Then there are the bloggers.

In return for their free content, we pretty much get what we've paid for - something of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance.

Andrew Keen in his book The Cult of the Amateur cites Hurricane Katrina as an example when: "reports from people at the scene helped spread unfounded rumours, inflated body counts and erroneous reports of rapes and gang violence in the New Orleans Superdome - all later debunked by mainstream news media".

Citizen journalists, he says, simply don't have the resources to bring us reliable news. They lack not only expertise and training but access [ah, yes] to decision makers and reliable sources.

The difference, he says, between professionals and amateurs is that bloggers don't go to jail for their work - they simply aren't held accountable like real reporters.

Like Keating's famous "all tip and no iceberg", it could be said that the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insight.

As Robert Thomsen of The Wall Street Journal says: "the blogs and comment sites are basically editorial echo chambers rather than centres of creation".

"and their cynicism about so-called traditional media is only matched by their opportunism in exploiting it"

One of the best known comment sites in Australia matches this identikit.

It started as a moralising soapbox; boasting about its lack of standards. Positioned as an underdog, it lectures mainstream media every day.

In the blogosphere, of course, the mainstream media is always found wanting.

It really is time this myth was blown apart.

Blogs and a large number of comment sites specialise in political extremism [good! Jesus is an extremist] and personal vilification [call the serpents, serpents].

Radical sweeping statements unsubstantiated with evidence are common.

One Australian blogger who shoots first and checks facts later is proud to boast that his site is "Not wrong for long".

Mainstream media understands, most of the time, that comment and opinion is legitimised by evidence.

Opinions, however strongly held, draw their legitimacy from the factual accuracy that underpins them.

Many of these sites and bloggers say their radical new approach is a modern form of participatory democracy.

But as Andrew Keen says, amateur journalism trivialises and corrupts serious debate - it degenerates democracy into mob rule and rumour milling [such as that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction as rumored by all the neocons].

"Hartigan: the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insight," from News Limited Chairman and CEO John Hartigan's speech to the National Press Club [Australia] on 1 July [2009], as released by News Limited. That's a Rupert Murdoch outfit by the way — the Fox News controller.

"No insight," he says. Well, let's see. Fox and News Corp. is the same outfit that trumpeted the invasion of Iraq. It's the same outfit that says Global Warming is a myth (Glenn Beck). Fox is the Rupert Murdoch network that has the TV show "24" that glorifies torture. Is it still on? I've never seen it, thank God. When I was a kid, it would never have been tolerated by mature adults. Rupert has helped to make the world a worse place while he has made his billions claiming to be a Christian and so concerned about traditional family values while his U.K. newspaper has its page what girls? Some page number. What is it, Page 3 Girls? Anyway, they're scantily clad, decidedly on the non-demure side. There are plenty of phony breasts, lots of thick makeup, and super die jobs, etc. Here I am calling for people to be more real, in fact completely real. Rupert isn't helping. Instead of helping, he's having his man John attack all bloggers as idiots. Well, I just went on the Internet to find out which page number it is and discovered at Wikipedia that Page 3 Girls now consists of topless and nude so-called "glamour models." Glamour? When I first heard of this Page 3 business and found it so hypocritical, what with all the Fox News lovers preaching "values," I went to that Page 3 and was struck by the blatant sluttishness. Is that family values, clean living, or living Holy lives? It is hardly promoting that! So now, if the same caliber are shown topless and even nude, how can any Christian support Rupert Murdoch or any part of his empire? They can't. Hypocrisy!


Well, I've been around the blogosphere, and while I don't agree with much of what I've seen in total, I will say that there are some excellent writers out there, some of whom put the mainstream journalists working for Murdoch to shame. Also, I've seen blogs that are right on in terms of facts over and over and over while Fox News was spewing lies about Iraq and Iran and scientific research and all manner of things. Sure, everyone can repeat a factual error. It's hard to fact-check everything as a blogger, but there are plenty of blogs that I would stack up against Fox News in terms of reporting facts any day.


What are Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, News Limited, and Rupert's pit bull, John Hartigan, and the other neocons and false-Zionists doing about the rip off of trillions of dollars via the Wall Street bailouts of the kleptomaniac investment bankers using the tax dollars from the working class? Nothing is the answer. Brave journalism will get them lowered to the blogosphere level.


What happened to the news report on Fox News about the 120 false-Zionist spies that were in the U.S. who were caught but deported without trial or punishment? You know that Rupert Murdoch is a false-Zionist, right?

He's a false-Christian-Zionist. A real Christian-Zionist is for peace and nothing but, always. I'm a real Zionist, not those phonies in Israel who call themselves members of the Likud or the other fascist, war-mongering, covetous Parties. I'm a real Christian-Zionist.

