While the Western Media is busy carrying out the directives of the CIA to demonize Ahmadinejad beyond all reality, while the CIA has agents throughout Iran giving out money and advice on how to cause as much trouble for Iran as possible {See: "Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran," by Seymour M. Hersh. The New Yorker. July 7, 2008; CIA, DIA, NSA, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)}, Hossein Mousavi inflames his followers to riot in the streets knowing full well that there are violent forces in opposition and that injuries and even death may and have resulted.

I do not condone for a moment the reaction of the Iranian Basij militia. They are not doing Iran or Ahmadinejad any favor with all their violence on the crowds. At the same time though, it is highly irresponsible and selfish and shortsighted of Hossein Mousavi to encourage the crowds and rioters.

They are not mere peaceful protesters all. Many no doubt would like to peacefully assemble to rally support for their cause. Clearly though, there are many in the crowds who were whipped up into a frenzy of mob mentality. Photos show "protesters" grinning while fleeing riot police and Basiji. This is not good all the way around.

The people should not be rioting. They should not be burning tires (extreme air pollution; thoughtless and highly negative). They should not be overturning cars or burning buses. That's other people's property. It's wanton destruction.

I am thoroughly dis-impressed by both sides, and I'm disgusted by the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad for their parts in all of this.

George W. Bush gave the go ahead for infiltrating Iran to attempt to topple the regime just as the U.S. has done over and over again in country after country around the world. Barack Obama claims to deplore the violence and deaths, but he has not rescinded the Bush directives to the CIA and DIA.

The Pentagon in conjunction with the CIA has done special ops in Iran. It has been behind some assassinations of high ranking members of the Iranian military. It has been responsible for several bombings. They are deep under cover and are not yet at the point where they can cause widespread violence; but they are working up to it.

I am not in favor of the Islamic theocracy. The alternative that is being offered though is not any better. In some ways, it's worse. In many ways, many of the backers of Hossein Mousavi are interested in bringing in decadence. They aren't thinking clearly. Their hearts are in the wrong place.

It's sad to watch what the Iranians are doing to each other with their enemies also watching and taking pleasure in the infighting they have facilitated.

Don't fool yourself that Hossein Mousavi is unaware of the CIA's presents and influence. He could very well be an operative. I would be surprised if he is not on some level working directly with the U.S. Empire against the best interests of the Iranian people as a whole.

None of this is necessary. These people are not talking truth to each other. They are not doing truth towards one another. What I see in what they are all doing is darkness and not light. They are lacking love and compassion for each other. They are lacking care and concern. They are doing a great deal of harm, much more than seems to be the case on the surface even though the killing and injuries are terrible (they always are no matter who's doing it or suffering).

I'm not disappointed in Barack Obama's woefully inadequate leadership because I didn't have my hopes up in the slightest. He is being exactly what he appeared to be from the very moment I first heard him: completely unimpressive, weak, shallow — as one of my friends said, just a darker shade of Bush. He's what the powers gave the people and what the people winked back at the powers that they want though. You reap what you sow and you are what you buy and eat.

He's not the bread and wine I want.

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