The U.S. healthcare system cost around 15% of GDP. Other developed nations are spending half that and obtaining outcomes that are as good or better. Private health-insurance companies cost on average 3 times as much in overhead relative to Medicare, the U.S. governmental healthcare system for the old and some others. Medicare is a payer system, not a provider system. Medicare is not socialized medicine. Medicare pays private providers of medical services. The government doesn't own the means of providing the medical services and the medical personnel are not government employees in the socialistic sense.

There are more kinds of healthcare systems than there are developed nations. When Taiwan went to address its major healthcare problems a few decades ago, it looked at all the different systems in the developed world and came up with the hybrid that is working very well relative to the current U.S. system. During the current debate over the healthcare direction the U.S. should take, doing what Taiwan did in looking at all the options is the wisest approach. Coming up with novel ideas to suit the U.S. or just better healthcare in general is also wisest.

Once a system is chosen, not undercutting that system, whether it is rolled out in total or done in pilot projects, is wise. Undercutting systems for the sake of re-privatizing for greed is shortsighted and evil.

We have been hearing that the U.S. needs a U.S. system. The people emphasizing that are the same ones who are fighting to retain as much private control over the healthcare system as possible. Staying with a system that is designed not as to what is best for all citizens but to suit an ideology, in this case laissez-faire capitalism, to further or maintain a wealth disparity is also shortsighted and evil. Some people misbelieve that laissez-faire capitalism is best for all. Others though know better and simply used that mis-belief to allow them to further consolidate and monopolize for their private advantage at the direct, negative expense of the general public. They are highly selfish souls. In the Christian sense, they are antichrist.

The real issues come down to coercion and taking unscrupulous advantage. On one hand, there are those who want to pay as little in taxes as possible and see taxes as coerced. They are right about the coercion. On the other hand is the view that snake-oil salesmen flourish most in a laissez-faire capitalist environment. That is true also. The best of all possible worlds is the laissez-faire ethical world. The only place it exists is Heaven. Therefore, rather than debate laissez-faire capitalism versus coercive socialism or variants thereof, let us resolve to redefine the human character as being mutable to the extent that humanity can manifest Heaven on Earth and everywhere humanity may find itself in flesh or spirit.

So far, humanity has been aiming low due to evil shortsightedness, which is very unwise. We have named our species Homo sapiens sapiens, which means "wise man" — man here meaning human, not gender specific. When will we live up to the name we've given ourselves? Isn't it long since time? I say it is.

We are the only humans left on the planet. The last other human being was Homo neanderthalensis. Why did they become extinct? I greatly suspect that Homo sapiens sapiens wiped them out to take over their territory and in some cases to eat them. I would also be greatly surprised were Neanderthal DNA not mixed in with sapien DNA.

On the fleshly level, warring for territory and supremacy, whether the war is physically violent in the commonly understood sense or is a mental war, has been going on since the beginning. We can continue modeling our selves after that pattern, or we can become more enlightened and completely enlightened. There must come a time when people stop killing for territory and supremacy but rather finally realize the familial spirit of unselfishness that can bring total peace even to the "lower" species. That enlightenment comes from a higher place. That process of enlightenment is to bring that higher mentality to this carnal plane thereby elevating the plane. This is spiritualization in the right direction. It is Jesus's call. It is doable.

Those who don't mind paying taxes for the general welfare are closer to this mentality. Those who mind being coerced and the coercing of others are closer to this mentality.

The two camps are divided in the typical American consciousness between capitalists and those for a mixed-economy of capitalism and socialism. Freeways are socialist roads for instance. They are owned and operated communally. They are not direct user-fee oriented, although fuel taxes often go largely to such projects. They are mostly created from the general-welfare perspective, and commercial and private vehicles may travel them without immediate tolls. They are of course supported by various taxes. They are also nearly all constructed by private heavy-construction capitalist contractors. They are government paid but privately constructed. Single-payer healthcare is not exactly analogous because the hospitals and clinics are often not publicly owned or operated.

The issues go much further than this though. The choice is not merely between laissez-faire capitalism versus a mixed-economy or complete socialism where taxes still apply. There are other economic systems available as choices; and just as with looking at various choices available in healthcare systems, as Taiwan did, so too ought we to look at all the various choices available in economic systems. One such choice, and the best choice in my book, is the Christian Commons Project. It is non-coercive and does not require either taxes or money in the end. This is the state of Heaven, not in total, but in part.

Heaven has no money. There are no taxes. There is no debt. There is no trading for recompense. There is only giving and sharing. It is based entirely on ethical behavior. It is exactly what Jesus had in mind and still does. It is a voluntary place. No one is forced to remain there. No one may force his or her way in either. Such force is coercive, and Heaven is forever elusive to the coercive. This is the enlightened message. It is an option. It should always be there. Only the wicked at heart want to keep this option from you.

Now, in Heaven proper, there is no healthcare because there is no ill-health. The fact that there is that level is why I said earlier that the Christian Commons Project is part of the way to Heaven. It is though on the narrow way. It is not something choked by the cares and worries of this worldly world.

Please understand that even Jesus could not perform miracles when surrounded by unbelievers. When believers gather in the total absence of hypocrisy and in full understanding, the miraculous will occur. Where the miraculous isn't recognized, it is on account of the spirit of the worldly world intruding. The barriers are spiritual. The spiritual system is such that gifts and rewards on the higher spiritual level are denied those who are mundane only or allow themselves to be possessed by evil spirits, feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds.

Many are called. Few are chosen. However, all surviving at some point are all finally chosen — will have finally chosen rightly. The spirit of Christ does finally save the world. Sitting on our hands waiting is not what the Christ-mind has in mind. So, please help me with bringing forth the Christian Commons Project.

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