"Rabbi's published comments about Arabs stir outrage," by Jeff Strickler. Minneapolis Star Tribune. ScrippsNews. June 4, 2009.

A St. Paul, Minn., rabbi ignited a tidal wave of protest when he was quoted in a Jewish magazine as advocating the killing of Arabs.

"Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children," wrote Rabbi Manis Friedman of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. "With their holy sites destroyed, they will stop believing that God is on their side."

Violent, murderous, ethnic bigot

This rabbi is criminally insane.

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  • Tom Usher

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    • Cade Bryant

      Any "religion" that spews hatred and advocates violence is not from God.

      • Hi Cade,


        We are to hate his evil. I spew hatred of his evil. That hatred of mine comes out from God. I know you get that. I know you get the different contexts and connotations at work. I also love Manis Friedman at the same time on a different level. He doesn't get that.

        Violence is evil. It is antichrist.

        Peace, brother,


    • Thomas James

      I find it troubling that Rabbi's who seem to have control over the IDF love to quote the Old Testament which calls soldiers to show no mercy to the enemy but rather to kill every man, woman, child and infant. The Christian Right has also called for more crimes to be punished under the death penalty such as being a drug addict.

      The only thing that comes to my mind was when the Sanhedrin brought to Jesus a woman caught in the act of adultery and insisted that the law of Moses demands the death penalty. Then Jesus replied that who is without sin may cast the first stone.

      • Hey Thomas,

        Put in the URL box. Your cookie dropped it. You may have commented on some other WordPress site and didn't want to link to your RLCC profile page for some reason. Thanks, brother.

        I tie this rabbi to the twisting of the concept of "violent extremists," which concept the woefully immature and wrongheaded speech writers for likewise immature, neocon/Zionist Obama love to twist and then throw at others. This rabbi is violent. Genocide is extreme — extremely evil. It's dark side all the way. God is not the destroyer of worlds. Satan is. God saves. Satan does the opposite. Being saved by Satan is being fooled. The end with Satan is Hell. To save one's flesh using evil is to lose one's soul to damnation where the last penny must be paid to Satan before deliverance.

        However because this rabbi is on Obama's side {not our father's (the LORD; YHVH), not Jesus's, not yours, and not mine}, he's not seen as a threat to U.S. national security. That of course, is shortsighted in the extreme.

        World peace and harmony is in the interest of everyone's real safety and security. The immature ones are twisting the concept of security, as they twist everything because they don't have the law of the Lord written on their hearts. They have the law of Satan written there instead. Following them is to be headed in the wrong direction.

        In my post, "ON CENSORSHIP AND BANNING: BOB DYLAN VERSUS JOHN LENNON AND MORE," I wrote the following:

        Recently, a rabbi made Torah statement supporting committing genocide. He later qualified his statements saying that he meant in self-defense only. I posted on it: "DESTROY THEIR HOLY SITES. KILL (ARAB) MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, WROTE JEWISH RABBI MANIS FRIEDMAN OF THE CHABAD-LUBAVITCH MOVEMENT." This rabbi had even attracted the famous singer/song writer, Bob Dylan, who is a born-again Christian. (See: "Chabad rabbi: Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war," by Nathaniel Popper. Haaretz. June 10, 2009. Since he said this, is it now "illegal" to link to him wherever he is? His views are in many ways worse than David Duke's. Duke doesn't call for genocide. He's wrongheaded, but he isn't calling for exterminating any nation/family/tribe of people. He's a self-defense person too. I am not. Neither was Jesus. Duke says Europeans have a right to pride every bit as much as any other group. I'm against pride. So is Jesus.The rabbi is right that the Torah calls for extermination in no uncertain terms. The god of that is the god of those-who-take-deserve. That god is the god of fleshly survival of the fittest and the fittest are the mightiest, violent warriors. That god is not my God. That god is not the God of Jesus. This truth is not going to be seen and understood via a cursory overview of the Bible. It isn't going to happen by listening to capitalist, war-advocating, self-described, Christian preachers. Understand here that I'm not saying the Yahweh is not the God of Jesus. I'm saying that Yahweh is God and was severely misunderstood. I'm saying Jesus came to explain God/Yahweh — to remove the hypocrisy that was inherent in Moses's teaching. Jesus also said that Moses gladly accepts Jesus's more enlightening instructions. I believe it.

        We are taking back the language, per Isaiah and Jesus.

        Mark my words. The word does not belong to Satan, and he may not keep it. He has one real choice. Repent forever. Otherwise, he lives in the Hell of his own devising. Truth.

      • Thomas,

        Your connecting this with Jesus's teaching is exactly right! It's why they murdered him and are dead. Stay at it. Righteousness wins out. Twisting is lost.

        Patience, perseverance, and no fear,