Daniel Estulin says he gets "all" the internal summaries and other documents and reports that are for members/attendees only from the Bilderberg Group and such like {termed by the Libertarians the "New World Order" (NWO)} leading organizations. Estulin says he's not a member of any groups but that his grandfather, is it, was a member of the KGB, which Estulin says watches his back.

Vladimir Putin came up through the KGB (no surprise there). It's a loyalty thing. George H. W. Bush came up via family and schooling and the CIA and its prerequisites. In the KGB and the CIA and in all such institutions throughout the world, the inner circles train others in, and were themselves trained in, and facilitate, with a blank check if it comes to it, the dark arts. The main tool of the dark arts is falsehood covered in truths or facts. It is called an art because there is no reaching the bottom (hence the biblical term "the bottomless pit"). No supercomputer, no matter how advanced or networked can ever be assurance. This is akin to the Gnostic/Platonic notion that the Demiurge (Satan really), created the corrupt world (huge term that: "world"), and the real God is the perfect. That's not an entirely false position. It all depends upon the definitions taken out to their infinite but absolutely perfect meanings. It is a circular thing. Jesus dealt with it. He spoon fed his disciples on it. Some got it better than did others. They each acted accordingly for better or worse. Nevertheless, they were blessed by what they were able to receive.

Note the term "infinite" there. It's central. It's why that supercomputer I mentioned above can't ever do what the Plutocrats and their Pentagon brats are hoping. Satan isn't going to bring down God and Heaven via such means. Satan is stuck in the closed-loop program of his own devising. God is not visible though God can see Satan better than Satan sees himself.

Don't get bogged down in personification issues here. Flesh versus spirit is an unnecessary literal-versus-figurative stumbling block. Jesus came in the flesh. We all do.

Now, back to Putin and Estulin. Estulin has no problem with Putin. Estulin has said Putin has done Putin's job of looking out for Russia and Russians. The problem here though is that Estulin is conveniently avoiding Putin's false-flag operations against the Russian people that came in the form of all the apartment bombings that were carried out by the KGB by its new name and for the sake of creating a pretext and fear and panic and anger and a sense of vengeance so Putin could crush Chechnya, which was attempting to break away into an independent ostensibly Islamic state. Putin made them out to be led by terrorists ordering and carrying out the bombing of Russian apartments and other murderous acts of terror. See my post: "WHO IS PUTIN?"

There are plenty of other issues concerning Putin. The false-flag operations though should have been enough that the Russian people would have found another leader. For some reason, they were willing after the fact to accept the hit on themselves just as the American people have shown their willingness to accept the hit on themselves by their "leaders" in the form of 9-11, handpicked/chosen by the plutocrats. It's complicity. It's drawing straws as to who will volunteer for the suicide mission only the public doesn't know in advance the straws are being drawn and that the leaders see the lengths of the straws the whole time and are the ones who draw for others but don't ever themselves take the hit (the leaders don't commit suicide for the sake of the people). They (their minions; courtiers) take hits in the form of taking the fall in supposed scandals, but they are handsomely rewarded: just the opposite of Jesus.

Jesus took the hit for the people. The perfect God, not Satan, handsomely rewarded him. Jesus though did the right thing not for any reward of the kind Satan dishes out. This is deep. You won't understand via a cursory overview.

This is the world and the system. It's the best of all possible worlds, as Leibniz said, because it fits perfectly the spirits at work here. The system gets what it deserves. In addition though, it is from this point that we may turn direction, repent, atone, rise, and transform the system into something entirely different. This is transformation and regeneration. This is the message of Jesus. It is not identical to the message of Paul. I am not Pauline for that reason and cause. Romans (Paul's letter) Chapter 13 does not jibe with Jesus's message. Jesus did not honor Caesar. He rather spoke against Caesar with full cause. This world is false and corrupt, but it is separable from that which is not. Therein lies the key.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. (Romans 13:1-7 KJVR)

That's Paul, and it's totally wrong.

