The U.S. CIA allowed Pakistan to acquire nuclear weapons. It actually facilitated Pakistan in doing so. It has long been known that the U.S. is not run by the three branches of government on any equal footing. It has long been known that the U.S. is being run by the wealthiest capitalist-socialists operating behind the scenes calling the shots. These are superrich so-called Blue Bloods whose children attend the most elite private educational facilities and who are groomed and screened. They are groomed to do the bidding of the system of their fathers and father's fathers and are screen out if they show signs of righteousness as their root spirit.

These select ones do not have minds of their own but are given over to the cause of the dark side even as they show a front of righteousness (twisted, half-truths, selected topics only): wolves in sheep's clothing.

Occasionally, both inadvertently and deliberately, the system misjudges a character and the result is a whistleblower. Some leaks are intentional. Others are not. At the highest (lowest, darkest) levels, such unintentional leaks do not occur except where God intervenes in the most direct, literal sense.

Rich Barlow leaked (blew the whistle) concerning the CIA's providing A. Q. Kahn with nuclear-weapons secrets and material sources and financing to buy Pakistan. Pakistan belongs to the Empire. That has been obvious for decades, even before the nuclear-weapons deals. This is why A. Q. Kahn was released from prison where he had been treated to a country club life, relatively speaking.

The Congress knows this but does nothing. Why? Congress is bought and paid for as well. Its members (most; nearly all) are afraid to speak out. Too many speaking out would bring on a civil war, but that's not the reason they don't speak. They fear assassination for turning. Very, very few speak out. They are not killed unless they gain traction with the masses. The elitists are decidedly against losing their self-created positions. If their propaganda starts to fail, they will murder without hesitation. They will murder tens of millions to retain their positions. In the end, nothing matters but self to them. That self is apart from God. They make themselves all little Satans.

Read the linked article: "US allowed Pak to acquire N-tech, kept Cong in dark." Hindustan Times. June 16, 2009.

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