From Thucydides' The Peloponnesian War:

The strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must.
The confidence of their members in each other rested less on any religious sanction than upon complicity in crime.
...success by treachery won him the palm of superior intelligence. Indeed it is generally the case that men are readier to call rogues clever than simpletons honest, and are as ashamed of being the second as they are proud of being the first. The cause of all these evils was the lust for power arising from greed and ambition.... Thus religion was in honor with neither party; but the use of fair phrases to arrive at guilty ends was in high reputation.

From St. Augustine, The City of God Against the Pagans, Book IV, Chapter 4:

And so if justice is left out, what are kingdoms except great robber bands? For what are robber bands except little kingdoms? The hand also is a group of men governed by the orders of a leader, bound by a social compact, and its booty is divided according to a law agreed upon. If by repeatedly adding desperate men this plague grows to the point where it holds territory and establishes a fixed seat, seizes cities and subdues peoples, then it more conspicuously assumes the name of kingdom, and this name is now openly granted to it, not for any subtraction of cupidity, but by addition of impunity. For it was an elegant and true reply that was made to Alexander the Great by a certain pirate whom he had captured. When the king asked him what he was thinking of, that he should molest the sea, he said with defiant independence: "The same as you when you molest the world! Since I do this with a little ship I am called a pirate. You do it with a great fleet and are called an emperor."

Yes, universal worldly empire is the greatest criminal conspiracy.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36 KJV)

Realize that Jesus knew about and spoke against the neocon-mind. There's nothing new in it. He was tempted by the serpent that was old even then. He overcame. He rejected the Satanic spirit. He was not and is not with Thucydides or Machiavelli or Hobbes or Nietzsche or Leo Strauss or Irving Kristol or Dick Cheney or Benjamin Netanyahu or now Barack Obama. Lying is their stock and trade. They study or studied and practiced or still practice lying as the dark art that it is.

To succeed in a plot was to have a shrewd head, to divine a plot a still shrewder; but to try to provide against having to do either was to break up your party and to be afraid of your adversaries. – Thucydides

Might: to succeed in a plot divine, to provide against plotting again, to brave the adversary, to win forevermore — Amen

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