Let every soul be subject unto Barack Hussein Obama. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth Barack Hussein Obama, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For Barack Hussein Obama is not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of Barack Hussein Obama? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of Barack Hussein Obama: For Barack Hussein Obama is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for Barack Hussein Obama beareth not the sword in vain: for Barack Hussein Obama is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all Barack Hussein Obama and his administration's dues: tribute to Barack Hussein Obama and his administration; custom to Barack Hussein Obama and his administration; fear to Barack Hussein Obama and his administration; honour to Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. (Romans 13:1-7 KJVR)

Do you understand? I hope you get it. Jesus never said this. He never intended it. Paul misled. Paul was confused. Paul was not being led by the Holy Spirit in writing Romans 13:1-7 KJV. It was not inspired by the perfect God. Jesus said to disobey harmful orders. If Obama says, "Kill the innocent," which he has done (via predator drones and other means), the Christian says back, "No." Those who kill the innocent at the orders of Caesar are falling to Satan tempting them so he may devour them: their souls. Those who kill the guilty are doing the same. Mercy and forgiveness are Jesus's message always. Jesus never tells you to kill the innocent or the guilty, not in any parable or by any other method. Paul set up confusion, ambiguity, hypocrisy. Jesus came to remove hypocrisy. If we seek to follow Jesus, we must move beyond Paul.

It is all qualified by the deeper understanding about the fleshly world versus the purely spiritual. Again, you won't understand via a cursory overview. You won't understand by using your training, brainwashing from the Pauline church and those sucked into the secular state via even the so-called "separation of church and state," which is a way of actually attempting to control both via so-called checks and balances: all garbage methods doomed to fail.

Estulin knows all of the above about Putin. Has he denounced Putin for the false-flag operations anywhere? I don't know. Perhaps he has. I don't follow his "revelations" that closely.

The Bilderberg Group has as its membership the most mammon- and land-powerful people in the world. Not all attend. Many send very "high" ranking emissaries. The highest powers can order up the fleshly death of anyone, even other members. However, Estulin is "allowed" publicly to state that he receives all the documents of the Group. He can publish the contents. He can divulge the secret plans and live year after year. Yet, he is not completely marginalized. He can travel the world. He can sell his books. Is that because Putin has his back? Putin couldn't stop the Georgian attack from happening. Putin had to leave China to fight back, exposing Russia's strengths and weaknesses to American, Pentagon, think tank, academic, etc., appraisal.

Estulin's latest analysis (of the 2009 Bilderberg meeting or conference) goes into how the Group is debating how long to make the depression/recession last but also shows the members/attendees of the Group debating how long it will last, as if they don't have the level of control Estulin first suggested. Now, to err is human. One can't have this both ways. Of course, it's difficult to tell in the mundane where a document leaves off and analysis and/or speculation picks up when we don't have the document and weren't at the meeting. It is also difficult to determine the capabilities of another mind based upon a few books and videos. Selling books is profitable in mammon. Selling propaganda is also profitable in that sense.

Estulin pushes Peak Oil hard. Peak Oil is a theory that oil is a nearly finite fossil fuel the extraction and supply in the commercial market of which will peak and that from that point on, the economy based upon oil will diminish. There are many variables dealt with in the theory.

Is oil the remains of once living organisms or is it something being manufactured in the Earth from not once living organisms? Is the Earth itself alive? This (everything does) becomes a question of semantics. How is life defined? Jesus says the real life is spiritual that can manifest and be incarnate. I agree. Is oil production part of the biological process of the cell that is the Earth much as the flesh produces oil and bacteria digest it?

EuroYank (more on him below) supplied me with the following two links:

I had read the rense post before if memory serves. I've been on the wnd site a number of times. Do they mean well? You decide. Are they for the Christian Commons Project? Are they Acts communists? I am. Did I just coin "Acts communists"?

Those are highly controversial sites on account of content on each. Just linking to them or just pointing someone to a post or two does not mean the linker or pointer subscribes to the whole of the sites.

I'm fed up with people who claim otherwise. Yes, there are sites to which I will not link. To make a broader, academic, intellectual, theological, spiritual point, to enlighten, I will link to controversial sites. There's nothing wrong with it. If people need help in understanding and not falling at visiting a site, let them ask for it. That though is not the central issue with those who seek to marginalize sites. There is a higher priority item on the agenda. It is so high priority to them that they actually don't give a damn about people stumbling. In fact, causing people to stumble is exactly their objective. It is not my objective. I am diametrically opposed to them. Read on.

Estulin pushes Peak Oil, and Russia is a major oil and natural gas state.

