So, now the Obama administration has backed off tying indefinite detention without real trials to war funding requests to Congress. Is it expediency or seeing the light? It's doing the politically expedient thing knowing that there are other ways to skin the same cat.

A new administration and the same old war, and expansion of the war in Afghanistan. We cannot afford these wars spiritually. They are wars of aggression, and they're based on lies. We cannot afford these wars financially. They add trillions to our national debt and destroy our domestic agenda. We cannot afford the human cost of these wars, the loss of lives of our beloved troops and the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. &mdash U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich speaking about the proposed war-funding legislation that the Congress has just passed.

Bravo, Dennis Kucinich, for that statement. I don't hold with Dennis's shift concerning homosexuality, but his statement above is correct. I don't hold with the secular government at all. It coerces either way. I don't hold with working the system from within, but Dennis's statement above remains correct.

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