Now, the current attempt by the U.S. is going to fail. The attempt to get the American people to go along with attacking Iran not for supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons (because that was never proven even though it was claimed via the Big Lie tactic that is to repeat the lie over and over in the hope that it would overshadow the hollowness and falseness of the claims) and not because Iran is developing nuclear weapons (because it too has been a Big Lie; no proof has ever been forth coming) but because there has been election fraud alleged by the CIA and Mossad. However, that attempt is going to fail too. It's going to fail because it won't be proven that Ahmadinejad didn't win hands down. It's another Big Lie by the Big Liars. In addition, if any discrepancies do show up no matter how minor, the clerics have it in their power to conduct another election with independent, outside monitors, such as the Carter Center and U.N. and others, to prove that Ahmadinejad is the choice of a substantial majority of Iranians, which he is. Of course, would they be that wise? So far, they haven't seemed to be particularly bright. They fell for the tactic of violence and destruction by clamping down on everyone rather than going solely for the perpetrators.

The Bush tactic of just ignoring everything and going ahead with an attack though won't work. It will definitely mean the downfall of the U.S.

We aren't going to give Barack Obama the pass that was given to Colin Powell at the U.N. when he blatantly lied to the world and the American people giving them all cartoons as evidence.

The neocons aren't going to win. The CIA-contractor snipers in Iran aren't going to get away with faking it that they are Iranian agents rather than CIA. The NSA isn't going to get away with faking it that it is the Iranian regime that is responsible for all the communications difficulties in Iran.

The following article is excellent in exposing the deception concerning the telecommunications problems that are all being blamed on the clerics: "From Mossadegh to Ahmadinejad: The CIA and the Iranian experiment," by Thierry Meyssan. Voltaire Network. June 19, 2009.

Ahmadinejad is a populist. He doesn't want war and would not start one. He is devoutly religious. Even though I don't hold with Mohammed, it is true that Mohammed did not teach that one may do whatever one wants in order to attain empire.

Ahmadinejad is popular in Iran because he preaches against corruption. His chief rival is the Iranian Ayatollah Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani is an industrialist filthy rich in lucre even while many of his fellow Iranians live on or below the poverty line through no fault of Ahmadinejad's. Rafsanjani has bankrolled Mir-Hossein Mousavi. The West and Israel has also kicked in hundreds of millions of course while putting economic sanctions on Iran.

Why the move now by the West? There are several main reasons.

  • First, the election was an easy time round which to rev up violent and destructive protests.
  • Second, the tide has been and still is turning against Apartheid Israel (not real Judaism).
  • Third, the world is moving to undercut the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency and Iran is a central player in that along with China (the largest holder of U.S. Dollars) and Russia that is the natural gas supplier for much of Europe.
  • Fourth, this serves as an attempt to overwhelm the opposition but is failing because 1) the opposition to violent imperialism (and make no mistake about it, the U.S. is an extremely violent Empire just covert about it via proxies) is on to the tricks and 2) there aren't any other tricks to mask the Empire.

The mask is off. The U.S. is a collective Alexander the Great, the homosexual (yes), blood thirsty, megalomaniac who thought, just as the neocons of today think, that violent-might makes right. He was just a self-aggrandizing, genocidal, vengeful pirate and land thief taught by his insane philosopher-mentor, Aristotle.

Consequently, the U.S., more and more, is being deliberately overt. The cover has come off in the U.S. about all these tactics. The U.S. publicly announced its plans (to overthrow the Iranian Islamic revolution that was against the Shah and his CIA-trained torture regime with his secret police "SAVAK" and the U.S. Empire) as a signal to Iranians and others. The dots are being, and have been, connected.

We are not under any illusion concerning which god is the god of this world. We heard Dick Cheney call for the people to turn to the dark side. It can't be retracted — only Cheney can plead to the real God to forgive him. He can repent and atone and never backslide again. Otherwise, he will go to his current god who is Satan and who has no mercy.

The hypocrisy of the West and especially the U.S. and Israel is amazing. How the American people can go along with this is also just amazing — amazingly bad. Nothing was learned from WWII. Nothing was learned from the assassination/coup against John F. Kennedy. Nothing was learned from the governmental assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Nothing was learned from Vietnam. Nothing was learned from Iran-Contra. Nothing was learned from COINTELPRO. Nothing was learned from the human irradiation experiments. Nothing was learned from Iraq. Nothing was learned from Lebanon. Nothing was learned from Gaza. Nothing is being learned from Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia. Nothing is being learned from the capitalist Ponzi scheme. Nothing has been learned and retained for good from history. This is so because the people don't want righteousness. Until they want it, they will continue to spiral downward into the Hell of their own making. They will wink at each other as they fall into the bottomless pit.

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