Estulin also instructs the people that they can't fight city hall, meaning the plutocrats (some call them kleptocrats). I use the terms as synonyms. Estulin's seeds/suggestions are planted in the minds of people that they are wasting their time rebelling against the powers because those powers hold all the cards and can turn off anyone's provisioning and even lights. They control everything in the economy behind the scenes. Does that though mean that they can't fall? Not according to Jesus it doesn't, and I agree with Jesus.

At this point, I'd like to say that I got to thinking about this all again on account of EuroYank's blog. http://euroyank.blogspot.com/

I watched some videos there and left a comment

Hi EuroYank,

This is the first blog where I've run into the transition of HaloScan to JS-KIT. I've commented on both separately before. Also, I'm on your home page rather than a post, per se, I believe. I hope that doesn't cause confusion. My intention is not to be commenting on everything from "A Journey Through The Graveyard of American Dreams" and below but rather the five videos that as of the time of this submission show above "A Journey Through The Graveyard of American Dreams" on your homepage.

I hope all is well with you over in Luxembourg, a focal point for global capitalism. It must be interesting for you to be surrounded by the banksters of the European variety, not that there are really any borders for them. David Rockefeller could fly into Soviet airspace at will, whereas the DIA was constantly flying in fast and high to probe but then turning around as quickly as possible or just skirting the borders at supersonic speeds. It still goes on of course only the technology has changed a couple of generations over.

Gee, I wonder why David and Armand Hammer (another oil son) could go to Moscow any old time they wanted right at the height of the Cold War? (Sarcasm has it's place).

Daniel Estulin has Russian ancestors from within the KGB no less. He gets "all the reports" from all the top New World Order organizations (of the Satanic variety); but he works "alone"; but the KGB (now FSS) is watching his back, as he looks caught off guard, unprepared - worried about being whacked by someone who might not know any better? What he knows is that he's not a member of anything, but he gets "all the reports." Am I quoting him correctly? I didn't take notes. Are you laughing yet?

He's a good buddy of Alex Jones. Alex is a Texan, Libertarian, global-warming denier. Estulin is pushing Peak Oil, which has its place but must be qualified with what the Libertarians (some anyway) roll out as an argument for why no one should worry and that's scientific and technological advancement, if one can rightly call transhumanism (cyborgism) and such advancement.

Anyway, Estulin has many themes right. He's no Christian though regardless of whether he might claim Jesus as that one.

What does he really say though? You can't fight them. You can't change the system from what they want. They control the energy, and you have to have it or die. Energy is money. You have to have it. NOT! It's propaganda bull!

The Russians aren't sure that oil is from once biologically living matter. They have a theory that it's made from never biologically living matter. They have a theory that it's still being produced and at a fast enough rate that using it up may come much later than Peak Oil's main proponents suggest. I've never seen anyone do a statistical analysis of just how much former living matter there would have to have been to have resulted in all the oil, tar, coal, and even diamonds, etc. If I were in that field, I'd work at it.

I watched the first video and then the four in a row interviewing Daniel. I didn't go down the page watching all the videos, as time doesn't permit. I have prior commitments.

You know, patterns happen. They all mean something, but do you believe that every pattern seen means what the person seeing it thinks? I know better than that. Also, we aren't up close and personal while these videos are being created. We aren't there to see the raw data to question in real-time conclusions being forwarded.

I'm glad to see you posting. Don't let anyone give you a hard time for having said you weren't going to anymore. There's nothing wrong with saying to yourself, "On second thought...."

Let me add here something concerning the following words you have in this post:

"Change? Obama is controlled by the same Jewish extremist financial, political, media and foreign policy forces that have led America to the catastrophe of 9-11, the disaster of the Two Trillion Dollar Iraq War, and the financial robbery and economic crisis."

Because you are posting such edgy stuff, thought-provoking stuff, stuff people really do need to consider and to weigh and to move to have in the open for honest and direct discussions and taking decisions, I will suggest that often enough (you certainly don't have to do it every time), mention that you don't lump all Jews together. Take away the ammunition from those who love to say that anyone who questions anything "Jewish" of the fascistic strain is automatically anti-Jewish, as if all Jews are fascists, which I know you know they are not.

There's a war on for the language. An anti-Semite isn't to be defined by Abe Foxman. Let's make sure he can't get the powers that be to take down your sites. Let's move humanity such that you will have no concerns about not being anonymous.

