The Obama administration is saying that upwards of 90 detainees at Guantanamo can't be tried and can't be released. The say they can't be tried because the supposed evidence is classified and in some cases supplied by foreign intelligence services and the Bush administration tortured the suspects.

How can evidence be classified? They can't bring forth the evidence because the methods and sources would be revealed. Well, are the methods suspect or do they just fly in the face of decency? It's so secret that even the accused can't be told the evidence against him because it would leak. So, this is the Obama administration saying to do exactly what the whole U.S. system of justice is exactly designed not to do and that's to just trust the government that it will be honest.

Here's the truth. If the methods and sources have to remain secret then the U.S. is involved in things it shouldn't be. If the U.S. claims that other nations will do all sorts of wicked things to the U.S. if the U.S. doesn't do secret things, then the U.S. is still involved in things it shouldn't be. Other nations and peoples wouldn't hate the U.S. so much as to attack it if it were not so.

Well, if they can't release them but there may well be innocent detainees (afterall foreign agencies lie), then are they all to be held country-club style? They should be living as if they are in 5-star accommodations at the very least don't you think? The object is to avoid releasing dangerous people and not to punish, right? So how does the U.S. atone for holding the possibly innocent? No freedom of movement, no getting married, or if already married, never seeing one's wife or children again, no family, no friends other than through chain linked fencing or maximum security walls, no traditional foods, and that's all on account of 9/11 that hasn't been investigated and also on account of the various wars that were entered on pretexts.

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