The spy story disappeared from Fox's online archive almost immediately. A quick phone call from Abe Foxman and others telling Rupert that Fox is blowing Israel's cover was probably enough to have the order issued immediately from on high. That's what happened. Is the video still available to watch elsewhere?

American intelligence services were increasingly worried by the dominance of many highly sensitive areas of telecommunications by Israeli companies. Comverse Infosys (now called Verint) provides U.S. lawmen with computer equipment for wiretapping. Speculation is that "catch gates" in the system allowed listeners to be listened to. Software made by another Israeli outfit, Amdocs, provided extensive records of virtually all calls placed by the 25 largest U.S. telephone companies. The relationship of those companies to the detained Israelis is detailed in the 60-page document. The DEA's intense interest in the case stems from its 1997 purchase of $25-million in interception equipment from Israeli companies....
Carl Cameron, a gutsy reporter for Fox News. On Dec. 12, Cameron broke the blockbuster spy story. He said at the time: "Since Sept. 11, more than 60 Israelis [probably 120 or so] have been arrested or detained, either under the new PATRIOT anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States."

Fox also reported the Israeli "students" "targeted" U.S. military bases — which is bolstered by the report.

In the rest of the world — Europe, Arab countries and Israel, especially — the story made headlines. Even the official Chinese news agency perked up. Not in our well-defended (against disturbing news) homeland, however.
Cameron reported Dec. 13 that federal agents were afraid to criticize Israel. "Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."
Bush administration shills were quick to try to spin the story....
Israel in the past has belligerently denied wrongdoing until long after the truth was obvious. Israel claimed Jonathan Pollard — a super spy who did horrendous, deadly damage to the United States until arrested in 1985 — wasn't an agent. And, Israel has stubbornly contended its 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, in which 35 American sailors were slaughtered, was an accident — a lie exposed in recent reports including one last fall on the History Channel. A recent authoritative book, Body of Secrets, by James Bamford, concludes that National Security Agency officials "were virtually unanimous in their belief that the attack was deliberate." (Source: "Israeli Spies Exposed," by John Sugg. Weekly Planet (Tampa). April 22, 2002; also at:

Now, that's real reporting by John Sugg's. It wasn't done by a neocon, obviously. John is a pro too! He's not mainstream though. That sticks in John Hartigan's craw. Rupert Murdoch doesn't own John Sugg, and it drives Murdoch crazy.

There are those who will say that of course it was pulled since it exposes means and methods and the Israelis are on America's side and part of the Empire with unbreakable bonds, etc. The point though is that those Israelis were trailing the Arabs and said nothing but rather celebrated in joy on 9/11. They were caught dancing with eye shot of the WTC while the WTC was billowing black smoke. Why? They knew that those hits would drive the U.S. and Israel closer for "safety and security" reasons. Think about it. While most Americans with any heart had their jaws on the floor not being able to fathom how anyone could be so evil as to attack innocents (and there were totally innocent people in those buildings), Israeli military and Mossad were dancing with joy so much so that locals phoned the police to report them. They were caught. What black-hearted people! Of course, not all Jews felt that way. Many were devastated. This is why this is not an issue of anti-Semitism. Only twisted minds will twist it into that.

Carl Cameron's video report was pulled by Fox News. Lots of Fox News watchers are not readers. They get it all via Audio/Video. Pulling the video was a huge way of covering up.

So, whine Rupert. You helped in the illegal invasion of Iraq, and you're still helping to promote utter evil. If you don't like it, change for the better. You're no Christian, Rupert, far, far from it. Facts: read Jesus.

Let's go deeper into this, shall we.


There are conspiracy deniers but conspiracy promoters: Hypocrites. By "conspiracy deniers" in this instance, I mean those who use the term conspiracy as a thought terminator. Call a person a conspiracy theorist or what have you and others fear the label. Who wants to be shown a fool? Those at the top (really bottom), such as Rupert Murdoch, know though that there are cover-ups. They have just agreed to go along and to promote for the sake of money. Go along or be limited in your earning capacity. The more you go along, the more you'll be rewarded with mammon, etc. (what mammon will buy). The better at it you are, the more you'll be rewarded. It's a racket, plain and simple.

So, when the conspirators formulate their plans, those plans contain a theory for mass, brainwashed, consumption. The fronts for the real conspirators then push the phony story. The fronts are commercial organizations. News Corp is such a front. It pushes the fake conspiracy version rather than exposing the real conspiracy.