You are not a racist or anti-Semite or anti-Jew. You are an anti-Fascist, right?

Stay at it. You've done some excellent posts (your writing; your analysis) in your days. I've seen them.

Peace, brother,

Tom Usher

EuroYank is a researcher. He tries to connect dots. His theme is "Special Reports To Shock & Awe You Since 2004." He has worked hard on connecting dots and has come up with some excellent work. I haven't read it all (the total content of his sites is huge). He links to sites that are verboten by Zionists and others. He and I both know full well that there are Jews who are anti-secular-political Zionists. They are not anti-Real-Zionists. A real Zionist is Jesus. I'm not saying that all anti-secular-political Zionists are real Christians. They haven't all come that far, yet. They just haven't dealt with the full-and-final implications and brought their words and deeds into conformity with the perfect God.

There are many very (relatively speaking) brave and intelligent Jewish people standing up to the thugs. I have posted about them on this site. They know it but have avoided commentary in support on account of the said "full-and-final implications." They don't know enough to stand with Jesus.

He is often censored and banned without cause (the problem). What happens with him is that people intentionally jump to false conclusions that he subscribes to all to which he links. Doing that, the Zionists and others believe they can avoid the overarching issues and debate. They cannot and will not.

All sites are mixed bags. All sites contain partial truths and necessarily falsehoods with which the site owner or owners or controllers do not necessarily agree. The rule that should be applied to EuroYank is that when he is to be censored or banned, he be told in no uncertain, vague, terms as to why. People being censored should be given the who, what, where, when, and why of it all. What was on his site that he was apparently dropped now by Twitter and BlogCatalog? Perhaps some disappearances are technological hiccups, but certainly at the very least the vast majority of the times EuroYank has been "disappeared" (to use the Latin American anti-death squad term) due to conscious decisions to censor and ban.

Here some communication I sent to EuroYank:

What grounds are these people giving you? What in the world was on your site that precipitated this? Don't they ever dig into a site to get the full message before banning it? Anyone who takes the time or trouble (what trouble?) to really read your stuff in the full context of your whole blog and blogs is really lame to come to the conclusion that you are advocating violence or racism or ethnic bigotry, etc. This treatment you've been repeatedly handed (I'm no stranger to receiving such treatment myself) is going to backfire on the without-cause censors and banishers. With cause is a different matter. Well, whatever communication they had with you before or after concerning the banning (provided it isn't a violation of some mundane law or contract you have with them), you should probably put right out there somewhere. If they didn't/won't tell you why, you should put up a big "Why was I banned?" I'll continue digesting this as I do other work, and I won't drop it without cause.

I have links to "White" sites. I don't say White Supremacist sites at this point because I believe that most such sites have taken up the position that they are simply doing regarding European DNA what all the other ethnics are doing vis-a-vis their backgrounds: defending their right to their race, culture, nationality of origin, etc. I don't go there. I mean, I don't care about that. If I'm a member of the only group in the world that doesn't give a damn about his race, culture, nationality of origin, etc., on that "White" level, then the only problem I have is that the other races, cultures, etc., haven't realized the message of Christ that we are all to be one with God (the perfect one; not Satan; not some demiurge), which requires being one with each other, which requires being harmless as doves in all things.

Here's some more topical communication:

I went to on account of your link to them. It's very David Duke-ish. I know the arguments. Some of the "history" is incestuous. Those Damned Yankees and all...., as if all darkies or niggras, or whatever term or pronunciation they used, were treated like family by the Southern slave owners. The thing is though that I visited and wasn't brainwashed by the visit. There are some valid points there, but most of it is one-sided. I mean it acts as if there aren't real counter-arguments with which to contend. The links you gave are WordPress hosted. WordPress.com has a low tolerance from my understanding. [They banned John Farnham's blog, now at without cause in my eyes.] I was surprised to see the sites still standing. Your reasoning that you are "turned in" by Zionists is solid. As many times as you've been hit, it would defy the odds that nowhere in the mix are Zionists. Frankly, neocons are Zionists. There are a ton of them - tens of millions - as you know only too well. Have you seen the viral video Max Blumenthal did over in Jerusalem of the drunk, American youth over there? Wow, are they stupid. They're on camera talking about assassinating Obama and calling him a "Nigger" and such and swearing up a storm. Max goes after some things I stand with though. He's good at seeing things only from his perspective. I believe he's an atheist. He is though anti-war and anti-Fascist: does expose many things that need exposing. He had a huge hand in knocking John Hagee down a peg or two (for a while). Lots of people are making excuses for those drunken boys/young men. It's evil. I'll forgive them, but they need to repent. [link not here due to my knowing that many just would cave in] I wouldn't have included the link if it were to someone who would stumble on it. I know you don't fall when you hear and see this kind of junk. I know you're able to keep things in their places.

