You will notice that all the people clamoring about the recent Iran election are very nearly stone-cold silent concerning the recent rioting in China. Why is that? Is the Chinese one-party dictatorship somehow better than the Islamic theocracy in Iran? Is it less brutal? The area concerned with the most recent riots has known gas reserves, but the Empire can't move on that yet. There have been many riots in China, but the news is not released into the mainstream. It's a much more closed society than is Iran under the Islamic clerics.

China is a nuclear power, it holds more U.S. dollar reserves than any other nation, it has allowed foreign investment, and it has guaranteed protection of those investments. It's a deal that China made with capitalism.

In Xinjiang, an estimated 156 are reported dead, 1,080 injured, and 1,434 arrested. It's much worse than what happened in Iran. It's not just religiously based. It's also much more ethnically based. The people in Iran are a mix of tribes, but the difference between the Han Chinese and the Turkic Uighurs (Pronunciation), who are Muslims, is much greater.

The current nation-state called China is a Han Chinese Empire. It is nationalistic with the Han at the top of the pecking order.

The U.S. opened China with deals. The promise was a less oppressive China. It really hasn't happened. China just became a richer more technologically advance dictatorship. Of course, the neocons and neolibs have "no problem" with that, yet.

Tom Usher

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