The U.K. is going to conduct investigations into the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. One Sir John Chilcot will head up the inquiry. The British people have demanded it because they know that the facts were fixed around the policy and that Bush and Blair had agreed to go to war even though the U.N. weapons inspections were not being unreasonably impeded and were turning up nothing. Blair knew it was clearly against international law. He was worried, but he brownnosed Bush. Bush could have cared less about legalities. When he was declared the winner in 2000, he was quoted as saying that "now I'm not accountable to anyone." He figured he was emperor for a term (two terms since he knew he'd cheat his way to victory again) and would make himself more powerful than Richard Nixon so much so that no one would ever touch him. So far, he's been right about that. Forever is just that though. If he goes to the grave with his unrepentant attitude, he'll find out that he's accountable.

There has been a debate in the U.K. over whether the investigation will be entirely secret. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is on the defensive. He's having to give some ground, but will it be merely symbolic? He's still appealing to state secrets and national security — the old fallback position for all fascists. The Report to be issued will now be allowed to fix blame. Its witnesses may also be placed under oath. Initially, the Gordon government had said not.

(See: "Iraq inquiry will attribute blame, says Miliband: Foreign secretary also concedes it would be possible for witnesses to give evidence on oath," by Andrew Sparrow. guardian.co.uk. June 24, 2009.)


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    • 'After Downing Street' has been the 'go to' for information on the British path down the road to complicity - again - in torture and invasion. Jack Straw is no favourite of many.
      Figuring out the arc of US action is much easier these days - http://www.leadingtowar.com/?gclid=CJal0bj67JkCFR...

      • It sure is easier! They (the CIA and DIA, which are just two heads of the same beast), of course, know it and work it. Is your sense that Jack Straw would have been more demanding of Bush had Straw been the Prime Minister? His moral I.Q. is higher than Blair's, but Bush's impatience is the stuff of legends: "My way or the highway."

        Can anyone fall to the level of Prime Minister or President and not utterly compromise whatever moral understanding he or she once had? What true understanding did he ever really have if it was so fleeting? It is just seed cast by the side of the road for the birds: no roots and certainly never produces truly good fruit.

        Right now, the rest of the world is talking more than ever about marginalizing the U.S. for a change. Every Bush gets his comeuppance. Nevertheless, judge not, lest ye be judged. Therefore, forgive them their trespasses, as we ask to be forgiven for our own.

        It is on account of this that I contemplate where I'm to draw the line when I'm censored or banned, etc., and what and where to say anything about it. I know I'm misunderstood. I know people aren't willing to stand out there saying "serpents." I know there are people who aren't as unrighteous as the serpents who say to me not to say it. If Jesus hadn't said "serpents," where would my soul be heading that is vastly worse than now? Silence is evil when it's to save one's skin where speaking out could save not only the skin of others but also their souls. Jesus spoke directly to me saying, "Tom, don't be a serpent." That's my brother loving me so much that he gave his own flesh and blood to tell me. What am I supposed to do now, tell him to go to Hell? What would that make me?

        My motive is to encourage people to dialogue to the nth degree, meaning until what is truly, ultimately, objectively right is revealed.

        The single worst thing in this world is people imagining that avoiding the so-called tough questions is the path to take. Much of what I write on this site falls on ears that hear and pretend not.

        That's my judgment, but I'm not the one who decides what to do with them. Jesus called them "serpents," but it's left to the individual heart to choose whether Jesus is the one who will finally say "cut them to pieces before me" or not. I say not. I say he is separated and protected from the evil ones though by the one who lets another cut them to pieces before him. It is God's choice to allow souls to suffer at their own hands or what can be called their own hypocritical standards.

        The worst thing about the neocons is that they tempt God to let Satan have them to do to them what they are doing to others. Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.

        It is for that, that I am most sorry concerning my own life. I fell to doing that. I repent of it. I stand judged before my own conscience informed by God. Why won't the whole of humanity do the same? Who has not deserved to sit in sackcloth and ashes simply for being tempted?

        Jesus was made strait by God though and said we can be too. So, why not? It wouldn't end singing or dancing or joy, etc.: just the opposite. It would end war and greed and pain and suffering caused by all manner of selfishness.

        Peace to you, John.