In order for the CIA and Mossad and MI6, etc, to pull off what they are trying to do, it would be necessary for at least a close majority of the people to actually support the CIA candidate. They don't. The vast majority of Iranians do not want homosexual pride (one of the seven deadly sins in Roman Catholicism but also certainly absent in both the Old and New Testament teachings) parades in their streets, and that's not because they suffer some irrational fear of homosexuals but because, deep in their hearts, they know, on some level, homosexuality is unnatural and the result of abuse-caused confusion no matter how subtle or unwitting the abuse or insult or offense (sin). I'm sure they wouldn't all express it in terms of something akin to PTSD, but they'd not be surprised to learn of the statistics concerning early childhood sexual aberrations forced upon those who aren't "born" homosexual.

The false-liberal culture in the West is what's driving the news cycles right now. Those who want to let loose against the rightful inhibitions of others in Iran are working furiously to propagandize the West. The CIA is all over it too. The CIA has its cadre of homosexuals after all. It comes with the initiation at least at the elite preppy level. Doing strange, experimental things together and to each other and then never speaking of them but rather fearing that the other will out one is the beginning of the cementing of the spook's relationship. Saying "no" assures that the wordsmiths will twist everything honest into unrecognizable garbage for themselves and the hypnotized, self-centered, intimidated masses, especially now, the youth.

The truth of the matter is that many Iranian Muslims believe their religion and that it is better to exercise self-control in sexual matters and to keep within their marriages. I don't hold with all things Mohammed, but some of his writing is correct. It's no where near as good as Jesus's. In fact, by direct comparison, Mohammed is a tree in need of severe pruning. Doing what the CIA is doing is not the way to go about that — quite the contrary.

The CIA and more importantly its master, the oligarchs and plutocrats of America and England, etc., don't care first about morality. They only care about keeping everyone else down so they can be up in their minds relative to all those others. It's idiotic, but try telling them. They can't imagine everyone being up. They'd consider it losing — as I said: idiotic.

More to the point of this post though is pointing out that the CIA totally blew it by backing a horse that was truly left half way around the track.

Ahmadinejad was leading two to one in the polls with nearly one third undecided before he, it is said, beat his opponent in their televised debate. Then, there was a record turnout with the vast majority of undecided, or those simply unwilling to say to the pollsters their choice, voting for Ahmadinejad.

A "coup" they are calling it? What an inept word to use against the incumbent.

Now I'm reading where people are speculating wildly that the ruling clerics might rule against Ahmadinejad whether or not he actually received very nearly exactly the numbers first announced. It won't happen. I guarantee it.

The Westerners are completely misreading the Iranian people on this. The "liberals" in the American sense are not the majority. There are plenty of dupes of the American culture, but they are still not the majority. They only look to have a majority to those who want to see that way and who are buying into and pushing the Western mainstream-media, CIA-led propaganda. Many on the "left" in the U.S. are perfectly willing to work the CIA and have the CIA work them when they want to overturn something standing in the way of the global dictatorship of their culture. When Bush was doing the exact same stuff to Saddam Hussein, the left was against Bush apparently because Bush was not openly for same-sex marriage. Now that the CIA is working against the anti-homosexual clerics and president of Iran, many of those same lefties will cozy up with the enemy. What a mess!

I have yet to see a soul speaking to the root of these matters. No human being that I see is willing to do it yet. Everyone comes loaded with his or her ideas and the moment getting at the root starts to mean radical change, whoosh, they're gone off back to their universe where they can say "I [meaning them] never" and then you can fill in with what it is that I am doing here on this website. Yes, you never, is right. You never get to the heart of the matter. You always avoid it. You'll label as evil that which deals directly with your unrepentant excuse making. You'll make yourself feel comfortable in your skin while you avoid standing up and speaking out to ask the right questions in an honest effort to call people to working to the one and only right solution. There is only one right you know. There aren't an infinite number of right answers to the problem facing humanity. It's why Jesus said that the solution he spelled out is the one and only way. He was, and remains, completely correct.