A huge example concerns 9/11. This stands out more than any other example of which I know. More people are aware that what really happened is not what has been promoted by the mass media, mainstream media, than with any other single event in history. There is the official conspiracy, 9/11, false-flag version. It was designed for mass consumption to get people to mindlessly echo that 19 Arabs of al Qaeda, unbeknownst to any agent of the U.S. government and planned and funded entirely by Osama bin Laden's tight circle, commandeered four U.S. airliners and flew two into the WTC (World Trade Center), one into the Pentagon, and planned for the fourth to hit the White House or Capitol Building or something but was brought down by American passengers. You are to believe that even though year after year, the U.S. has scrambled fighter jets within 15 mins of every reported possible hijacking or skyjacking and been right up next to the jetliners in question within minutes, able to track every single one from the ground and from the radar equipment in the jetfighters that on 9/11 none of that happened while four plane flew wildly off course. Now that's just the tip of the iceberg.


There are thousand and thousands of forensic questions that have been deliberately unanswered, not because they could be answered, not because there wasn't enough time, not because there wasn't enough money, not because they didn't have the trails or criminal leads to follow but solely because doing so would blow the cover-up. Look, there are some excellent criminal investigators in the world. A team of the best given a free hand (within the law) would find and reveal the facts supporting the proposition that 9/11 was a false-flag operation to facilitate imperial expansion and the expenditures in lives and all the rest.


If you don't know that there are people capable of doing that, then you think that Bernie Madoff is as bad as it gets. The spirit of Alexander the Great is alive and still as sick as ever.

Where is Fox News' investigative journalism into 9/11? It doesn't exist. Fox News regurgitated exactly what it is paid to get its hypnotized and often colluding audience to likewise regurgitate. If Fox News were to dig for the truth and then expose it, the powers that be with the purse strings for financing Rupert Murdoch's little empire (not so little really but still small relative to the whole global Empire) would cut him off. He wouldn't be able to survive unless the rest of the mainstream media were also to dig for the truth and then expose it at the same time so much so that the people would wake up and stop the powers that be, stop all support, stop working for them, and start working for each other. That's how it is.


Now, here's an extremely telling bit in John Hartigan's speech. He said that the alternative media, such as bloggers, falsely claim that the mainstream is in bed with imperialism in all its wickedness so much so that the bloggers might well claim the mainstream media as the 3rd shooter in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What does this say? It speaks volumes.

There was no second shooter is the point there, as if the magic bullet, as put forth by Zionist Arlen Specter, is real and you are to believe that conspiracy theory. Let me tell you. The magic bullet theory put forth by Arlen Specter and bought by the Warren Commission that pronounced the official propaganda of the neocons of their day is pure hogwash. Fox News, News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, John Hartigan, News Limited, and all the rest of the neocons and their neocon media are full of hogwash. That's not just my opinion. It's a fact.

Have you contemplated the magic bullet? Look, I believe in miracles, but they happen only within the rules. If the magic bullet actually did the things that the Warren Commission said it did, then why bother with having a shooter or even a gun. That bullet could still get up on its own and fly wherever, through whatever, and murder whomever even to this day. Which spirit controlled the magic bullet [update]? Neither God nor Satan guided that bullet to do what Arlen Specter claims it did. It didn't happen.

John Hartigan actually stands there believing in the magic bullet, yet he's filthy rich. Why?


Well, look at how "good" (really evil) he is at trying to keep the brain dead asleep. That's what he's paid for. Yet he has the nerve to challenge me with his statement: "In return for their free content, we pretty much get what we've paid for - something of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance." This site is "free" in the sense that I don't charge mammon to people who come here to read the truth. This article is not "of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance." It is the exact opposite. It is exactly clearing up the "massive ignorance" of, and caused by, John Hartigan and his ilk.


John Hartigan, right in his speech to the National Press Club of Australia, sent out more reinforcing hypnotic suggestions to the "professional" journalists of Australia, which speech, of course, echoes around the globe to other "professional" journalist associations. He saying to them that unless they want to be scorned by the powers that be and to be made the butts of jokes by the duped minions who watch and buy into the whole line from the neocons like Fox News, unless they want to be cut off, they better agree with the Warren Commission's report that claimed there was a lone gunman and no wider conspiracy in the coup d'état against John F. Kennedy. In other words, agree to play dumb or else.


What they do is dumb everyone down. That's their stock and trade. They are brain numbing. They are thought terminators. They want regurgitaters. They want sound-bite retorts for their viewers, listeners, and readers. No independent thinking allowed is the mentality. Follow the Party line. Vote a straight ticket.


