This is my reply to, "The Failure of Obamanomics," by EuroYank. EuroYank NEW WORLD ORDER REPORTS. July 09, 2009.

Thank you for inviting my comment. Well, EuroYank, I agree but with qualifications. Keynesianism doesn't work when all that is attempted is stimulus checks and bankster bailouts. It was a corruption of Keynesianism. If the money printed (12.8 trillion and counting) hadn't as usual gone to white collar-gangsters on Wall Street and had gone to Main Street works instead, everything would be different now. I'm no disciple of Keynes, but Ludwig von Mises is no one to follow either. I don't know your take on him.

You, EuroYank, probably know that I'm anti-mammon and hold that the whole economic system of money is inherently evil. It is an utterly selfish device. Nothing truly good comes out from it. It is always a net liability. It always devours more than it brings forth in the aggregate.

The whole scam is to increase the percentage of payments going to the top bankers — interest payments on the national debt — economic slavery via taxes for unworthy causes (predator drones, etc.). Whether the U.S. remains the world's reserve currency or not is irrelevant to their task. They want to own and control whatever currency system will be unfolded to the general, unsuspecting public. It's the Great Game and Grand Chessboard played out via cyber-accounting entries now.

Who has the upper hand? What Godly things can be done to take away that power and to do the right things as called for by Jesus Christ? Gold is no answer, although I don't fully discredit your efforts here at seeking to educate and to provide some measure of repair.

Your "fast-breeder of debt" observation is correct and a problem because the money has gone to masking toxic securities. The idea is the largest transfer of wealth in history from the bottom up. It's the exact opposite of everything trickle-down economics claims to be, and only dupes (mostly neocon, false-hearted, self-styled Zionist, Fox-News-watcher types) buy into it.

You are absolutely right that the common people have tightened their belts and are trying their best to get out from under insane mountains of debt that was created on purpose by those who have brought on the crash.

Mr. Potter has guaranteed the banks and is going about buying up the town (globe) at severely reduced prices.

The Chinese still don't stand a chance in this game because as technically proficient as they sometimes appear to be, they are outmatched in the greed game. Wall Streeters don't build Great Walls to keep out the vultures. They knock them down and swoop in as the vultures. They take losses to do it. In their idea of the end, they fatten up. We as Christians though know better. Their end is not sitting pretty. Only the truly repentant and atoning will ever sit pretty in eternity.

The problem is the Federal Reserve and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and other Bretton Woods organizations that are used in pursuit of neoliberal and neoconservative agendas to further dominate and enslave the peoples of the world. There are resource and labor wars ongoing, as you know EuroYank.

What should happen as a stepping stone is the abolition of the Federal Reserve. The coining/printing of money should not be privatized, ever. The money should be interest free rather than what we have now. You're familiar with Greenbacks (the real ones started by Abraham Lincoln). They were initially redeemable in metals/coins, but that really isn't necessary.

Legal tender status guaranteed that creditors would have to accept the notes despite the fact that they were not backed by gold, bank deposits, or government reserves and bore no interest. However, the First Legal Tender Act did not make the notes an unlimited legal tender as they could not be used by merchants to pay customs duties on imports and could not be used by the government to pay interest on its bonds.

There's the problem. New United States Notes (USN) should definitely be used to pay off the national debt thereby ending the income stream of U.S. Bond holders and primarily international bankers and financiers (not code for Jews by the way, even though the plutocracy is loaded with people of Jewish descent — but also Gentiles).

The difference between a United States Note and a Federal Reserve Note is that a United States Note represented a "bill of credit" where the currency was transferred into circulation free of interest. Federal Reserve Notes are based on debt purchased by the Federal Reserve, and thus generate seigniorage [This is "revenue or a profit taken from the minting of coins, usually the difference between the value of the bullion used and the face value of the coin." — American Heritage Dictionary. Consider though that the Federal Reserve mints nothing, provides nothing of value, but rather just enters numbers into the Federal Reserve System computer. That's all. They take income taxes for doing nothing. How long are the American people going to put up with it?] for the Federal Reserve System which serves as a lending intermediary between the Treasury and the public.

There's more of the major problem right there. The private bankers have a monopoly. They gained it by secretly drafted legislation rammed through in 1913 while the opposition was unaware/not around as planned by the Aldrich.

Here's where it started in public. That's the Aldrich-Vreeland Act of 1908 that lead up to the infamous Federal Reserve Act. Just follow the money and family allegiances to see what really happened. U.S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich was the strategically placed villain. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was named after him: his grandfather (cozy). Do you want to get ahead in that world? Sell your soul.

Stephen Zarlenga ( has similar ideas about USN that have gained currency with Dennis Kucinich. It's not original with Zarlenga by any stretch.

We don't need any metals backing up the money. Fiat currency is just fine for purposes of a medium of exchange. The only thing that needs to happen is tying the volume or supply to real productivity. Let the supply exactly meet the demand for real goods and services without interest to bankers or speculators. Who needs them? They just create artificial scarcity.

With the right unselfish attitude, we don't need any medium of exchange either — just a righteous consensus. It's all a choice. Which mind is best?

You are right that Obama is wrong, but he's a front man for the plutocrats, who actually control most of the world's gold reserves by the way. Think about it.

It's good to see you writing articles. Peace and blessings to all your visitors and readers even the ones who loathe Jesus Christ. God alone knows whether they will turn to see the light. I sentence no one.

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