Now, Ahmadinejad is the re-elected president of Iran. He's not incapable of dialogue. He has shown a willingness. The only reason the West hasn't talked to him is because of Empire. However, there are many different kinds of empires. We don't have to have an Empire of greed and war. We can and will have an empire of righteousness. How long it will take to reach it depends exactly on how long it will take for people to move from unrighteousness, which now rules the world and has since history began, to righteousness, which is the New Commandment as defined by Jesus that informs the first and second Great Commandments.

The Machiavellian way of power for power's sake is utter insanity. It's monstrous. Power must be properly defined as righteousness. Everything else is reckless and stupid.

Harmlessness must become the watch word. We must all become and remain harmless as doves. It is the only way.

Homosexuality is not harmless. It is the result of harm and furthers harm. There is no point in saying that a little cigarette smoke is harmless and one must compromise. It is wrong to go use a bat on someone smoking cigarettes, but it is also flat out wrong to say that there's nothing wrong with smoking cigarettes. It isn't good for the smoker or the rest of society and for many, many reasons. It isn't even good for "investors," such as Warren Buffet, who was asinine enough to say, "I'll tell you why I like the cigarette business. It costs a penny to make. Sell it for a dollar. It's addictive. And there's fantastic brand loyalty." Now, that's exactly the opposite of righteous. It's completely harmful, there's nothing good in it, and it's exactly the same mentality that excuses homosexuality and its inherent problems.

It can be quit, just as nicotine can be quit. All the stories coming out from the homosexual propagandists that homosexuality is some engrained sexual orientation is bull. It's just a ploy to Pied Piper the youth who are naive and gullible and are being told to bite into it and that it won't kill them. Where have you heard that before? (The story of the Garden of Eden) Well, can the soul be killed? Jesus certainly made clear that there are zombies walking the Earth who falsely imagine that they are truly alive rather than in a state of limbo at best.

Am I saying that the secular government should be coercive against homosexuality? I'm opposed to all government coercion, so no, I'm not saying that. I'm for everyone gaining a working conscience such that he or she puts the welfare of the whole above his or her addictions and breaks the habits for the sake of all.

All this over Iran while the U.S. has

  • Tortured people
  • Murdered innocent women and children
  • Imprisoned the innocent
  • Stolen elections
  • Assassinated its own president
  • Stolen resources all over the globe
  • Left its own people homeless and hungry and without healthcare even though they want to work
  • Bombed other nations into submission who were not attacking the U.S. or planning to
  • Stolen whole countries
  • Spread WMD's around the planet (supplied Saddam Hussein the very weapons he used against the Iranians, Kurds, and Shia)
  • Given countries nuclear-weapons technology (such as Pakistan and probably Israel)
  • Conducted false-flag operations at home and around the world
  • Created terrorist groups and death squads especially in Central America
  • Created and propped up totalitarian dictatorships all over the world
  • Brought on economic booms and busts for the sake of the ultra-rich
  • Experimented on its own unsuspecting civilians
  • Imported utter Nazis to run secret experiments on innocent children
  • Polluted its own lands
  • Removed hundreds and hundreds of mountain tops on its own soil
  • Killed its own streams and rivers and lakes
  • Cut down huge swaths of its forests save often for a thin bands along its so-called scenic highways to hide the devastation
  • Poisoned its own military personnel and then abandoned many of them to military-induced mental illnesses and homelessness
  • Censored the real news to keep it from getting to its people
  • Banned visitors from coming to speak about U.S. military and CIA atrocities around the world
  • Lied about Apartheid Israel and its obviously racist regime that is only now getting around to speaking differently because it has been called on its racism so clearly and loudly
  • Sold weapons throughout its Empire
  • Condoned worse and worse behavior across-the-board while also clamping down on righteous dissenters
  • Favored its bankers and out-of-control financial speculators and their Ponzi schemes over everyone else
  • Grossly enriched, and still is, those very bankers who ruined the savings of so many and enriching those same bankers at the direct and negative long-term expense of the deliberately downtrodden lower classes
  • Imprisoned a higher percentage of its own people than has any other nation on the planet
  • Brought up nearly the bottom of the barrel relative to other rich countries in terms of infant mortality and illiteracy and lifespan
  • Illegally spied on its citizens and continues so
  • Placed innocent people on no-fly lists for political repressive reasons and without an ability to be removed
  • Tested nuclear weapons on other people's Pacific islands absolutely ruing those people's lives
  • Encouraged the British to relocate the indigenous people of Diego Garcia so the U.S. could steal that island to attack nations in the area from there
  • Exported U.S. jobs to other nations where there are lax or no labor or environmental laws or protections