Define Americanism as being only what they, the neocons, are. Never mind that even the so-called Founding Fathers didn't have a monopoly on what constitutes being an American. An American is what an American is. There are Americans and then there are Americans. This is using different connotations in one sentence. I am an American, but I am not a neocon. I don't agree with those Founders. I'm still an American. Even if I am the only person in the country who believes entirely as I do (and I am as far as I can tell), I am still an American. If everyone else throws me out of the country, I will remain an American. If they take away my "citizenship," I will remain an American. I was born American. I'm a native of this soil. It's where my mother was when she had me. That's how it is in terms of that term. There are ethnic considerations of course when one speaks of national origins, but we are all Homo sapiens sapiens (wise hominids) at least in name, since we aren't all wise, as their fruit bears true witness of that fact. It is also proper for me to say that if being a neocon, as Rupert Murdoch is a neocon, is required to be an American, then I am not one. However, I don't subscribe to Murdoch's current ideology and never will.

9/11 and the Kennedy assassination are just two of the nearly endless stories that have been pushed by the neocon media that are totally false. That's not a theory. That's a flat fact.


Look, the day before 9/11, the Pentagon, under two died in the wool neocon false-Zionists, announced that trillions of dollars are unaccounted for at the Pentagon. That's after years of insistence that the Pentagon do what everyone else does and that's to use a real accounting system. Listen, Quick Books could be slightly modified and made more network capable to handle the Pentagon accounting. I kid you not. There are spreadsheet programs that are limited in size only by available memory. I could do the Pentagons accounting. The only reason the trillions are missing is in the end to line the pockets of people who don't have it coming by law. Oh, there are black ops and secret weapons development projects and such being funded with the "missing" money. Who's naive enough to think otherwise? In the end though, it's all about the Empire and maintaining and expanding its wealth, power, and control over the Earth and space, meaning universe. It's about the wealth of the elitists, the plutocrats. What happened to the story? It died. They killed it.


Then, all the lies started about Iraq. We all know what those lies were: WMD, al Qaeda, etc. They were boldfaced. Then, when they all turned out to be exposed as the lies they were, the liars claimed they never said the lies. What has Rupert Murdoch done about that? Nothing! What does that say about him? It says he's complicit.


The mainstream news is corporate. It is capitalist. It is predatory. It is devouring. It sells selfishness. It promotes it. It sells the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ died to preach. It is a propaganda arm of the government "intelligence" efforts, such as the CIA's. It's why Fox News talking-points memos were and still are to a large extent, gained from the CIA but also the top members of the main Zionist organizations, such as AIPAC. There are disagreements but only at the margins. They all agree on the core philosophy and in some cases theology that mammon is the most important thing. It's why the bailout with tax dollars of the banksters is not roundly denounced enough to bring down the evil system. No, Fox News is the Machiavellian system: amoral, atheistic.


The neocons fall into line with all the mainstream corporate public relations and advertising. They are a huge part of Fox News's sponsors. They are a direct source of income or money (unrighteous mammon, according to Jesus).

What has Rupert Murdoch been doing nearly all his "adult" life? He's been a rabid capitalist. He's a corporatist. He's been busy with mergers and acquisitions to consolidate to move closer and closer to monopoly. When I was a boy, there were 50 media corporations to some 5 now. Even though we had only three main TV channels, the diversity of opinion in the major media was actually wider than it is now. If it were not for the blogosphere and alternative media, the difference between now and when I was young would be as day is to night. It's a very dark time right now.


People are more wittingly choosing evil. The U.S. is now an out-of-the-closet imperialist. Fewer and fewer people don't know that the driving force behind the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire is covetousness. Former Empires were denounced by the U.S. propaganda machine. America was the exception to raw power and naked aggression. America was promoting freedom and liberty around the world making the world safe for democracy. Hogwash, the current Empire is still entirely an elitist enterprise. Nothing has changed in that regard.


What has changed though is that real investigative journalism, journalism that will dig out corruption wherever it lies no matter what, even at the risk of having the printing presses smashed by the powers that be (such as was the Mormon, Joseph Smith for instance who had the presses smashed that dared print the truth about him and his wicked enterprise), is dead in the mainstream not because of bloggers but because corporatism has killed it on purpose. The press was the fourth estate, a check on power, truth seeking and telling. At least not at the highly consolidated, capitalist, Machiavellian enterprises, it is not. The neocon monsters are buying up more and more of the world. Beware! Speak out. Stand up. Pick up your cross and follow the truth no matter what.


Anyone may report. That's what freedom of the press means. Murdoch wants to kill that. Freedom of the press is on the same level as freedom of religion and freedom of political speech. Only the conscience of the individual is controlling. Look, if Murdoch wants to promote torture, which he has and does and if people want to buy it, well they are free in my book to be self-enslaved by evil. I won't use violence or the threat of it to try to stop them. I will though warn them that there are powers in existence that will stop them. They will end up on the receiving end. Yes, there is an afterlife and Heaven will come to Earth. Righteousness wins and already has. It's a foregone conclusion. Whose side are you on?

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