Israel's leaders are insane. Obama tells them not to build more in the settlements and not only do they continue building and announce hundreds more houses, they also announce that they are going to take more Palestinian land (land grabbing) than they have taken reportedly since 1967.

They think that the more they announce that they are going to do against Obama's statement, the less they'll have to give up in negotiations. This will backfire.

People are coming to hate the Likudniks' policies and practices more and more and more with every flaunting move they make. Not only will people demand that they give up the newly claimed land, but the people are going to start wanting to inflict punitive measures, as in punitive damages awarded to the Palestinians.

There can be no doubt that false-Zionist actions are malicious. That's a major factor in awarding punitive damages in the U.S.

The Likud is obnoxious.

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