The U.S. Military/Economic Empire is still attempting to conflate the Taliban and al Qaeda. The Taliban was not interested in attacking anyone outside its region. The U.S. has deliberately attacked and attacked and attacked the Taliban in an attempt to get the Taliban to want to fight the U.S. with everything that it can bring to bear and in areas outside the Taliban's traditional and cultural geographical region. The Taliban was not pushing for worldwide Islamic war against all non-Muslims.

It takes a truly evil mind to do to the Taliban what the U.S. imperialists have done and are still doing.

The Taliban can talk and negotiate and change. I disavow the U.S. leadership. They have nothing in Christ nor he in them. They are practicing iniquity. They are war mongers for the sake of Empire and their own wealth, power, and control. They are egotists. They are baby murderers. Woe unto them if they do not turn. You will see the woe.

In Pakistan, they are spewing the most obvious and blatant CIA garbage. The Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, said, "They have a global agenda. They have a regional agenda. They are not confined to Pakistan. They could go into the Gulf. They could go into India. They can go anywhere." He was talking about the Taliban. The Taliban were tribesmen who kept to themselves and wanted to be left alone in their religion. They were not exporting any violence or terrorism or anything else. The U.S. is just another in a long history of Empires that have tried to break them into submission.

Al Qaeda was a CIA invention to give the Russians their Vietnam in Afghanistan. The Taliban were ready to give them up to the U.S., but the U.S. refused to continue talking to the Taliban because that would have ruined the long-term plan for global domination and submission.

The whole U.S. foreign policy can be summed up. Buy them off. It they won't sell out, piss them off. Do it any way you want. Lie about them. Lie to them about each other. Infiltrate them and cause dissention and mistrust. Conduct plenty of false-flag operations. Find the worst of the worst and pay them to do the dirtiest work being treasonous toward their own people. Distort everything on the home front. Create fear and panic at home even via false-flag operations against your own people. Then go to war if necessary to take over. Repeat and repeat around the world no matter how long it takes until you fall or control the planet.

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