"Obama Needs to Brush up on Middle East History: A Commentary," by Michael Barone. Rasmussen Reports. June 08, 2009.

For a man of his impressive educational credentials, Barack Obama has sometimes shown a surprising ignorance of history.

During the 2008 campaign, when challenged on his pledge to meet with foreign tyrants without preconditions, he said that presidents from Franklin Roosevelt on had met with leaders of enemy nations. Funny thing, but in my books on World War II, I haven't been able to find the chapters on the Roosevelt-Hitler and Roosevelt-Tojo summits. In his speech in the Tiergarten last summer, he told us that the Berlin Wall came down thanks to "a world that stands as one." My recollection is that the world was standing as two, and one side wanted to keep the wall up.

A quick overview of this site or perhaps using the site-search features will garner the reader/searcher the clear impression that I am no fan of Barack Obama; however, I am no fan of people deliberately taking statements the way the above quotation does.

Has he read about the Roosevelt-Stalin summits? Is he going to say that Stalin was an ally in spirit? Stalin was an enemy with a common, bigger, more urgent enemy. He was not a close and trusted ally. The only thing that prevented the U.S. and Russia from going straight to war with each other after Germany's defeat was that both sides wanted a breather. Now, did Obama have that type of thinking in mind, or is he truly ignorant on whether or not Roosevelt did or didn't meet with Hitler or Tojo in a summit? He'd pass the quiz on that.

The Berlin Wall came down thanks to "a world that stands as one." Define your terms. Reagan and Gorbachev did meet. Gorbachev did try to start a friendship with the U.S. There was a time there when "one" was very possible except raging capitalists had other ideas and ruined Russia. Obama sees oneness where I see half-truths. The author above, Michael Barone, sees no "oneness" at work there; but he's wrong. This is "real politics" versus other views.

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