ABC News censored me, but I won't censor them. They are unabashedly the tool of the CIA. Watch the video for yourself. You may need to watch it several times and pause every once in a while to ponder and to let it sink in as to what is happening in and to Iran. It's all dishonest. It's not the way. It's antichrist. There is no good intention in it at the top of the U.S. and within the inner circle of the plutocrats. It's completely unnecessary. There are ways of getting to the real solutions to the problems of humanity. Those real ways are being avoided on purpose. It's clear and plain to see that immorality is ruling the hearts of the vast, vast majority of Americans and, frankly, human beings in general.

We can change though. It is not human nature to be evil. Evil is learned, and the bad habitual ways of thinking and acting can be changed to righteousness. There is a learning curve, but it is doable. Jesus showed that. He did it, which proved it.

Here's a little more to think about.

The poll I cited by Terror Free Tomorrow and to which I linked (video on YouTube):

addresses one of the key so-called indicators of election fraud in Iran. The CIA propagandists spread the idea that Ahmadinejad cheated because he won in Mousavi's home region of the Azeris (ethnic group). However, the polling by mainstream independent American pollsters showed Ahmadinejad with a 2 to 1 lead in that area. The reason for this is because the common people identify with Ahmadinejad's policies more then Mousavi's. Mousavi is an elitist. Ahmadinejad is more the populist. He's more working-class oriented.

Also, the reporting is about "peaceful" protestors or demonstrators. The photos coming out of Iran are mostly by Mousavi voters. They don't emphasize the burning of buildings and buses, etc., by Mousavi's demonstrators. They only show the reaction of the police and paramilitary people siding with the police.

Lastly, people have been killing, but it is a fact that the CIA and U.S. military clandestine operatives (special ops) are in Iran. They could very easily kill some people while being dressed up as Iranian police or what have you. There are Iranian CIA agents who could also be responsible. Reports that all the killing was by police or militia must be taken with a block of salt.


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    • Follow the money!

      June 16, 2009

      Iranian History Doesn't Move in a Straight Line

      Guarding the Revolution



      Thanks to Alex Eales over on Facebook

    • Alex was unfriended on Facebook for posting dissenting views on Juan Coles Facebook profile. I read her notes about it and left the following comment for her:

      Hi Alex, I don't get the sense that you are a troll-type (still a vague concept for me). I believe that sexual issues are largely at work concerning this "green" revolution. Juan Cole is very warmly received on Democracy Now with its relatively very heavy focus on homosexual rights. I don't want to leave the impression that I'm for coercion (especially violent) against people for their behavioral choices. I do think Juan is a Democracy-Now-type liberal on the same-sex issue. That agenda is higher priority with many than are other "rights." Many Populist issues are being made to take a backseat on account of this. They want to break the theocracy more than worrying about and working first to lift up the poor and working class.

      • I want to add something here about Juan Cole. Juan is concerned about homosexuals in Iran and elsewhere. This March 19, 2006, post on his blog, "Sistani on Homosexuality," will shed light on his weaving through the issues in terms of Islam, etc. The post concerns the Iraqi Shia Ayatollah Sistani but the discussion works concerning Islam and homosexuality in general.

        My post, "MEK TERRORISTS IN IRAN UNDER CIA, BARACK OBAMA, MI6, GORDON BROWN, MOSSAD, AND BENJAMIN NETANYAHU," also touches on the Baha'i faith, of which Juan Cole is a member. I strongly suggest one keeps that in mind when evaluating Cole's positions vis-a-vis Iran and the failing but on-going color-coded revolution/coup.

    • Alex replied on Facebook: "Sorry? Are you serious?"

      My reply:

      Now you know why I get censored. Of course, there are many people on both sides of what is happening in Iran for whom sexual aspects are the last thing on their minds. It is though a central issue with some core haters of those who are constantly termed "hardliners" and "Islamists" in the Western mainstream media. There are people who will sacrifice peace for the "right" to do what they want regarding homosexuality, including to join and to serve as openly homosexual in the U.S. military for instance. Anyway, it's one aspect. Money, power, etc., it's all out-of-control lust of one form or another. I want harmlessness in all areas of life. I'm a total pacifist. My intention is not to offend. Peace

    • Alex replied:

      But you are stigmatising people for their sexual orientation? How could that be peaceful? I dunno why I accepted your friend request Tom? Actually, I do know, I am a very accepting person; but when it comes to religious codswallop, I get very, very impatient, very, very quickly... I try to respect people's views, but when their views are so divorced from reality, I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

      I responded:

      People have different places where they draw lines. There are people who engage in sexual activities you probably denounce. Remember, I'm opposed to coercing even those people. I'm for people freely choosing harmlessness. I'm for open and direct dialogue concerning what constitutes these things/terms. Others seek to shut down getting at the root to convince me or to be convinced. My point though in adding the comments is that there are competing interests and that groups are aligning against Iran's current government in ways that didn't happen regarding Iraq but have happened concerning Afghanistan (Taliban), but to a lesser degree since Afghanistan was never as Iran was under the Shah. Anyway, my interest is not in antagonizing. I'm just in agreement with you about the CIA and will leave it at that with you.