"We won't wait for Iran to build nuke," by Laurent Lozano. The Daily Telegraph. July 11, 2009.

While Obama is all about the business of saying that it is a foregone conclusion that Iran is building nuclear weapons even though he has provided zero proof of that, meaning he's engaged in the dark art of lying and psychological operations against all the people of the world, he's taken to referring to the protesters in Iran as peaceful.

God damns liars, meaning God doesn't stop Satan from having them to devour and punish.

Maybe it's because I don't watch TV that I'm not hypnotized into believing that total lie that the protesters were peaceful. No, I see the same garbage on the Internet and don't fall for it. The protesters were burning buses and destroying other property just as soon as they could get around to it. There was plenty of violence on their side. How many "security" forces have died? Isn't it about 8? Isn't that nearly half the number of protesters dead? How is that peacefully demonstrating? That's not peacefully demonstrating. That's worse than rioting. How many people marching with Martin Luther King, Jr., stopped to start buses on fire and then run away yelling death to President Johnson? The answer is, none!

Let's see, a fellow just got a 5-year prison sentence for hanging around Obama's house in Chicago while he had an unloaded gun in his car. I wonder how many years someone would get for getting up on his roof and yelling death to Obama? I don't think he'd get off with just a warning. What if a whole major city had numerous people doing exactly that after George W. Bush clearly stole the U.S. elections both times? The secret police would have descended and put a stop to it but pronto, arresting as many as necessary and breaking heads too if it came to any resistance at all. How many tased Americans would there have been? Plenty is the answer, as many as would have resisted.

Obama doesn't say anything about the lack of evidence for election fraud in Iran. Why? The answer is obvious. He wants to change the subject to Iranian brutality and to conflate that with a non-existent nuclear-weapons program so he can bomb, bomb, bomb Iran with the so-called Green Revolution dupes in America cheering him on. Watch him murder Iranians to "free" them if he isn't stopped by intelligent people who aren't hypnotized by the boob-making tube.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the Iranian theocracy is wrong. It has to go and will, but war and violence and coercion are not the way to do it right.

So, you go ahead, Obama. You continue hardening your heart until you're in the bowels of the Hell of your own making.

Tom Usher

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