So, the Obama administration is floating the idea of indefinite detention of those at Guantanamo even if they are found not guilty. Okay, then it's okay to take Obama and to indefinitely detain him just because someone, somewhere deems him a threat. Well, actually that's not a good analogy because Obama is already murdering innocent babies via predator drone attacks in Pakistan and elsewhere. No, a better way of making the point of how incredibly stupid and shortsighted Obama is, is by saying that then it's okay to take anyone, including you dear readers, and to indefinitely detain you just because someone, somewhere deems you a possible threat. Forget about that there is zero evidence against you. The powers that be just feel like locking you up forever and using totally specious reasoning for an excuse. In other words, to hell with the "rule of law." There is no such law. Obama's masters' wish is the law. Whatever they tell him, he then, in turn, speaks, and it's the law. Well, why not save the taxpayers money and just cut off their heads even though they haven't been found guilty, just because Obama can?

Aren't you tired yet of Obama and Bush and all the other maniacs masquerading as sane?

These people don't stand up for what's right. It is wrong to hold anyone against his or her will where guilt has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt because to do otherwise is opening up everyone to the danger of being taken and held forever without cause. Not only that, but it's just plain wrong whether or not anyone else is ever taken and held without cause.

Obama and Bush and Cheney and all the other neocons are completely antichrist. Yet, people accept them and not Jesus. No wonder the Earth is going to Hell.

Now listen. This crap won't fly. The crap between Obama's ears is not going to fly. Why? You ask why?

Every civil right and human right and aspect of due process afforded any American citizen must be afforded by America to every other person on the planet and beyond. Nothing less is acceptable. Only fascists think otherwise. Americans are not first-class citizens of the world where others are to be treated by any Americans or American proxies as less than also first class. That's how it is.

Those who have been taken and held who are thought to be harboring thoughts of vengeance against the U.S. are not guilty of any action before taken. We don't have a thought police. We don't have a bureau of pre-crime crime. There's a reason for that. No one save God proper can ever know for certain whether a person will act on every thought as suspected by the worldly powers. That's how it is. It's why we as Christians and the enlightened don't judge, condemn, and sentence anyone to punishment.

Obama doesn't know and doesn't practice the Golden Rule as Jesus defined it by his words and deeds. Obama and Bush and Cheney will all claim to know, but they know only the words on the mundane level. They do not know or speak the language of the revelation of Jesus Christ. To know it is to do it. They do know that they aren't doing it. Therein lies guilt. In Christianity, what goes around comes around. Obama and Bush and Cheney and all the other neocons are going to be subjected to their standard whether in the here and now or hereafter. It will happen. They are building their own Hell.

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