Wow, I can't remember the first time I wrote about 7/7 being an inside job. It was over 2 years ago, which was late by 9/11 Truth standards. 7/7 was the September 7, 2005 London underground or tube bombings. A fellow made a homemade video raising the questions that have been known to the 9/11 Truthers since nearly immediately after 7/7. Signs that it was a false-flag operation were immediately evident.

Anyway, the video is going viral, as they say on the Internet. It's getting so much attention that mainstream British media is covering the story. (See: "Conspiracy fever: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims' relatives call for a proper inquiry," by Sue Reid. Mail Online. July 3, 2009.)

The video is also downloadable from the link location I supply below. It's 190 MB's. Ignore the comments in the online newspaper article. The quality is much better than that article suggests. It is obviously homemade; but considering that, it's actually impressive. The creator deserves credit for his efforts. It wasn't just thrown together without organizational skills, etc.

I will say that rather than stating a few things as forgone conclusions, I would leave off final judgment about the particulars. There is enough though to state emphatically that 7/7 was a false-flag operation. The only question is how deep and wide. I suspect very deep and very wide with also a whole host of willing dupes and minions.

Oh, in the comments around you'll see "racism" raised against the video's creator. That's tentative code for anti-Semitism. They don't want to come right out and say that at first because the creator was careful to spread the suspicion around: MI5, Mossad, and others (CIA, MI6, FBI, NSA, and the usual mainstream-media colluders, such as Fox News, etc.). Also, the creator did not lump all Jews in with the hawks. Lots of Jews are doves, thank God. The video stands on its own regardless of any racial or ethnic or other biases of the video's creator.

In addition, the video is only a summary. There is evidence about the explosives (residue) that strongly suggests it was very hi-tech military grade material for instance. The creator mentioned a few things tying in 9/11. What he didn't mention that is so, so telling is that 9/11 also occurred on the same day as a planned terrorist drill in New York City and an actual Pentagon-wide war game about airplanes flying into buildings. So if the odds are astronomical concerning just what happened in London, compound those odds by the so-called coincidences surrounding 9/11.

Look, you might be tempted to say that no one is that smart to pull off such attacks as inside jobs and not get caught. That's the wrong way to look at it. They aren't very smart at all. The problem is with how dumb the general public has been. Also, you might think that they could never get all the low-level minions to go along with it.

Those low-level minions don't know much if anything. Those who do know are either afraid to buck the system or willingly go along for whatever they selfishly can get out of that system. Ethics is not their concern. Money is. They are just smaller versions of their masters. The trouble is that there are just a whole Hell of a lot more or all of them then most people want to admit. Most people don't want to face their own collusion in the whole, rotten system. Well, if you won't face it on purpose, you'll never enter Heaven. I guarantee it.

Here's the video: I would have embedded it, but the format is wider screen and text in the video is not conducive to miniaturizing (as is my standard so as not to break this site's theme).
"7/7 Ripple Effect."


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