The U.S. now controls Iraqi oil. (See: "Oil rush: Scramble for Iraq's wealth," The Independent. June 21, 2009.) It is the main reason the U.S. attacked, invaded, and has occupied Iraq. It was not about WMD's or 9/11 except in very peripheral and indirect senses.

The U.S. occupied Afghanistan by conflating the Taliban with al Qaeda, which never took responsibility for 9/11. Osama bin Laden isn't even on the FBI wanted list for 9/11 because the FBI has admitted there is no evidence. (See: "IF THE 2004 OSAMA BIN LADEN VIDEO IS REAL, WHY IS HE STILL NOT ON THE FBI 10 MOST WANTED LIST FOR 9/11?") Not only that but the Taliban were willing to negotiate with the U.S. concerning al Qaeda and giving up Osama bin Laden. It was the George W. Bush administration that refused to talk because Bush and Cheney, et al., had their plan for expanded Empire. The U.S. is now busy further conflating the Pashtun tribe with the Taliban-cum-al Qaeda, which Pashtuns are standing in the way of total American imperial takeover. The Pakistanis have been hired (billions and billions in aid/bribes while Americans are losing homes and jobs left and right) to fight a proxy war against the Pashtuns for the sake of the American Empire.

The 9/11 Commission was completely controlled and did not report the whole truth. It was deliberately prevented from thoroughly addressing critical questions of U.S. governmental culpability. It was a whitewash: cover-up. There were false-flag aspects. Just how deep and wide those aspects go was prevented from coming out.

Iraq and Afghanistan sit on either side of Iran, and Iran has large oil reserves. Iran's oil was the reason the U.S. overthrew Iran's duly elected prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh, in 1953 in Operation AJAX ( Operation AJAX was pushed by the Dulles brothers. John Foster Dulles was the Secretary of State at the time. His brother, Allen Dulles, and he were behind recruiting Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen after WWII. They also were instrumental in using the Gestapo and many unrepentant Nazis in the U.S. and elsewhere to further the CIA. (See: Operation Paperclip — don't be fooled by the sanitation of the information on the Internet by CIA agents and freelance contractors).

The region around Iran is right there next to China and India, two budding, potential superpowers. Russia is just a stone's throw away and has huge oil and gas reserves and other resources. The plan is to deny other would-be, supposed, global, imperial rivals from consolidating in any way with Middle Eastern oil as a shared resource. Dick Cheney, who literally called Americans to turn to the dark side (he actually used the term "dark side"), called Middle Eastern oil "the prize." It translates into money, power, and control. It's raw greed and completely ignores the issue of CO2 buildup and human-induced, radical, and unmanageable climate-change.

The political Zionists, those who wrongfully conflate their brand of Zionism (Likud) with Jewishness, cooperate with and use the American Empire for their own purposes: the long-term design of creating "Greater Israel," a military-economic empire running from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq.

The CIA, Pentagon, MI6 (British), and Mossad (Israeli) have been heavily involved in destabilization efforts concerning Iran, which efforts include murdering the innocent as so much collateral damage.

They have had no problem with using predator drones to murder babies. During the anti-war days concerning the Vietnam War, we rightly called it "baby killing." You shall know them by their fruits. There's no difference. The only problem the CIA (and the others) and their handlers/owners, those superrich (ultra-greedy; unbridled lust) in mammon, have is with keeping American public opinion from shifting and becoming brave enough to roundly denounce the murder of innocents and all the other evil deeds of the American Empire and its allies and tributaries.

If you are going to speak to issues of human rights in Iran, be sure to be consistent. Is it a human right to be free of being America's collateral damage? Is it a human right to be free of being the target of American covetousness and takeovers of extractable resources such as oil? It ought to be. That should apply everywhere. Look at what the Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and Peru wrought against the indigenous Peruvians. They are struggling against the tentacles of the imperial and monopolistic octopus that bashes their heads until they are dead. Those Amazonian Indians are prepared to fight, kill (which I'm against), and die for their worldly survival; but they have the lesser evil in the whole affair. I say it openly and will not retract it on pain of death.

I don't hold with Islamic theocracy, but do you know what you are doing? Make sure you aren't being pawns of the CIA. Spell it all out. This is all about Empire and light versus darkness.


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