Every single time someone the U.S. imperialists don't like (won't knuckle under) wins an election, the election is not lauded but usually denounced as rigged or illegitimate. The U.S. presidential elections were stolen in both 2000 and 2004, but the government has done nothing. The U.S. Supreme Court is the main culprit in fact because it went against the recount in Florida, which Al Gore won despite the massive numbers of Black voters who were illegally purged from the voter registration rolls. Is there anyone who isn't completely aware of what happened in Ohio and New Mexico in the 2004 election? To try to go to the strength, the Republicans pathetically turned to the Karl Rove strategy of attacking ACORN in 2008. They turned up little to nothing about people signing as Mickey Mouse and such, which ACORN flagged as suspicious according to law.

Let me tell you, the CIA and Mossad failed in Venezuela, they failed in Georgia, and they are failing in Iran.

Foreign investors are buying up America, and the other major nations are going to replace the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Israel is a constant embarrassment for Washington now, not that the Bush and Obama administrations haven't succeeded in doing a major job of embarrassing the U.S.

The Obama glow is going to really dim. The youth are going to catch on to his shallowness.

The U.S. has overthrown numerous democracies. It is still trying. It refuses to acknowledge others, such as with Hamas. It is designated a terrorist organization; however, Israel has had a number of Prime Ministers who were definitely terrorists, admittedly so. Now, Israel is pushing hard to be a "Jewish" state in total contradiction of American pluralism while America funds Israel as it reduces the Palestinians as much as the rest of the world appears quite willing to accept.

Look at all the dictatorships the U.S. has created, propped up, and still supports. Does it have any room to be talking against Iran? It's just the same old hypocrisy that Jesus showed is death.

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