Greed is neither good nor natural. It is taught and learned. It is acquired, not inherent. It's artificial. It is conditioned into people. We are not born greedy. Greed is a self-fulfilling reaction to itself (an original error). It is dark side and unworthy. It ruins what can be without it. Without greed and selfishness and evil, with everyone being the exact opposite of those spirits, there would be bounty without depletion but rather with increase. This is God's way. The way of mammon is against God's way. The so-called free market system is slavery to artificially stimulated depletion. It robs more than it gives. Left to go on, it would eat itself and its adherents and their offspring out of existence.

We must overcome the conditioning. We must bring forth the real. The capitalist system is inherent failure. The real is being replaced by the fake. The fake gives a boom but depletes and depletes and then returns a bust.


There is a pattern that is about to emerge. The pattern is to regulate until people trust the system and then deregulate until there is a crash at which time the superrich will take tax dollars for nothing and then regulate to repeat the process. Get it out of your hearts before they can do this again.

Can a hybrid capitalist system work? It can't hold off the inevitable. It is not the solution.

Capitalism is not a higher-evolved economic system. It is an error in answer to the original wrong choice and reaction. It is a compounding of errors.

Usury (interest on loans) is wicked. It always has been. Humanity should discard it completely. It has never been necessary or helpful. It has always only been part of the problem.

It is a complete waste for people to continue attempting to prop up this dead system. It's all a scam. Those who created trade (that is holding out for recompense) and then the medium of exchange are the same spirit that has brought interest and debt and taxes and all the other self-centered things (evils all). We have never needed any of it. We should as humanity see to avoid the turn away from giving and sharing.

The system of mammon is darkness.

Barack Obama once said that we Americans shouldn't "reinvent" a sixth of our, the U.S., economy. He was speaking about health insurance and medical payments. I don't know whether he includes the pharmaceutical industry in that, including the wholesale and retail environments for selling drugs as well.

Actually, we don't need to reinvent a thing and we want to return 100% of the family to giving and sharing (of a free spirit — no force, no coercion, just the free choice of doing what's best unanimously again).

We as human beings can all come to see the truth. Harm is bad. Let's be harmless as doves. It's the right thing to do — the right way to be.

We don't owe capitalism a thing. We don't owe it any loyalty. Oh, I'm not advocating leaving the rabid mixed-economy capitalists or crony capitalists or anyone else out in the cold. It won't happen if everyone turns to righteousness. That's the point. We have a duty to righteousness. We have a duty to speak it and to work toward it. No one is robbed by righteousness.

We need to have the fundamental discussion. The selfish are holding out trying to avoid the root dialogue. They deny, they ignore, they censor, they ban, they obfuscate, they twist, and they do everything they can think of to avoid doing the right thing. Why? It's irrational. It's unreasonable. It's ignorant. It's confused and leads others into confusion.

Really, the top bankers and financiers regardless of ethnicity or religion claimed or what have you, cannot justify their system. Meanwhile, they keep trying to maintain the focus of global attention on the inner workings of capitalism rather than addressing the core issue of other choices besides capitalism. If they are forced to discuss another choice, they attempt to frame the debate as between totalitarian socialism such as Stalinism as the only other choice to their capitalistic system. It isn't. There is a whole range of mundane communal or collective ownership options. The last straw against communism for the capitalists is coercion, but capitalism is inherently forceful (attempts to force its way into Eden where all give and share all with all) and the communism of Jesus Christ is not. Ergo, the Christian Commons Project and way is right.


So, this is not advocating a theocratic dictatorship. It is not a separation of Church and state either. It is a voluntary unanimity of righteousness.

This is also not asceticism, per se. It is bringing forth throughout the world good works. It is no denial of faith or the grace of God but a full embrace of both that shows tangible and spiritual fruits.


Goldman Sachs has been bailed out by the tune of untold tens of billions of dollars. They would have folded without the bailout the amount of which remains secret. Now, Goldman Sachs is about to pay out record bonuses after being instrumental in causing the economic crash and when millions and millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their life savings, their retirement funds, their homes, their credit ratings, and in some cases their physical and mental health and even their lives to suicide over financial ruination.

So, is this bailout secrecy going to stand? Are the bailout funds that went to those who pressed for deregulation and then raped the global economy going to stand, or are the funds going to be given back by these totally unscrupulous, greedy, economic vampires?


The Federal Reserve needs to be completely independently and transparently audited top to bottom and from every corner to every corner. Then it needs to be nationalized. Then the currency of the U.S. will be United States Notes, interest free. The national debt can be paid off with them in full. Those notes can be pegged to real Main Street productivity only. Then they can be phased out as people start making decisions by consensus in their open, local, networked councils. The giving-and-sharing economy can thrive.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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