and on and on and on.

Tell me the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, and I'll know you either know very little or are a completely blatant liar. Either way, you're ignorant and astray from God.

The CIA's terrorism in Iran fomenting ethnic conflict (which is ostensibly the opposite of that for which the U.S. claims to stand) is only going to make the U.S. look dumber and dumber. Shifting out from having Iraq in the spotlight isn't going to change the fact that the truth is going to keep flowing that will show the U.S. is backwards. The time to really change has arrived.

The White House denying CIA involvement is such a transparent lie. Obama is such a liar when he says the U.S. is not meddling in Iran. Well, what it's really doing could hardly be classified in such euphemistic terms as "meddling." It's murdering people. That's too serious to call mere meddling.

Here's an article back from February 15, 2007 that shows how the U.S. has been operating. It ties in with the New Yorker article to which I linked a couple of days ago. "US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran," by William Lowther and Colin Freeman. February 25, 2007.

The CIA is pulling out the stops in an attempt to cause the beginnings of regime change. The CIA is backing Mir Hossein Mousavi. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has said that Mousavi would be held responsible if he incited the crowds to riot.

The reaction of the clerics is wrong. Mundanely, they should have allowed the demonstrators to do anything they wanted short of property destruction or physical injury or the like. They should have done that while proceeding immediately to hear formal complaints of election fraud. If any credible evidence was produced, they should have immediately ordered a recount at least in the area and nationwide if need be.

The clerics don't want to be pushed around by the CIA, but they could very easily take the steam out of the CIA's efforts simply by holding a new runoff election, head-to-head, Ahmadinejad versus Mousavi and having international independent observers such as the Carter Center and others oversee the voting. Doing those things would silence the CIA in Iran. It would also silence Israel for the most part. It would turn American public opinion away from much of the false-propaganda and covert, violent, deadly tactics of the CIA and DIA and the Pentagons Special Services that have infiltrated Iran in an attempt to topple it from within.

I'm not writing this to aid the Islamic clerics over anyone else. What I don't want to see is a pretext for the U.S. and Israel to attack Iran to "free" Iran the way it has "freed" Iraq. Iran can rather change peacefully.

American Empire building is deadly for the Iranians. The university students in Iran have no idea how they are being set up. Their country is going to be attacked, and they will have been pawns in the process. Their family members are going to be bombed if they keep this up. They're going to be treated the same way the Iraqis were treated and the Pashtuns are being treated and the Somalis and on and on. Where are their brains?

Was it better under the U.S. backed Shah with his CIA-trained SAVAK torture police? The U.S. overthrew their duly elected president in 1953 just because he wanted the Iranians to be in control of their own resources as opposed to having the U.K. and U.S. dictate over Iranian oil. If it hadn't been for the U.S., there wouldn't even be an Islamic theocracy. Oh well, as the old saying goes, there's no accounting for brains.

Yes, the clerics are coercive. Yes, they dictate the mores of Iranian culture. The CIA method of change though leads to a new form of slavery still under coercion but robbing the whole nation. It's a bad situation, but the last place to turn to or follow is the CIA. It's the global plutocrats' main instrument of opening up a country to devour it.

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