EuroYank is not a racist, not an ethnic bigot, and does not advocate violence. Neither am I. He is an anti-Fascist. So am I. I don't know all of his positions or ideas. I believe he's open to learning and growing else he wouldn't have taken the approach he's demonstrated that I can see. I too am open to learning and growing. I do it every single day.

So, I denounce (don't punish) the cowards (their acts) who censor and ban EuroYank where EuroYank hasn't gone beyond the pale. I am not opposed to censorship. I practice it in my own life. I self-censor and don't mind it one bit that the vast majority of sites I visit don't flash porn at me or swearing blue streaks, etc. I also don't allow endless spinning on this site. Follow the train of debate and discussion here, answer my direct questions with direct answers, or go elsewhere where they aren't interested in getting at root causes. {Do you hear that, Alan Hamer? — Read my last comment reply to you and follow the rules! Don't keep submitting comments that don't do that. (He's kept on submitting comments without following the rules here: typical.)}

EuroYank's blog was apparently dropped from Twitter for some reason. He deals with this sort of stuff over and over. He seems to be taking it in stride and not caving in.

So, here's part (a big part) of the Cause and Movement. Censorship and banning without cause and for reasons kept secret must end. I am a situationalist. I'm not anticipating every set of circumstances in a way that will satisfy the apostates. It's not my problem. It's theirs.

Is negative criticism of the Likud grounds for being black listed by most of the social media sites and other mass-traffic generators? I say that it is not. Negative criticism of the Likud is proper. The Likud is wrong. The Yisrael Beiteinu party is in coalition with it and is decidedly fascist! Avigdor Lieberman is its leader and is now the Foreign Minister of Israel. That's terrible.

He says Israel is no longer bound by prior commitments to the U.S. Well, if Israel is no longer bound than why is the U.S. giving Israel billions of dollars each year that could be spread around to ease the suffering of the world?

He says of the U.S., "Believe me, America accepts all our decisions." Sieg Heil to the little Eichmann, Lieberman, say the Palestinians. So now, Israel says to the U.S., if you want something, you'll have to give more. Israel wants Iran attacked. Israel wants Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine completely powerless against them. To do that, they think, they must reduce Iran to a powerless state just as they reduced Iraq via U.S. military power. They are also of course planning way out ahead concerning Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Turkey. Sudan and Somalia are right in the mix too. Any nations that cozy up to any of these is a target: Venezuela and all its friends in Latin America. China is on the radar screen. India is being sucked in via false-flag operations. Russia must compromise for the sake of the flow of mammon from Europe and elsewhere.

Quick, let's pass a loyalty oath to maintain citizenship. Anyone who doesn't swear allegiance to America will be stripped of citizenship. Let's pass a law that every American must recognize the U.S. as a White or Christian state, maybe a White Christian state. Anyone who refuses will be thrown in prison. Let's also pass a law that says that no one may commemorate any atrocity done on the indigenous peoples of the U.S.

Sounds fascistic doesn't it. That's because it is fascistic. It's all very Nazi-like.

Well, that's all exactly what the Israeli Knesset (national parliament) passed. (That's what the mainstream media reported, so don't hold it against me if it hasn't really "passed" yet. They play those sorts of tricks to embarrass others who quote them.) They passed requiring loyalty oaths from Arab Israelis to maintain Israeli citizenship. Everyone must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. No one may commemorate the Nakba (the Catastrophe) as the Palestinians refer to some 800,000 Palestinians being turned into refugees in 1948, their lands and homes stolen, etc.

Those are a few snippets from fairly recent posts on this site.

You decide, but don't let them censor your ability to know the options. Jesus is an option. In fact, he's required; but that's another (higher) level of thinking. The Christian Commons Project is an option (also required) to the capitalist system that will fall all the way never to be seen again.

Peace, love, and the whole truth,

Tom Usher

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