Manuel Zelaya was forced by the Honduran military to leave the country. The military claims that the Honduran constitution didn't allow the upcoming referendum, pushed by Zelaya, which referendum was about holding another vote about forming a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the constitution to allow Zelaya to serve more than one term.

The mainstream media reports so far go into great detail about he-said-she-said, but it didn't answer the basic and most important question of whether or not the constitution allows for the referendum. Typical. I mean it's typical that the U.S. corporate media leaves the most important question dangling. They do it all the time. They dribble out the news at best. At least the article could have said that they would be doing a follow-up to answer that question or to at least give the various main legal opinions, etc.

Manuel Zelaya is a leftist. Honduras has had a checkered past with rightwing death squads and the like.

According to official U.S. government sources, the U.S. told the Honduran military that the Obama administration was not in favor of the coup. So far, the reports are naming no governments that publicly support the military's action. There's always private support about which to be concerned.

Furthermore, the coup leaders (if it is a coup), were trained at the infamous School of the Americas that has changed in name only. The School of the Americas was and is run by the U.S. Military and specifically designed to train up fascists.

(See: "Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.," by Chris Kromm. Facing South | Southern Exposure | Institute for Southern Studies. June 28, 2009.)

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