Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won reelection as the president of Iran. Ahmadinejad reportedly received around 62 percent of the vote. I'm not surprised.

Western media is emphasizing that his opponent has made the claim that the numbers are more than suspicious. It sounds to me that the Western, mainstream, corporate, imperial media is doing much the same here as it did when Hugo Chavez won by large numbers. Of course, we remember the attempted coup against Chavez that was orchestrated from Washington and by the CIA. We also are well aware that many TV stations and newspapers are still owned by rabid capitalists in Venezuela despite their claims that Hugo is a dictator on the order of Joseph Stalin or something, not that I hold with all things Hugo Chavez. I don't. He isn't what the CIA propaganda machine claims he is though. No anti-imperial leaders are, or ever have been, much the way they've been painted by the CIA propagandists.

According to officials responsible for receiving election complaints in Iran, no complaints have been formally lodged. It is early though although I would be surprised if there is solid evidence of fraud. What would be interesting to see are the results of before and after polling (exit polls) by independent pollsters if such exist. (See: "Iran rejects claims of voter fraud." Press TV. June 13, 2009.)

Ah, right when I was coming back to this draft, I ran into a poll:

This is not an exit poll, but it is an independent, highly professional poll done before the election.

If you think this outfit that did the polling is some far-left or Muslim organization, think again:

Surprise, surprise:

  • Lee H. Hamilton (Lee Hamilton)
  • John McCain
  • William H. Frist (Bill Frist)
  • Charles S. Robb (Chuck Robb)
  • Thomas H. Kean (Tom Kean)

The man heading this up, Kenneth Ballen, is not what anyone, anywhere, could call fringe. He's mainstream all the way. Of course, he and I are not going to agree about everything right now; however, I am not going to take credit away from him for having done this polling where to me he exudes sincerity. He may (he will) catch heat over being too ethical here. I hope he doesn't cave. I hope the "ADVISORY BOARD" backs him for telling the truth about the Iranian election. If they don't, they and not he should and will go down.

There have been reports of riots in Tehran. How much money, drugs, false promises, and disinformation did the CIA pump into Tehran?

In the U.S., which shouldn't be pointing the anti-democratic finger at anyone, what interest has there been in correcting U.S. election fraud by Diebold, a private, Republican company whose founder said he would guarantee a Republican win?

The fact that 1) electronic voting-machines were not developed under the watchful eyes of a number of different political parties and by government employees and not private contractors and 2) nothing has ever been done about the stolen elections would be astounding if I believed in America. I do not.

In Iran, they have an audit trail. They are still using paper ballots. I hope the major parties there share open responsibility for protecting ballots throughout the entire election process and for counting results, etc.

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