The Obama administration is throwing out carefully (they think) crafted mixed signals that can be easily spun after the fact. They think they can speak to different audiences using highly selective words and connotations to weave through the minefield of public opinion. It's highly transparent. They think they can keep the "left" and "right" together at the middle centered on Obama's master's ends in mind. It isn't working and never will. It is fooling many, but not all. The elect (real Christians) will not succumb.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says Obama is open to zero public-payer participation in the healthcare industry, but Obama turns around and reiterates his support for a degree of public-payer participation. You will notice that Obama doesn't say that he will veto any legislation that doesn't contain the public-payer participation levels he wants. Of course, was he asked pointblank?

This sort of word gaming is considered masterful within the Obama administration but will actually backfire, as more and more people tire of the coyness.

Obama was chosen by the plutocracy for this supposed talent, which is really nothing more than a severe character flaw.

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