So-called democratic capitalists are all for competition until it's time to compete head-to-head with democratic socialism without resorting to violence.

Some capitalists are saying that a government-payment plan would cost $1 trillion over the next 10 years. Government-payment-plan advocates say that it would save $4 trillion over the current private-payment system during those same 10 years.

Since the so-called democratic capitalists cited above are afraid of being run out of business by a government-payment plan being cheaper, it's obvious whose thinks who is right about the ultimate costs. Of course the so-called democratic capitalists know that single payer would save trillions and give everyone equal access to care. They hate that. It's not selfish enough.

Of course, we all know or should know that a single-payer plan does not mean publicly owned hospitals or clinics only or doctors and other staff on the public payroll. We all should also know that the choice of doctor and hospital, etc., would remain or be expanded and not reduced.

There is more choice under single-payer than under the current system.

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