have to happen that day. A peaceful transition was possible then and is possible now. Do it.

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